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    Thanks to iPhysX. i now have "Owners" rights. I will try and keep this updated as much as possible.
    Forked From iPhysX's BlockLogs

    Original Thread:

    Crafting Logger- The extensive logging Plugin:
    Version: v1.4
    Acknowledgements: *Has Helped in some way or another*

    http://dl.dropbox.com/u/1015938/CraftingLogger.jar -CB798


    - Creates a Log file in /plugins/******Log/*****.logs
    - Stores information about the item/chest etc.
    - When it is created, when it is opened and who opened/interacted with it, and who
    destroyed it.

    Future Ideas:

    - Not 100% Sure If I Wanna Add More.

    Ran Into An Issue?:

    Use This Format To State Your Issue
    CB Version-
    Plugins List-
    The Issue-

    Version 1.4.5
    • Updated To CB798

    Version 1.4
    • Chest/furnace/dispenser/ or any type of Interaction is now Logged. Its Very Simple as of now.
    • Got Help From Jeyge & DreadKyller With The Event Errors. Thank you! now i have learned a huge step in setting up events!
    Version 1.3
    • Updated To Cb766
    Version 1.2.4
    • Added the ability to log all blocks in the world.
    • Added the ability to log furnaces and crafting benches.
    Version 1.2.1
    • Released Chestlogs
    Format of Log File:

    [Sat, 14-May-2011 11:22:24] STONE destroyed by chernobyl360 at (x--38, y-65, z--170)
    [Tue, 17-May-2011 22:38:17] FURNACE Used By chernobyl360 at (x--429, y-64, z-86)
    [Tue, 17-May-2011 22:38:17] CHEST Used By chernobyl360 at (x--423, y-64, z-81)

    Teasers (open)
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    Cher.. you can be the official dev for this if you want.. you can 'own' the plugin :)
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    Really? wow thanks. Why whats wrong?
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    nothing is wrong, but you do a really good job updating these plugins, and (ive been neglecting it really).
    Good job mate :p
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    Thanks my friend. Ill Keep this Plugin working as long as i can!
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    You don't have to promise anything, its yours to do what you want with :p
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    ok ive finished this thread's info lol. i added a video and a picture.
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    I like the video, and i'm glad you want to carry it on :)
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    yep, im excited lol :D. I find this creation of yours so much better then BigBro. So much Lighter and easier to track down those damn griefers lol. But my Plans for this are

    -Detect People Killing People
    -Detect People Killing Animal/Monsters
    -Create messages that a player has found either Gold/iron/Diamond. It will warn ops only
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    I have an idea, maybe alert the Op's if someone finds an unusual amount of ore, say about 20 iron/gold/diamond every 20mins?

    but yeah, sounds like you got a plan :)

    And the code in there is really simple, so it will be easy for you to add in to it :D
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    Thanks ill need it :p
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    Let me know when you finish, or if you need anything (pm me) :D
  13. I'd like the ability to log the activity of a chest since the only problem i have with griefers atm is people stealing stuff. Is is possible to add the recent activity for a chest on chest open? I actually only need who opened it, not even what was taken...
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    Thats what it tells you :) Who opened it.. aswell
  15. Ah, my bad. I worded my request a bit wrong. I wan't to display that info in-game, when a user opens a chest i want that user to see the "access log" for that chest.
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    Yea its supposed to show when a chest is destroyed ingame. but ive been noticing it doesnt at times. when i get home ill try and fix that.
  17. Once again i think i wasn't clear enough. Let me set this up for you;
    I, player A has a chest. In it i have a couple of gold bars.
    When i log off, player B goes to the chest, opens it and takes the gold.
    When i, player A log in again i go to my chest and find that it's empty. FOF.

    What i want is that when anyone goes to a chest, the chat says something like this;
    Opened by: Player A 05/16 23:15
    Opened by: Player A 05/17 01:15
    Opened by: Player B 05/17 03:25
    Opened by: Player A 05/16 04:20

    Then i can go ask Player B why he stole my gold. Capiché?
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    Pretty sweet plugin, I like it, but it seems that it's not actually logging chest access at all for me...and also, is there any chance in the future we can filter some blocks we don't wish to be logged? :)
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    Add to ToDo:
    Possibility to undo changes done by custom player in selected range of time
    please. I like your mod because it doesn't use MySQL (it'd be a waste o' CPU/RAM), but .log
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    Ill Try and fix these issues and look into adding that feature.. Like it Says in my Sig, i can update plugins but i have no clue how to code from scratch. just give me time and ill figure this out.
  21. can you make an option to filter some blocks?
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    yea ill look into it.

    Also With the Above Requests! I have Reimplemented The Chest logging. should have it out in about 30 min-45

    EDIT: Plugin runs fine but im getting crap ton of couldnt pass event errors. ill have to wait till some one can help :/
  23. you are sure enthusiast about your plugins, how do you make plugins?
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    ill Pm you about this.
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    Ah, finally, a logger that actually WORKS!
    dude, you are amazing! thanks bunches! :D
    I tried this before, when iPhysX was developing it, and it did absolutely nothing. no logs, no errors.
    thanks for making this usable!

    [edit]: And best of all, it's flatfile! all the other devs were so set on making their loggers MySQL. it rendered them useless. +1 to you for avoiding it :D
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    lol? thanks for the complements, I do Plan on making this more useable meaning adding on block filters and such. Currently i have a New Version of this finished but.... ive ran into an issue. it was supposed to be released this morning but me not having the best experience with java is making it difficult for me to figure out whats causing tons errors to show up now.

    im getting BLOCK_BREAK

    Lol With the MySQL Thing... I was actually Gonna Move over to MySQL. but it seems FlatFile Is Better so i wont. But if it comes down to it i will have too....
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    Hmm... I'm not getting any errors yet... Strange. i'm on b766 now btw.
    I did notice, it doesn't pick up placement/breakage of bedrock, though.. I believe bedrock is an exception, because it can't normally be broken... Or used :p
    though, it works the same as any other block, correct?

    And for the MySQL support, you could always make it "switchable."
    Just have an option to enable/disable it. it should be good. :p

    [edit]: oops, sorry... i read the bit about the errors wrong. nevermind lol
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    lol its fine.

    ok Version 1.4 is out. It now logs chests/furnaces/dispensers/ or any type of interaction

    The Forum thread here broke on me. i need to correct the sentences and things like that :/

    EDIT:thread fixed! Now to implement Entity Deaths. Meaning Player killing Player /Player killing mobs.

    ill do this tomorrow after school.

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    As soon as this plugin monitors Diamond ore breakage (gold/iron) i'm all over it. This is something that I desperately need to catch x-ray kidz
  30. This is the best lightweight griefer id tool ever.

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