[ADMN/SEC] GuestPrev v1.5 - AntiGrief Guest Manager [1.3.1-R2.0]

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    [ADMN/SEC] GuestPrev v1.5a - AntiGrief Guest Manager [1.3.1-R2.0]

    GuestPrev - AntiGrief Guest Manager:
    Version: v1.5a

    GuestPrev allows you to manipulate your guest accesses and events,
    it protects your server against griefers or unknown players.

    Feel free to open your server to the public without having to worry about griefers.

    Simple, Light, easy.
    No Permissions system required. (But supported)

    Features: Prevents guests from the following...
    • Placing, Breaking, or Interacting with Blocks
    • Using, Destroying, or Moving Boats/Mine Carts
    • Picking Up or Drop Items (Option to Authorize Certain Items)
    • Opening Chests, Furnaces, or Dispensers
    • Interactions with Doors, Levers, Buttons, or Pressure Plates.
    • Trampling wheat and using ladders.
    • Creepers explosions on guests.
    • Workbench Use (Option to Authorize Use)
    • Attacking types of animals/monsters.
    • Exploring the unknown world not generated. (Preventing from increase your file map size.)
    Additional Features:
    • Auto-locks Guest Inventory Changes
    • Stops Players From Using Blocks to Climb Over Walls
    • Enable or Disable Guest Chat, Guest Server Access.
    • Send a private message or kick all guests. (for servers overloaded of guests)
    • Optional/editable Every Notify Messages for guests.
    • Configurable guest interactions.
    • Can make virtual walls for restrict your guests at some ways.
    • Admin Command Tools (Teleport,Kick,Ban,Mute,Froze,Etc...)
    • Set a max amount of online guests in same time.
    • Reserve slots for members.
    • Can disable other plugins commands access.
    • You can optionally set a chat-prefix for recognize who are a guest.
    • A system who logging the players activities. (First Join, Latest Connected/Disconnected)
    • Make your Guests (Spectators) invincible.
    DOWNLOAD: Private now, you can PM me if intersting...
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    I'm not sure if your plugin can already do this or not but I'm looking for a plugin that will restrict building for a essentials group member from building anywhere but a specific area I choose. Thanks for your time.
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    when you walk on crop in the game as guest, client crashes and server reports an error in the console

    [WARNING] Failed to handle packet: java.lang.NullPointerException
    at net.minecraft.server.NetServerHandler.a(NetServerHandler.java:135)
    at net.minecraft.server.Packet10Flying.a(SourceFile:126)
    at net.minecraft.server.NetworkManager.a(NetworkManager.java:195)
    at net.minecraft.server.NetServerHandler.a(NetServerHandler.java:74)
    at net.minecraft.server.NetworkListenThread.a(SourceFile:100)
    at net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer.h(MinecraftServer.java:370)
    at net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer.run(MinecraftServer.java:285)
    at net.minecraft.server.ThreadServerApplication.run(SourceFile:394)

    we are using 733 and 1.4i
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    where is the ling to download?

    i downlaod only the jar?

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    Hey, I have install that mod but when i join on my server as admin...
    I can't do someting

    I'm Clank331


    settings (open)

    I have install the new Permission!!!
    permissions (open)

    What is wrong
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    im also having trouble since 1.5 ... guest cant do whatever default group can, and they can cross door, wich they couldnt before

    edit: seems to conflict with multiworld ... there is a nether world on my server, and when people enter it, they are registered as guest, but when they join the serv, they are default group, is there a way to fix this
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    I changed your post, so it is not that long, please use that in the future.
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    Drei Gyuu


    Works perfectly, question tho, is it possible to let guest view chest stores. I'm using RealStore plugin. I just want them to be able to view the stores. also using LWC plugin, so they should not be able to view those. is there a way to do that please advice.

    Warm Regards,
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    i can manually add players to the list but the commands dont work
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    Das ist echt ein spitzen Plugin, vielen Dank dafür und schöne Grüße in die Schweiz :p
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    Is it possible to allow the guests to build in the GP Walls, Because I want them to at least to build a smallish area for a taste
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    I don't know if this was mentioned but I cant get the <Guest> prefix to work anymore.
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    German: Huhu ^^ Vielen dank für dieses tolle Plugin :D
    (personal thanks ;))

    First issue: I can't get the guest prefix to work aswell, using permissions or groupmanager + herochat.
    Second issue: Godmode will not disable for authorized people (in the same permissions group "default"). So I can't use it ^^
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    Same problem while using permissions.
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    Timothy Graham

    You can optionally set a chat-prefix for recognize who are a guest.

    I can't get this to work... even without herochat... or a chat plugin. How can i get the GUEST to show up in front of there names? i have not changed property file its stilll

    Anything? is this a bukkit error? Or is there a way to add it to permissions or something link New Guest memebers to a new group called Guest maybe? Then set prefix to Guest that way? but auto move them to Member when we add them?
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    Just use instead of authorized.txt the "usebuild=true" and "advancedpermissions=false" and make in permissions a "Guest" group as default and then promote (with GroupManager or other commandplugin) the guests to "playerwithbuildrights" group ;) with this setting, you can give guests over permission group "Guest" more rights/commands and GP is attached with GP settings to that group ;)

    i have same issue. i hope SunShe can fix this.

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    Drei Gyuu

    Thanks I will try this
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    i forgot to say, the "Guest" group in permissions should have build=false ;)
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    is it really that hard to post there commands?

    ok i found commands installed successfully and when i join my server it says i am guest so it works. But when i try to use commands it doesnt do anything any ideas?

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    umm rather large prblme.

    Iv used this plaugin to create some GP walls, it all worked fine, now iv remove them and thay are apparently still there.
    i remove the plugin and its fine, i reinstall a totaly new downloaded plugin (fresh copy) and the walls are apparently still there??

    help plz :'(

    Quick edit: iv noticed its not the wall, but not allowing me to walk though an open door, this 2 is a problme?? any solution?
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    As soon as any guest on my server attempts to move, the server crashes and i get the error: Internal Server Error, Whats up with this?
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    GuestPrev is allowing non-authorized players to mine out ground material, and do basically anything.

    I reloaded it from scratch but no luck.
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    If you have usebuild=true and your groups have build:true GuestPrev will treat them as authorized
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    why cant any guests on my server do anything without crashing the server or being dced?
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    its possible to make that guests cant attack ather player?
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    Drei Gyuu

    Has anyone ever had a problem with the liquids in the game not flowing properly while using this mod?

    Any fix for it?

    It starts out fine for me, and then after a while the water will not flow properly anymore. like you put down water and even after you kill the source you still see the water that flow from the source still there sitting on the ground. and they wont go away. Normally water goes away after you kill the source.

    I always have to restart my server to fix this issue but it always comes back.
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    @SunShe hey! I was just looking at guest plugins, but I was wondering if someone had the idea of implementing some sort of chat anti spam. Maybe so guests can only say 1 thing every 10 seconds, else chat would get too messed up! Sorry if that has already been brought up but there are so many pages in here :)
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    Drei Gyuu

    I've resolved this issue, it was caused by locking time and is not related to this plugin.

    Testing this plugin for 766

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    SAme problem here.
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    A really great plugin, thanks! I have a problem though. I use permission and multiverse. On my main world everything works fine, but when I set 'use build' on true for the guest to be able to build on the second world, it didn't work. I fixed the permission as well. I am sure it was the guestprev. I wanted to use this plguin for: The special message for the guest, make sure guest don't have certain items and not being able to use things as doors. I wanted the permission to take care of the build-prevention.

    Is the usebuild a setting for something else? Cause it doesn't seem to work for guests and I thought those settings wore for guests.

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