Inactive [ADMN/SEC] CFBanner v2.10 - Get rid of Zombe & Rei's Minimap Forever! [1.0.1-R1]

Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by CainFoool, Jul 23, 2011.

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    What is CFBanner?
    CFBanner is the one way you can stop Zombe Mods from being used on your server. This blocks flying, noclip and general all-around cheats.​
    What are the Permission Nodes?​
    Blocks Zombe Client Modification "AND REI'S MINIMAP!"​
    v2.10 - Fixed Zombe, added Rei Support​
    v2.00 - Completely rewritten, Bukkit Perm Support​
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    @CainFoool the problem us and many other are having is that even when you have the perms to allow you to bypass the check, it still stops you from using Zombe.

    Im using bPermissions in case it matters, which is super perms compliant
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    Have you checked your page? Seems A LOT of people are complaining about it over there.
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    To the people saying "PLEASE UPDATE", help the dev by specifying what doesnt work as he doesnt seem to be having an issue.

    For me, CFBanner does its job, but too well! even people with perms are not able to bypass it like before.
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    I honestly don't get why people are having trouble with this plugin.
    I have tested this on several different servers, with all permissions, and it works fine.
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    15 and I am just saying >.< How about:
    "team with no life that has a chance of ruining some of your server's buildings due to a lack of protection"
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    That sounds fitting :)
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    The kick issue is not really a bug per se - the code is doing exactly what the author told it to do

            if(!PermissionsClass.pCheck(e.getPlayer(), "cf.allowfly") || !PermissionsClass.pCheck(e.getPlayer(), "cf.allowfly"))
    If the player does not have the permission node "cf.allowfly" OR "cf.allowfly" (which should be cf.allowcheat), one glitch.
    Then, if the config option kick if client is installed = true
    Kick the person

    Notice it does not differentiate between whether people have or haven't got the client, it simply refers to permission nodes with no regard to what has been established above. This is just poor coding. However, I can't say that this is totally the authors fault - CJB/Zombe doesn't appear to return anything as confirmation that the client has been disabled, or indeed if the player has a client, so perhaps the kick option is impossible to implement. Regardless, I really like this plugin - it is very useful.
  10. @guyag
    I also looked at the code. I needed a confirmation from CainFoool about maybe he have a "secret" version that does that but it's unlikely.
    Although I can easily replace CFBanner with CommandBook I don't do it cuz I'm not sure whether my other stupid admins will forget that.
    BUT: A nice idea is add Rei's Minimap support to CFBanner what I'll probably do for myself.
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    But does rei's also have a backdoor? Because that's what this relies on.
  12. @guyag
    Well... there're some functions disabled by default.
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    CFBanner has been updated to v2 and support is being maintained by me again!
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    I downloaded v2.0 but I can still use Zombe.
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    Are you using the latest Zombe Version?
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    same for me
    bukkit 1818 RB
    PermissionEX 1.17

    no permission nodes in the groups are set, cjb mod for 1.1 and i still can connect and use xray and radar even with kick true i can connect
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    Holy shi~ he is updated.
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    Same here. Stopped blocking cjb with that new 2.0 release.
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    Block as many cheats as possible! And looking forward when people says this actually works.
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    CJB has removed support (Supposedly, I haven't seen the blocking code for it) so it cannot be blocked.
    As for Zombe, I am not too sure.
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    Your preffered download link leads to a 2.0.0 download -as per the plugin.yml- which does NOT block xray from CJB pack.
    Your 1.9.3 version still works fine however.
    This is with testing using 1.1 RB CB
    Should change links/or fix :p Thank you - And much respects for the wonderful plugin.
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    The PC Tech Guy

    I guess tanzanite silently removed the code! We should bring this up on the forum, as these sorts of mods are not allowed to be published on the Minecraft forum without a way for the server admin to block it!
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    Hi ! Great plugin. I hope an update for 1.1 will coming :)
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    This plugin No longer works.. Deleted.
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    Mine still lets me use flying and noclip even afte r i install it i don't c a folder for it after the installation this is with RB 1.1
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    Anyone know blockcodes for CJB's x-ray, radar, cheats?
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    Guess i'm taking this off as well if it no longer works :(

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