[ADMN/SEC/INFO] Aqua v0.0.2 - An Admin Mod[953]

Discussion in 'WIP and Development Status' started by Someguynamedpie, Jul 16, 2011.

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    Aqua, an admin mod v0.0.2
    Download coming soon.
    • Weather commands, to enjoy making the sky bow down to you.
    • Mob management, to SSSS back at those creepers.
    • Player commands, to make those griefers cry at your doorstep
    Todo: proper changelog
    I'm thinking about implementing Lua so people can more easily make plugins for this plugin.
    I also want some ideas for some commands I could add, if anyone feels like it :)
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    uhm?.... This is really nothing new at all
    Worldedit - //butcher
    Console/Properties File/Etc. - Disable/enable mobs
    Weather commands - Essentials/And many other plugins
    Griefer kill - Mess with griefers,
    Along with HurpDurp to mess with anyone.
    I'd go for something different.
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    Um, for one, those are a lot of seperate mods, and for two, this will be an all in one with possible Lua support, and more than just those things you lsited.
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    If i'm honest, i agree with jeffadkins51, everything's already been done here, essentials covers most of that.
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    Ill say again, it wont be limited to just those things. I also plan for heavy user based customization.
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