[ADMN/SEC]CraftingLogger v1.4.5 - Now Logs Chests! [798][INACTIVE]

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    Thanks to iPhysX. i now have "Owners" rights. I will try and keep this updated as much as possible.
    Forked From iPhysX's BlockLogs

    Original Thread:

    Crafting Logger- The extensive logging Plugin:
    Version: v1.4
    Acknowledgements: *Has Helped in some way or another*

    http://dl.dropbox.com/u/1015938/CraftingLogger.jar -CB798


    - Creates a Log file in /plugins/******Log/*****.logs
    - Stores information about the item/chest etc.
    - When it is created, when it is opened and who opened/interacted with it, and who
    destroyed it.

    Future Ideas:

    - Not 100% Sure If I Wanna Add More.

    Ran Into An Issue?:

    Use This Format To State Your Issue
    CB Version-
    Plugins List-
    The Issue-

    Version 1.4.5
    • Updated To CB798

    Version 1.4
    • Chest/furnace/dispenser/ or any type of Interaction is now Logged. Its Very Simple as of now.
    • Got Help From Jeyge & DreadKyller With The Event Errors. Thank you! now i have learned a huge step in setting up events!
    Version 1.3
    • Updated To Cb766
    Version 1.2.4
    • Added the ability to log all blocks in the world.
    • Added the ability to log furnaces and crafting benches.
    Version 1.2.1
    • Released Chestlogs
    Format of Log File:

    [Sat, 14-May-2011 11:22:24] STONE destroyed by chernobyl360 at (x--38, y-65, z--170)
    [Tue, 17-May-2011 22:38:17] FURNACE Used By chernobyl360 at (x--429, y-64, z-86)
    [Tue, 17-May-2011 22:38:17] CHEST Used By chernobyl360 at (x--423, y-64, z-81)

    Teasers (open)
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    Thanks! More Features to Come Too! BTW i like your avatar. isnt that Johnny Knoxville?

    EDIT: To All My Users. I will Only and Hopefully Be Adding ONE more Feature. Id like to keep this lightweight. i dont see sense in adding ore counters/ or Mob Entity Loggers.

    Last Feature- Inventory Transactions. Id like to be able to have admins see when griefers/thieves take things...

    Ore Counter:

    Mob Logger/Controller:
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  3. Knoxville? lawl No, Johnny Depp: Fear and Loathing (1998)
  4. So no message when opening a chest who opened it last? :(
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    yes thats the transaction. im trying to find a way to figure this out. i had did some research and asked questions and had found that onPlayerInteractionEvent Isnt Possible atm. in order for me to achieve this i have to code a work around which will take longer then expected...

    Well it already monitors the breaking but it doesnt message the Admin/op. id reccomend using Found diamond Plugin if your looking for this feature.... or would you like to have it in this?

    Ok, i Just finished Up a Dev build of Crafting logger. ill test it when i get home and release it... This now has Admin Alerts and Permissions. Thats all. No More Features. This is getting Weighted Down As it is...

    Block/Ore Logging
    Chest/Furnace/Dispenser Logging
    Ore Logging for : * Players Wont Recieve Message. OPS Only*

    Well heres the situation permissions are crap and wont work. so i removed permissions. so now it messages ALL players when some one breaks a block.... i still need to work on this. i need to find a way to message only OPS.

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    I actually setup world guard to now post any diamond ore breaks to a mysql table for review, as well as messaging ops, will keep my eyes on this though to see how you develop it. =) Thank you for the response.
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    Just found this while looking for a chest logger, this looks awesome for fighting xrayers, I have been manually trapping them but sometimes I will find a trap that was tripped long after I placed it when I wasn't watching it.
  8. Or message the owner of the chest... ;)
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    honestly i wouldnt know how to do that. im not all that good with programming difficult plugins.

    This is Now Updated To CB798 B700

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    Mind me, giving incentive to weigh it down even more... but there's really only one major thing missing... everything else is wonderful.
    it needs some way to use an item to display what block was broken/placed...
    ex: stick... right click the block, and it pastes the line from the log into the chat.
    that would make it even more awesome. no more digging through a text file that's 3MB+ in size. :p
    but the fact that it logs everything is great already. :D
    minus, i think mentioning last time, that it doesn't log bedrock placement...

    IMO, this one thing would make this logger absolutely complete :D
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    bedrock placement isnt needed if your running a survival server. but if you really need it ill remove the exception for it.but with the messaging it would spam. so you want it to show an OP only when a block is broken? i did add it in my dev build but for some reason it wont message the OP about diamond breaking.. all other ores are fine.
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    i mean like, when right clicking a block with a preset item.. it says what was broken or placed :p
    not when it's placed or broken by the person at the time..
    and bedrock placement isnt vital, only thing i have is... it's set in the main shop on my server, so people can buy it :p
    though it costs a small fortune for them to do so...

    maybe one last thing too.. is it possible for it to log stuff placed by worldedit?
    sorry... :p

    [EDIT]: maybe for the item right click, it would query the coordinates in the line for that item... to find which block it was.. if that makes sense? lol.. ehh... ? :p
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    eh, idk if i really wanna keep adding all these features. i just wanna keep this simple.
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    I agree. Keep it simple.
    Aside from filtering, this plugin needs nothing else. It does exactly what it needs to do and nothing more.
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    Whats with all the boldness going on in the op
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    im not sure, my post keep getting changed.
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    Download link is currently broken.
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    i cant seem to download the .jar file from the website you posted. plz help me
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    dead link :[
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    uh...anybody take a look at his profile?
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    Link broken!
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    no sh*t read the above posts. my account got hacked. im trying to get back on.
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    Well, is it possible to make WorldEdit changes loggable? Also possibility to undo griefing?
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    Download link broken =(
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    Needs updating along with the link being updated.

    Oh wait, you got hacked? What dumbshit would bother hacking someone?

    Can you redirect me to another logger? Preferably not BigBrother.
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    im looking for that but LINK OFF!
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    i NEED this plugin so annoyed the links broken and he got hacked :/ anyone know of any outher plugin like this apart from bb
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    Man right when I found a plugin I actually need :(
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    Erm, I don't know whether it's just me but the download link isn't working ;( "Error (404)"
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    Seth Walton

    Link no worky
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    y is the link not working plz help i need it 4 my server realy fast :)

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