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    CAuth - Another authorization plugin:
    Version: v1.4
    CraftBukkit build (tested on): 1060

    CAuth providing a simple authorization/registration on your server. If you want feature or find bug, write it in PM.

    If you use my plugin please write me to pm, i'm add your server to this post.

    * Simple registration, authorization and password change, stores users in file (properties array serialize) or MySQL database, and using MD5 crypt.
    * Unauthorized users can't move, destroy blocks, interact with entitites, deal damage to entities, use another commands and stuck at spawn location.
    * Mobs don't target unauthorized player.
    * Kick player if wrong password or player not logged in x * 10 server ticks.
    * One registration from one IP address (configurable).
    * Admin commands for password resetting (to user login, case sensitive) and registration removing.
    * Permissions support.
    * Permissions using is off by default.
    * Remember server operators feature (you also may set permissions using and permissions groups to remember), no need to login any time when operator enter on server (until server reboot).
    * Easy translate messages to your language.

    Download CAuth.
    <Edit by Moderator: Redacted mediafire url>
    Plugin and source code home page. (commits when get any free time)

    Language translations:
    German (Dr.House)
    Italian (edo98)
    Polish (DonArkada)

    TODO (for next version):
    * Look at permissions groups.

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    /register - register.
    /login - authorizing.
    /setpass - change password.
    /cauth - admin/op commands.

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    CAuth.register - register command.
    CAuth.login - login command.
    CAuth.cauth.reset - password resetting.
    CAuth.cauth.remove - registration removing.
    CAuth.cauth.reload - reloads plugin configuration.

    Version 1.4
    * Language file and config property added.
    * Rebuild to 1060.

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    Version 1.3.9
    * Can't enter/login if nick already on server.
    * Wrong password enter limit, configurable.
    * "World Edit is useable before logging in" issue fixed.

    Version 1.3.8
    * Added permissions support to remember players. Bugs maybe.
    * Added nodes for /login and /register commands.

    Version 1.3.7
    * Remember server operators feature and configuration property added.

    Version 1.3.6
    * Fixed bug when can't delete player because player not logged in.

    Version 1.3.5
    * MySQL support added (thanks alta189 for SQL Library), maybe has bugs.
    * Configuration file in YAML format now.

    Version 1.3.4
    * Account per IP count configure property.
    * /cauth reload command added, reloads plugin configuration.
    * Bug fixes.

    Version 1.3.3
    * Plugin reload fix.

    Version 1.3.2
    * Can't interact with entitites, deal damage to entities.
    * Mobs can't target on non-logged player.
    * Kick player if not logged in after x * 10 server ticks (sets in config).
    * Updating players locations on server stop/reboot.
    * Bug fixes.

    Version 1.3.1
    * Permissions support fix, can't execute command if using permissions, but plugin is not installed.

    Version 1.3
    * Config file added.
    * Permissions support.

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    Version 1.2
    * Can't chat if unauthorized.
    * Clear inventory if unauthorized.
    * No damage if unauthorized.
    * Bug fixes.

    Version 1.1
    * Teleports at spawn location if unauthorized, when login teleport to last location.
    * Red messages when join to server.

    Version 1.0
    * First release.

    Sorry for my bad english.


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    why i cant respawn on point, where i quit game?
  3. @onlyme00: 1st you register, then you login, this time CAuth sends you to the playerspawn, next time, if you logout, CAuth saves your position. You are still at player spawn when logging in, but after /login pw ^^ you are teleported to your last position.

    CAuth also saves your entire inventory before using it, that's a main feature, why I changed ^^

    Martin ff - Translation: I think he wants to change the Texts, which CAuth use, like

    You were kicked because you where afk
    Du wurdest gekickt, weil Du zu lange afk warst (german for example) ^^

    some kind of a translation would be very nice
    for example messages.yml
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    Can you update for bukkit 1060 please?
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    I'm make translation file and build it to 1060.


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  6. Made a quick german translation
    just extract and put de.yml into lang folder under CAuth directory
    and change your config.yml (from plugin!)
    language: "en"
    language: "de"
    Sorry because of
    ae oe ue ss
    but I don't know the java code for
    (in german language really common letters)

    will figure out later in the day and check the quick made translation over again.
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    Added to first post.
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    Awesome plugin, thank you!
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    nothing, still cant respawn on last exit-point, can u help?
  10. onlyme00 - which plugins do you use?
    any server.log entries (error, fail, warning, SEVERE) something like this after login?
    any kind of Exceptions...

    a Errorpost should look like this:

    Got an error with plugin xy

    My Plugins:
    AdminCmd, BigBrother, CAuth, DimensionDoor ..... (please list all plugins installed)

    Server.log errors:
    2011-08-14 20:53:11 [SEVERE] java.lang.NumberFormatException: Value out of range. Value:"182" Radix:10
    2011-08-14 20:53:11 [SEVERE] at java.lang.Byte.parseByte(
    2011-08-14 20:53:11 [SEVERE] at java.lang.Byte.valueOf(
    2011-08-14 20:53:11 [SEVERE] at java.lang.Byte.valueOf(

    that anybody can understand the error.

    Because, when you wont give any error log, nobody could even think / know what the problem of your server is...
  11. HI!

    I'm losing whole inventory when logging of server.
    Console write:
    [INFO] Connection reset
    [INFO] jesh93 lost connection: disconnect.quitting
    [INFO] [CAuth] Players saved.

    But when logging in whole inventory is gone.
    Missed some setup or what? :(

    Btw, awesome mod :)
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    More info please. Actions etc.
  13. @jesh93: have you done the following steps?

    1st register with chatcommand /register pass pass
    2nd login with chatcommand /login pass
    3rd watch your inventory...

    i have changed from xauth to cauth just because the inventory save function before register and the good support

    (don't throw stones at me but for me xauth saved no inventory which was ugly for our few players)

    sounds like the connection to the server was resetted through your network (internetprovider 24 hours disconnect) or by network loss from the server
    (i think - sounds more like networking probs - don't know what a connection reset from craftbukkit further could be)

    ps: @ CSharpRu: couldn't test 1.4 at the moment, must wait until all plugins go to 1060
    I think in one or two more days they would slowly ready...

    PPS.: yes, really ^^ @ jesh93: a connection reset could also be a bad internet ping (high latency)
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    @CSharpRU Is there any way to unban somebody?

    Solved, plugin uses command /ban :)
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    Does this plugin disables name-spoofers in offline-mode?
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    I'm fix this when find error.
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    Player have to Register again after server restart.
    Log says plugin could not load player from database.

    I'm using mysql.
    23:00:06 [WARNUNG] [CAuth] Can't load user with id 1.
    The registred User is in the database.
    Ingame Registration is running without problems.

    Any Idea how to fix this problem?
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    Why does the md5 encryption not include any of the 0's?
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    The version 1.4 isn't WorldEdit friendly.
    My server was attacked 3 times with the command //sphere tnt 50

    Here's a present!
    (look in the attachments :p)

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    Is it possible to run this plugin on already running server not messing everyone's spawns?
  22. if i want to delete a player from database what should i do
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    to delete a player from the DB use /cauth remove player_name

    and while im at it, for some reason since bukkit 1060 came out and i updated to cauth 1.4 i can no longer use the /cauth command

    no errors in the log, and nothing to display except
    [WARNiNG] [CAuth] Can't load user with id 1.
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    Can i disable the feature where it bans players after trying to login with the wrong password a few times?

    Also i find it very usefull that it puts users on the spawn location first before sending them to their original location.
    That way i can put down a sign telling them to login or register.
    For some reason users never read the text in the chat after logging in...
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    Great plugin! A few things I'd like to change though, are how flexible the config files are. I wish there was an option to let people move around (but not break blocks or use commands) while still not being logged in. Also, I wish people who weren't logged in could chat, because a few people returning to my server had problems once I implemented this.

    Overall, though, keep it up! :D
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    ok... sooo... i just translated the file to Dutch.. :) greetz

    edit:: deleted whoops... makes it crash xD stupid me... sec

    edit:: Oke it didnt actually make it crase.. the thing that crashed the server was if i set Remember Operators on

    2011-09-02 01:16:56 [SEVERE] Error occurred while enabling CAuth v1.4 (Is it up to date?): special characters are not allowed
    unacceptable character #FFFD special characters are not allowed
    in "<reader>", position 239
        at org.yaml.snakeyaml.reader.StreamReader.checkPrintable(
        at org.yaml.snakeyaml.reader.StreamReader.update(
        at org.yaml.snakeyaml.reader.StreamReader.peek(
        at org.yaml.snakeyaml.reader.StreamReader.peek(
        at org.yaml.snakeyaml.scanner.ScannerImpl.scanToNextToken(
        at org.yaml.snakeyaml.scanner.ScannerImpl.fetchMoreTokens(
        at org.yaml.snakeyaml.scanner.ScannerImpl.checkToken(
        at org.yaml.snakeyaml.parser.ParserImpl$ParseImplicitDocumentStart.produce(
        at org.yaml.snakeyaml.parser.ParserImpl.peekEvent(
        at org.yaml.snakeyaml.parser.ParserImpl.checkEvent(
        at org.yaml.snakeyaml.composer.Composer.getSingleNode(
        at org.yaml.snakeyaml.constructor.BaseConstructor.getSingleData(
        at org.yaml.snakeyaml.Yaml.load(
        at org.bukkit.util.config.Configuration.load(
        at csharp.cauth.CAuth.loadConfiguration(
        at csharp.cauth.CAuth.onEnable(
        at org.bukkit.plugin.SimplePluginManager.enablePlugin(
        at org.bukkit.craftbukkit.CraftServer.loadPlugin(
        at org.bukkit.craftbukkit.CraftServer.enablePlugins(
        at net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer.e(
        at net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer.a(
        at net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer.init(

    Attached Files:

      File size:
      964 bytes
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    What more do I need to do other then setting the DB details in config for mySQL? Any .sql import or no?
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    Just create a database named 'cauth' for example en start the server with cauth MySQL option True. Thats all it takes
  29. I created a database called Cauthen in phpmyadmin, I opened the file and configured config.yml the name of the database in user and pass.

    Restart the server, but the database is empty. So to is this option?.

    What is the difference between using and not using mysql?

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    Using MySQL is easy to use it also on a website, i'm developing a website now for a server of a friend of mine :p i can easily use the login that they use ingame on the server and visaversa.

    Uhm with your empty database problem just a quick question, did you also set MySQL to True? or did you only put in the user, dbname, pass and host in?

    If yes, did you register someone ingame? because this has to happen first
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    OnceUponATim, How do you get rid of this error? ( [SEVERE] Error occurred while enabling CAuth v1.4 (Is it up to date?): special characters are not allowed
    unacceptable character #FFFD special characters are not allowed) ?

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