Inactive [ADMN/SEC/GEN/FUN] PWPromote v1.3 - Now your users can promote themselves! [CB 1.2.3-R0.1]

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    This plugin needs Vault!
    Compitable permissons plugins: PEX,bPermissions,zPermissions,Permissions 3. PermissionsBukkit, GroupManager

    Normally, if a new player joins your Server, he is a guest or something else. You have to promote every single player by hand. If you have a big server, you have to promote players all day. But now, the players can promote themselfes by just typing in a password, that you have hidden in the rules or somewhere on your website.

    === Features ===
    • Sends a message to new players
    • Let new players promotes themselfes with a password
    • Freeze new players
    • Mute new players
    • Create random tokens for groups
    • Limited and unlimited usage of tokens
    Get it on BukkitDev

    • /apply [Password] - If [Password] is equals ths password in your config, the commandsender will be promotet to group.
    • /applyreload - Reloads the config File, you need have the pwpromote.reload permissons.
    • /token [token] - Uses a token
    • /createtoken [group] [usage] - Creates a random token for the given group. Set the usage to -1 for unlimited usage (You can add own tokens by adding them to the config and reloading the plugin)

    Permissions (open)

    • pwpwomote.reload - Allows the reloading of the plugin
    • pwpromote.token.use.[token] - Allows the using of the given token
    • pwpromote.token.use.* - Allows the use of all tokens
    • pwpromote.token.create - Allows the creation of a random token


    If a new player joins your server, he will see a message, that you can set in the config file. Then he can type /apply [Password]. If the password is right, he will get promoted to the Member group. Simple, isn't it?


    • Add a mute funktion
    • Add a new spawnpoint for new players
    • Maybe add Groupmanager support
    • Maybe add a function to filter out the password


    Version 1.1

    • Added mute function
    Version 1.0:

    • Initial release
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    "They can promote themselves"
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    Please read the guidelines here:
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    Please remove changelog from spoiler
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    done :)
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    what about a timer for auto-update?
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    It would be cool if you could make the password generate differently per person. That way players can't just tell their friends the password and they skip over reading the rules.
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    Still wrong spelling in title :D
    Show Spoiler

    "self" in plural is written with "v" instead of "f"

    like "myself"(1. singular) is "ourselves" (1. plural)
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    Could you make it so that way multiple groups can promote themselves using Iconomy or BOSEco?
    EX: pay 15,000 "MoneyName" and get new rank! Downloading the plugin now! But please add that to your to-do list :D!
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    I love you because of this plugin!

    If you would like to join my server, I instantly promote you to VIP status, normally 50$, to join simply click the banner in my signature ;D
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    I'm going to create a new Plugin for this, because I think this would not fit in this plugin. I will send you the link when I release it.
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    I maybe got a suggestion.
    Signrank and Timerank both became outdated, and there are a few others, but they can't do everything.
    These are some suggestions:
    - Promotion via password
    - Promotion via sign
    - Promotion via time
    - Promotion via payment
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    I think, i will do this. The sign-part is already finished
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    Message me when you have more information about it :D
    I'm going to use it on my server for 100% ;D
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    cool please send me that because ill be exited!
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    New Plugin: MasterPromote
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    Hello, Recently I downloaded this plugin and looking at the config. I have done the permissions and everything seemed pretty straight forward besides the fact that when the default group "default" tried to use the command "/apply <Password>" it had said "Internal Error Has Occurred". Would I be able to get a tad bit of help?

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