[ADMN/SEC/INFO] AdvLog+ v0.3 Beta - An (more) advanced logging system [1.2.5-R4.0]

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    AdvLog+ v0.3 Beta
    now on BukkitDev
    This thread no longer updated. Please check out on BukkitDev for latest informations.​
    AdvLog now be AdvLog+​

    AdvLog+ provide a full logging system for your server. From a block break to weather change, most of events which occured in your server will be logged. With fully customize logging, you can set which event will be logged and which one not, makes your server more secure in all events you need! With LogTools, SilentLog and Export features from AdvLog, you can now see full server logs or only specific part of log you want to, all can be access by in-game chat.


    • Fully customized logging
      • Customized each event
      • Customized each detail
      • Event alias
    • Up to 100 events logging (click here to see all events)
      • Block
      • Enchantment
      • Entity
      • Inventory
      • Painting
      • Player
      • Vehicle
      • Weather
      • World
    • Permissions System
      • Permissions node
      • Native PermissionsEX supported
      • Native bPermissions supported
      • Vault (default)
    • Multi-format storage type
      • MySQL
      • SQLite
      • H2
      • PostGreSQL
      • YML
      • FlatFile (default)
    • Fully accessible by in-game chat
      • And gui in spoutcraft [May be?]
    • Logs statistic when stop/reload plugin (see which event the busiest)
    • bPermissions or PermissionsEX or BukkitPermission supported
    • Detectors
      • Rapid break detector
      • Far-reaching break detector
    • Alarm system
      • Fire alarm
      • Bomb alarm
    • LogTools! Use a specific item to show logs
    • SilentLog and AutoExport options
    • Multi-GameMode and Multi-World support
      • Log only specific worlds
      • Log only specific game mode
    • Full log filters
      • Event filter
      • Player filter
      • Location filter
        • Single location
        • Within cuboid area
        • Within radius
      • Time filter
        • Time filter
        • Time range filter
        • In-game time filter
        • In-game time range filter
      • World filter
    • Export as HTML based webpage
    • Rollback [WorldFreeze as prototype]
    • Commands
      • Logs look up
      • Logs configurations
      • Command help
      • Misc
    How to install

    Just put the .jar file in Plugins folder and run the server...


    To update from AdvLog to latest version of AdvLog+...
    You cannot import an old log into AdvLog+. Since, both plugin are separate to each other. I recommended for clean install or fresh server to use only.
    How to use
    Check out commands and instructions on BukkitDev

    [A] = Add
    [F] = Fix
    = Improve
    [R] = Remove
    v0.2.1 Alpha [#1.2.5-R1.0]
    [A] Supported for CB1.2.5-R1.0

    v0.2 Alpha [#1.2.3-R0.2]
    [A] Supported for CB1.2.3-R0.2
    [A] New events added (BlockGrow, BlockPiston, Brew, InventoryClick, InventoryClose, InventoryOpen, PrepareItemCraft)
    [A] Dynamic Storage
    [A] Console and in-game messages while saving
    Location searching now include all possible locations
    Improve storage system to make less lags
    [R] Remove old events that not appear in newer Bukkit

    v0.1.3 Alpha [#1.1-R6]
    [A] Supported for CB1.1-R6 [and AdvLog is also updated]
    [A] Supported for bPermissions

    v0.1.2 Alpha [#1.1-R4]
    [A] Supported for CB1.1-R4 [and AdvLog is also updated]
    [A] Event filter
    BlockData logging for future use

    v0.1.1 Alpha [#1.1-R3]
    [A] new 6 events added (EntityChangeBlock, EntityCreatePortal, EntityShootBow, ItemDespawn, SheepDyeWool and SheepRegrowWool)
    [A] Supported for 1.1-R3 (AdvLog support for 1.1-R3 is in progress)
    [F] Fix a lot of exact same event name

    v0.1 Alpha [#1.0.1-R1]
    First AdvLog+ alpha released
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    Thanks, i'll look into it...
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    Alright dude!! I look forward to a full plugin coming out! Keep the up the good work!
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    Just to know before install it...does it take a lot of memory (ram) and space?

    I question this because I have an online server and I need to do backup each 3-4 days... I dont want a server of 20-30 gb to download :D
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    While server is running plugin will use memory instead of server hard drive to improve the speed of storing but after server stop. It'll save into server hard drive. So, the best way to minimize the space is setting storage type to SQLite because that's the smallest size of all storage type. 1 Log should take about 500 byte - 1kb (if all settings is on) but you can customize what it's should log in config file (in v0.3 of AdvLog+ and AdvLog). Try to disable the options you don't want and it'll take less server memory and server hard drive space.
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    So it won't make a plugin that needs 1-2 gb of storage correct?
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    It's all upon your settings... but usually it's should be "yes"
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    I dont find in config.yml how to set SQLite.
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    That's because it's have in v0.3... not v0.2 or older
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    Have you made a way for admins to look at the HTLM log file yet? I really need this plugin to be working and not give me error messages.
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    For AdvLog+... please look at the first page at BukkitDev (where I list all to do list and upcoming features)
    For AdvLog... It's already done but I think AdvLog+ will be the replacement of AdvLog soon...

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