Inactive [ADMN/SEC] CFBanner v2.10 - Get rid of Zombe & Rei's Minimap Forever! [1.0.1-R1]

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    What is CFBanner?
    CFBanner is the one way you can stop Zombe Mods from being used on your server. This blocks flying, noclip and general all-around cheats.​
    What are the Permission Nodes?​
    Blocks Zombe Client Modification "AND REI'S MINIMAP!"​
    v2.10 - Fixed Zombe, added Rei Support​
    v2.00 - Completely rewritten, Bukkit Perm Support​
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    CFBanner isn't able to block everything from rei's minimap because that's how it's coded. It can only block the cave map and entities radar, and i've tested this myself and this gets blocked.
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    Ahh. Yeah I wasn't the one testing it, my buddy was the one that had it. Anyway, congratulations and thank you for getting out a working build :)
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    Thank you for testing!
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    DDieter it doesn't work for me. They can fly, xray, and all that.
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    Hmm, i've tested it myself and it does work.
    - Do you have the latest version from craftbukkit?
    - Did you use the permissions right?
    - CFBanner only blocks Zombe's modpack and CJB's modpack, not any other fly/xray hacks
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    It should be noted that REI's features are disabled by default when connecting to an SMP server. Sending REI's command sequence enables all features.
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    I know and if you give a player the cfbanner.minimap permission, then the sequence gets send to the player to enable the entities radar/cave map
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    Hello I am a server owner starting a new map! My current map has many exploited items and non legit gameplay. I basically need a bukkit plugin that only lets players join that have the regular minecraft client and the spout client. It would have to be kept updated with the spout and minecraft updates. When someone joinswith another client or a modified client (Like nodus, Xray or flymod) it would kick them and leave a message "You can only join with the regular minecraft client or with spoutcraft." Ops can bypass this or users with a permission node "cleint.bypass". Please make this plugin!
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    '*' nodes aren't working with this plugin??

    Newest pex
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    I've tested it myself with pex, you've probably did something wrong with your permissions
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    First of all i suggest that you use NoCheat+, it is capable of blocking lots of exploits/cheats/hacks. And there is an option in your spout config file to force your clients to use the spout client. This would already solve lots of problems.
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    How Would I force to Use Minecraft Clients? That should be possible.
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    At the moment it is impossible to know if the player has a modified client or not, so you must use anti-cheat plugins.
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    Worked after 2nd restart, my bad.

    PS. Please add sub permission nodes to show specific rei minimap entities etc ;)
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    Fantastic that you have updated this! I hope you get permission to continue this officially!!
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    since u ain't updating it, can u send the source code?
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    What about if someone has a cracked client, I mean that by Nodus Client or other hacked clients? Something that has flying pretty much build into the minecraft.jar. I tried it on my server since I know a few people that use it, with plugins like this and NoCheatPlus.
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    NoCheatPlus is able to stop players from flying and moving too quickly, but it can't block x-ray hacks. CFBanner is only able to block CJB's modpack and Zombe's modpack.
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    Hi !
    A visitor joines my server and he can fly. He's got CJB mod. Zombe's mod is correctly block but not cjb.
    And there is not a config.yml for cfbanner ?
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    Hello, are you using my updated version from CFBanner? It supports CJB's modpack.
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    Yes, i'm not using your update lol
    I hope this fix that !
    And why there is not a config.yml ? before there was, no ?
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    This won't completely ban Zombe mod. Some features, specifically Xray and all the other things that don't involve fly can't be completely disabled. It's quite simple to change some of the code in Zombe and bypass this.
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    The best way so that my server must have a launcher.
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    Yes. Users without permission can't use the key for fly and cheat.
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    works great for tekkit. just make sure the players have the fly permission.
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    edit= fixed issue of my post.
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    Which post !!

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