[ADMN/SEC] fluidControl v1.1.3 - Give users restricted rights to place water and lava! [1337]

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    fluidControl gives users restricted rights to place water and lava on their plots. It's useful for cities.
    User can place water and lava on their plots and it won't flow out.

    This plugin requires WorldEdit and WorldGuard.

    • Users are allowed to place water and lava on their plots.
    • Water and lava won't flow out of their plots.
    • Users can only place water and lava on their plot - nowhere else.
    • Easy to use.
    You must use the priority-property of WorldGuard for the regions.
    Remove 326, 327, 11, 10, 9 and 8 from your blacklist! (Essentials has a blacklist with this ids as default.)

    Drop fluidControl.jar in your plugins folder.
    After that update your permissions. (For permission nodes scroll down)
    Then just type "/fc add <REGION>" for each city region.

    Note: The city region must have priority 0 and all regions of the plots must have priority 1!

    Just replace fluidControl.jar with the new file and restart your server.

    Permission nodes

    fluidcontrol.add //Group is allowed to mark a region as a city region.
    fluidcontrol.delete //Group is allowed to delete a mark.
    fluidcontrol.info //Group is allowed to see the info for the current regions.
    fluidcontrol.everywhere //Group is allowed to place water and lava everywhere.
    • /fc add <REGION> - Marks <REGION> as a city region.
    • /fc delete <REGION> - Deletes the mark for <REGION>.
    • /fc info - The info for the current regions.
    Download is available at BukkitDev.

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    Works with #1185.
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    Very nice plugin, dude!
    I use this on my server and its just awesome!
    User can't place water, just on their plots!

    I hope there will be further developed.
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    can i use this plugin to prevente ANY use of lava/tnt/water on my server ?
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    No. Use the blacklist of Essentials to prevent any use.
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    im using permissionsEX, not essentials.....
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    I have lava and water black listed, yet people still can use it. Essentials blacklisting is broken.
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    add other blocks like tnt to this and change the name, the people need this plugin for more than just fluids
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    would it be possibble to block water placement for certain permissiongroup just everywhere?
    i think it doesnt allow it now, but would that be hard to integrate?

    Edit: or would it be possible to do, with not allowing placemnet of water everywhere, together with not allowing to create plots for placement?

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