Inactive [ADMN/SEC/CHAT] SpamHammer v1.7b - Punish those spammers [1000]

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    SpamHammer - Lay down the law on spammers
    Version: v1.7b

    Detects people sending too many messages in short amounts of time (and optionally repeat messages). Mutes, kicks, and then bans players that spam the same message in that order. Server OPs are unaffected. The default settings that this installs with will only detect VERY fast messages... In other words, it will only really prevent automated spam. If you want to detect slower spam, try something like 5 messages in 3 seconds or something. Experiment!

    • Download the jar to your plugin folder and start your server.
    • Change the default settings if you want:
      • Message Limit is how many messages within the Message Period (seconds) before action is taken against the player. The default is 3 messages within 1 second.
      • *NEW* Add commands to
        that you might consider to be spam. By default /g, /general and /yell are added as examples.
    • Choose whether to use each action type. (Mute/Kick/Ban)
    • Configure the messages as you like them. Mute has a mute time to keep the player muted for. Use %t in the message to replace with the mute time.
    • Set a "cool-off" time for when to reset the action level of a player.
    • Note: all times are in seconds
    • Note: actions will always happen in order unless they are disabled. Mute, kick, then ban.
    • After the config is set to your liking, restart or reload the server.
    • You can now choose to disable all punishments and instead have SpamHammer simple rate limit messages.
    • spamunmute - unmutes a player muted by SpamHammer
    • spamunban - unbans a player banned by SpamHammer
    • spamreset - resets the punishment level of a player.
    SuperPerm nodes:
    • spamhammer.unban - allows access to /spamunban
    • spamhammer.unmute - allows access to /spamunmute
    • spamhammer.reset - allows access to /spamreset
    • spamhammer.ignore - makes player unaffected by SpamHammer
    • spamhammer.* - grants all above permissions
    Download latest version
    Source Code

    Version 1.7b
    • Now has option to not use permissions and instead use OP only for the commands. This will allow for greater compatability.
    Version 1.7a
    • No longer considers all commands for spam blocking by default. Added spammable command list to config where you should add commands that could be considered spam.
    Version 1.6
    • Added back repeat message block as a default option.
    Version 1.5a
    • Added bukkit permissions support.
    Version 1.4
    • Added config option (default: true) to prevent messages over the limit from appearing. This will allow for non-punishment solutions.
    Version 1.3b
    • Disabling certain punishments no longer breaks the ones still enabled.
    • Because this plugin could break features of BukkitContrib, players with the BC client mod on a server with the BC plugin will not be affected.
    Version 1.3a
    • SpamHammer now additionally picks up command usage to prevent using chat commands as a work-around.
    Version 1.2
    • Modified the way the plugin detects spam... Now works faster and more effectively.
    • Changed the config options.
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    @dumptruckman the server keeps banning my people with this plugin for joining the server and saying sumthing right after joining
    my config:
    Show Spoiler

    message: You are typing too fast!
    limit: 3
    preventabovelimit: true
    period: 2
    message: You have been banned for spamming.
    message: You have been kicked for spamming. Keep it up and you'll be banned.
    message: Spamming punishment reset. Be nice!
    time: 300
    failure: Player is not muted.
    success: Player has been unmuted.
    failure: Player is not banned by SpamHammer.
    success: Player has been unbanned
    success: Player's punishment level reset.
    ban: true
    kick: true
    mute: true
    unmute: You are no longer muted.
    muted: You are muted!
    mute: You will be muted for %t second(s) for spamming. Keep it up and you'll be kicked.
    length: 30
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    The download link gives us the 1.5a version instead of 1.7b according to the version line in the plugin.yml file.
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    You need to change
    limit: 3 and period: 2
    you're telling it to ban if someone sends 3 msgs within 2 secs. change period to 1 and maybe bring up the limit if it continues to ban people. On my server I had it set to 4 but some innocent people were getting banned maybe cause of the lag sometimes so I brought it up to 6 and it seems to catch the FAST spammers just fine. Great plugin :D
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    So That's why this never gets added to my config...
    @dumptruckman Correct the download link please :)
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    That's interesting... @Halldinen I just reuploaded 1.7b. Sorry about that, not sure how 3(?) versions didn't make it up there.

    It should be.

    The command thing DOES follow the limits set for messages. You can add commands that aren't considered spam and it will ignore those. The message limit and period should be something like 5+ messages in 1 second to avoid kicking people that type really fast. 3/2 is quite easy to hit if you're just typing fast.

    I've been on vacation for a week but I now I'm back and I do plan to update this plugin. The next version may take a while but it is going to be much more configurable and hopefully more efficient. It will also have permissions 2/3 support and Superperms support.
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    is there a way to ban the player's IP also?
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    ip banning is useless since people can make thier ip change in minutes
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    is not useless some people have static IP addresses
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    most external ip's can be changeds withing seconds
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    Hey, I have given my admin group spamhammer.* yet we are still getting punished for spamming.. Any idea what's going on?
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    Are you using a superperms manager?
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    2 things: I noticed that there was an issue with BukkitContrib - now that it is Spout instead, does an issue still exist?

    and.. if you are not using Superperms this just defautls to OP right?
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    The issue for BukkitContrib was fixed. Spout will have the same issue until I update this.
    And yes about the OP thing.
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    Hey, can you make it say a message to the server when someone has been caught spamming?

    "[player] has been punished for spamming."

    or even include what the punishment was like:
    "[player] has been muted for spamming."
    "[player] has been kicked for spamming."
    "[player] has been banned for spamming."

    That woud be AWESOME if you could to any of those :)
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    not to interject on dumptruckman,
    but my "herochat" version of his plugin does alert the server when someone is muted. - in downloads
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    Does this also block spam from players that left the game like:
    grieferspammer has left the game.
    grieferspammer has left the game.
    grieferspammer has left the game.
    grieferspammer has left the game.
    grieferspammer has left the game.
    grieferspammer has left the game.
    grieferspammer has left the game.
    grieferspammer has left the game.
    grieferspammer has left the game.
    grieferspammer has left the game.
    grieferspammer has left the game.
    grieferspammer has left the game.
    grieferspammer has left the game.
    grieferspammer has left the game.
    grieferspammer has left the game.
    grieferspammer has left the game.
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    Unfortunately not
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    Oh, well are you going to put that in a update soon?
    That spam gets annoying as well :p
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    I would like to, but no promises on when.
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    Does this block the teamrevision spambot?

    I've had some troubles with them this week.
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    Yea it's really good aginst spam scripts :)
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    Thats weird because it did not stop 3 people from using the spambot. until an admin muted and banned them by hand, all tho the ban file shows 2 of the names my admin says the plugin did nothing at all
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    Hmm well it worked well on my server, make sure the config is set up right.
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    Here's my config

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    Well just try using the default config it worked for me

    All I changed were a few ban messages
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    You can confirm it muted/kicked/banned people using spambot?
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    Just getting your attention by quoting a random post *feels ashamed*
    Does this work with iChat?
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    no idea. i doubt it would mess up iChat. If anything it may not work against iChat.
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    Could the next version include messages from the plugins regarding who it takes action against?
    dumptruckman has been kicked for Spamming. etc

    Preferably with an attached permission like "spamhammer.notify" for example.

    Also, your download link gives us the 1.7a version. :)
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    On the server that I help change plugins to suit our needs, I have changed your plugin to have an 'exceptions' list. The list contains a list of phrases which should be allowed. The main reason for this is, we use the FISH plugin, which changes your chat to [Glub, Glub, Glub] whilst underwater, resulting in you being muted/kicked/banned.

    I was wondering if you could add something similar to the original version of the plugin, as I believe it to be useful.


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