[ADMN/SEC/ECON] BananaRegion v3.2 - simple predefined region renting [1060]

Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by codename_B, Jul 7, 2011.

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    No problem ^^ you can repay me by donating (if you feel like it) or even just by posting screenshots of some of the creations that your users create inside BananaRegions.
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    BananaRegions removed WorldGuard fire protection on a plot of land that had a fence around it and a non-BananaRegion sign.

    Which WG protection flags does BR remove?
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    Your banana avatar is gone :(
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    for now :O
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    Renting may be Good, but could you pls add a Option to buy this Land?
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    Yes buying the land would be nice.

    Also it is possible to remove the fence after renting ?
    And no land-sharing ? so 2 people can build in one area ?
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    Okay so i really like this, but:
    1. If you could just buy that Land.
    2. If the Sand would Fall down
    3. Permission Nodes who can create these for example.
    4.To add Buddies to your Land , that only you and your body can edit the Land.

    Maybe to have a way to change the fence to something else, for every Plot something else i mean.
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    If you want more than one person to build on the land, add a second sign! The second person also has to rent but there is support for unlimited people per region - just one person per sign
    1: I'm adding support for buying at some point - but for now - just rent every 7 days :) after all - it ensures players keep logging in!
    2: Really? Why?
    3: Only ops can create regions - who else do you want to create them? It'd get out of hand if it wasn't ops only.
    4: If there are multiple signs, multiple people can edit the land :D

    And no - the fence is what define the region - if you remove the fence - you remove the land - hence no databases!
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    What if someone uses pistons outside the region to push the fence xd
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    It's a known bug - once bukkit adds piston hooks, it will be fixed.

    Also known bug - cancels worldguard fire protection (OOPS) fixing tonight.

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    Cool plugin! Some things I'm curious about though...

    If you rent a plot of land, how do you renew it? The minute it expires, someone else could come along and snatch it up, and requiring users to return in exactly seven days seems a bit extreme. Or is there a way for them to renew it say a day or two before it runs out?

    Also when you get around to a config file could there be a way to choose how the dates are formatted? Right now it's dd/mm/yy, but having it be mm/dd/yy would be nice as most of the players on my server are American and used to the latter formatting.

    Thanks! Keep up the good work!
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    The formatting is for server-storage purposes only, so probably not going to add a config - I am however going to add auto-renewal for signs after 7 days. Working on that atm.

    New version out - download link moved to the main plugin repo.

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    Once again a fnatastic plugin from you codename_B, This is being downloaded and tested right away (on my BananaImageToMap Map :))
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    Another satisfied server owner ^^ HAIL THE BANANA!
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    w00t no more megaupload and auto renewal! I believe a donation is in order :)
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    Thanks v much mate ^^ if you have any bug reports or requests for this, I'll make them a priority.
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    Where has this plugin been my entire life. This would make renting in towns monumentally easier.

    Quick question, however.
    Is PvP disabled within these regions? (is it an option?...or can it be?)

    ALSO: Kind of OT, but I'll pass you the velocity snippet by tonight. Busy working on a rather large RPG project, at the moment.
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    PvP is not disabled in these regions as it is an expensive listener to add - I think what I'll do is give the owner of the region godmode within their own region! How does that sound?

    (This will need to be once I add my config file of course)
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    Works for me!
    Also, I forgot a rather important question.
    Is the protection from bottom to top infinitely, or does it calculate the highest fence, and the lowest fence, then adjust accordingly?
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    Godmode added - for the people who own a region as well as any ops in that region :D
    (untested so let me know if it throws any NPE's at you, it should be fine)

    It's from top to bottom infinitely, I basically ignore the y coordinate.
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    Ah, y Values would be nice (possibly specified on the sign itself)
    But at the same time, I dont want to push past the original design of the plugin. Seeing as it was a request, and not one of your main projects ( I assume ), you'll probably not want to get too complicated with it.
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    Actually it's one I plan on using on my main server - however adding y values would require a complete code rewrite of quite a lot of my classes - and storing a LOT more data.
    If you need a y limit - why not just bedrock floor the regions?
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    Theres still 1 issue. If u can , try to make it possible to BUY a ground , then admins can maybe remove someone from that ground if needed.
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    I got 2 questions:
    1. The auto-renewal: So if someone's rent expires, and he got enough money, it renew anyway he is online or not?
    2. This infomessage:
    10:43:49 [INFO] reading regions...
    10:43:49 [INFO] 1 regions read.
    10:43:49 [INFO] Saved: true
    It's coming every 50 seconds and spams my server.log :( Can you change it or can I disable it?
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    @codename_B how does the rent work. I assume its iconomy?

    Be amazing to have some kind of chest system at the back of it or tied to it anywhere and offering a no database sale system where admin or owner can pick it up.

    Also @codename_B if your wanting to create another plugin I think you would enjoy making this one:

    It's going to die soon it works with some errors but soon it be the last as I know chest/sign plugin that works well and does not need any other plugins.

    Imagine creating a trade system with the fence system and having players use /warp trade or /trade and then rent plots and sell :)
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    The rent works with any of the 4 standard economy plugins (iConomy 4, iConomy 5, BoSE or EE17)

    ? you rent a ground for as long as you have the money - admins can already manually /unrent ground from people - also WHUT?
    You can set the config option as the rent length for 365 days or something ridiculous if you want people to "buy" property. The whole reason for the rent system is that regions will automatically expire if players stop playing, opening them up for new players to take advantage of!

    Sorry about that - I'm working on a way to remove it (at least partially) :)

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    UPDATE: I made a huge big ground bit it failed for me.
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    It's not designed for huge big ground - all the chunks have to be loaded for it to work - also how do you mean failed? Not protected? NPE?

    Saying it's broke don't fix it.
    Please remember that this uses NO databases - so in order for the region to be protected, the sign must be loaded!

    @Kane - changed the update cycle - it cycles more frequently now - but also only cycles when it has to :)

    Now with an API (partially by accident) but it's a pretty useful API.

    If you need/want more added to it, let me know.

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    I coud break blocks easy on other account (no op).
    And yes it was actually a hole city
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    Yes - because the border chunks probably weren't loaded - and as such the fence iterator wasn't loading everything.

    We have two options here -
    A: keep all chunks containing fences in memory
    B: you make smaller plots and notice how much better things work
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