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    CAuth - Another authorization plugin:
    Version: v1.4
    CraftBukkit build (tested on): 1060

    CAuth providing a simple authorization/registration on your server. If you want feature or find bug, write it in PM.

    If you use my plugin please write me to pm, i'm add your server to this post.

    * Simple registration, authorization and password change, stores users in file (properties array serialize) or MySQL database, and using MD5 crypt.
    * Unauthorized users can't move, destroy blocks, interact with entitites, deal damage to entities, use another commands and stuck at spawn location.
    * Mobs don't target unauthorized player.
    * Kick player if wrong password or player not logged in x * 10 server ticks.
    * One registration from one IP address (configurable).
    * Admin commands for password resetting (to user login, case sensitive) and registration removing.
    * Permissions support.
    * Permissions using is off by default.
    * Remember server operators feature (you also may set permissions using and permissions groups to remember), no need to login any time when operator enter on server (until server reboot).
    * Easy translate messages to your language.

    Download CAuth.
    <Edit by Moderator: Redacted mediafire url>
    Plugin and source code home page. (commits when get any free time)

    Language translations:
    German (Dr.House)
    Italian (edo98)
    Polish (DonArkada)

    TODO (for next version):
    * Look at permissions groups.

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    /register - register.
    /login - authorizing.
    /setpass - change password.
    /cauth - admin/op commands.

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    CAuth.register - register command.
    CAuth.login - login command.
    CAuth.cauth.reset - password resetting.
    CAuth.cauth.remove - registration removing.
    CAuth.cauth.reload - reloads plugin configuration.

    Version 1.4
    * Language file and config property added.
    * Rebuild to 1060.

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    Version 1.3.9
    * Can't enter/login if nick already on server.
    * Wrong password enter limit, configurable.
    * "World Edit is useable before logging in" issue fixed.

    Version 1.3.8
    * Added permissions support to remember players. Bugs maybe.
    * Added nodes for /login and /register commands.

    Version 1.3.7
    * Remember server operators feature and configuration property added.

    Version 1.3.6
    * Fixed bug when can't delete player because player not logged in.

    Version 1.3.5
    * MySQL support added (thanks alta189 for SQL Library), maybe has bugs.
    * Configuration file in YAML format now.

    Version 1.3.4
    * Account per IP count configure property.
    * /cauth reload command added, reloads plugin configuration.
    * Bug fixes.

    Version 1.3.3
    * Plugin reload fix.

    Version 1.3.2
    * Can't interact with entitites, deal damage to entities.
    * Mobs can't target on non-logged player.
    * Kick player if not logged in after x * 10 server ticks (sets in config).
    * Updating players locations on server stop/reboot.
    * Bug fixes.

    Version 1.3.1
    * Permissions support fix, can't execute command if using permissions, but plugin is not installed.

    Version 1.3
    * Config file added.
    * Permissions support.

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    Version 1.2
    * Can't chat if unauthorized.
    * Clear inventory if unauthorized.
    * No damage if unauthorized.
    * Bug fixes.

    Version 1.1
    * Teleports at spawn location if unauthorized, when login teleport to last location.
    * Red messages when join to server.

    Version 1.0
    * First release.

    Sorry for my bad english.


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    why not to add it to main post
    I added this line, but nothink changed, i cant register +1 account
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    I want to know, how to make that:
    New player connected,and default group called 'Non-members'
    Then he registered, and how to automatically move him in Member group after registering?
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    Can't at now time, I'm put it in todo list.

    Update plugin, remove old config file and try again.

    Development has slowed down, because I don't live at home now.

    If you want last version (unstable, don't use it on working server), you need to checkout it from repository.

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    Updated to 1.3.5, MySQL support added.
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    No issues or feature requests? Can't be :D


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    Any chance of you posting a language file for a native english-speaker to update? No offense but your english is terrible :).

    Also, can you add the ability (togglable via an option) for server admins to have your plugin remember a players IP so they aren't always having to /login?
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    Sorry, no chance.

    Yes i can, added in TODO list.
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    jolleward I steal plugins as my own

    i use this plugin :) its good i tell u if i foid and bug :;)!
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    You only made it configurable for ops to be remembered, can you add it so we can also set permission groups?
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    I'm make it after weekend.
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    Hi, there are the commands register, login, setpass and cauth,
    and the permission nodes cauth.cauth.reset, .remove .reload
    but I'm missing an
    for example, you got an open server with cauth plugin, then a new member must get an specific group for example players to register - is this possible?

    Or is it already implemented, but not listed?

    ps.: excuse me for my bad english ;)
    *is from germany*

    pps.: eventually even an CAuth.cauth.login?
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    I'm add it later.
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    I am foreign.
    I do not speak English well
    So I explain briefly.
    My server is a guild server.
    If any user is connected to a different account
    F3 Clik
    This place is exposed
    i am finding that plugin
    if you are gamer
    if you don't login in web ,you don't login game...
    if user lock ip
    but if user login webpage login reload ip
    I say again
    I am foreign.
    I do not speak English well
    So if you feel a dilute to see
    I',m sorry
    Please Give me to understand
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    This plugin worked well for me, and other's don't. Being on a linux system doesn't help.

    but, I need you to add a feature that would ban the player for a specified amount of time if they input the wrong password, say... five times? xAuth has this, but the plugin is giving me some odd errors

    My server got hacked through because of a dictionary attack.
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    I'm add this in next version.
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    I was trying to say is not it
    Authme, Authdb, Xauth and Cauth don't support it ...
    When user try login other user in game, it can try F3 click
    in that case can to find user location
    I am very sad.
    Anyway, you did answered my question
    Thank you so much about it.
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    @ forceserver:

    you mean if a player is already logged in and someone tries to login with the same name
    the second player using the name can view the coordinates, where the first (correctly) logged in user is standing?

    for example:
    John with ip is logged in
    Jack tries to login with "John" over ip presses F3 and can see the coordinates of "the real John" ?

    I think that's just a problem on pvp servers (pvp glitch)

    or did I understood it wrong?

    further research of your post, you search an plugin, which is "bridged" with a forum,
    where the player MUST login before he can login in game?

    cauth is supporting mysql database connectivity as i remember
    what you need is an plugin, which checks, if the login session ip matches the same, from which the user tries to log in...

    that would be awesome, an plugin like this, theoretical you also could use the forum session from php to connect directly without /login to minecraft

    ok, strange idea, but it is possible but that is far over my scripting skills ;)

    Nice would be an kickmessage like
    "The Playername is in use, you can't login twice with the same name" or something like this
    a playername in use check.

    sorry again for my bad english ^^
    (Still from germany) ^^

    PS.: just a few ideas - I hope you all know what i mean ^^

    PPS.: found something...

    PPPS.: Topic again Cauth 1.8.3 @

    @ CSharpRU :
    Is it possible, that the afk timeout in config.yml has a limit?
    I set it to 1440 but after a few minutes I got kicked again as afk
    //Edit again sry, maybe confusing...
    Saw just x * 10 Server Ticks
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    I'm add configuration property in next version.
    This is login time out, if user not logged in after x * 10 server ticks, kicking him.
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    этот плагин лучше xAuth и AuthMe ?
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    Гордится то гордится, но это англоязычный форум. Не думаю что нас тут поймут.

    Не знаю, решать тебе. Можешь сделать сравнительные тесты.

    // Some russian flood, sorry :D
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    oops, that explains everything :D

    //Edit (again)

    @ CSharpRU

    Good plugin and work, easy to configure, keep the good work up!

    +1 Like, good work, good plugin, good support, fast changes, very nice

    +1 further idea: will it be possible to configure the kicktime, after which an logged in player gets afk kicked? (eventually with -1 for no kick) or something like this?

    would be nice since when player A is afk, player B can sleep when it's night, don't know how you made this, but it's great! (it's getting also day for player A - he's handled like beeing offline)
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    I'm add it in my TODO list.
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    that's great, thanks...

    figured out, that you also go afk, when you are crafting, yesterday I build masses of torches and rails and then got afk while crafting...

    is it possible to include an check for PlayerisCrafting or something like this?

    (that's possibly for a few days the last feature request)
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    Thanks to all for support and:
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    When you teleport to the nether game crashes and when you want to login after crash you can't login
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    just updated to CAuth 1.3.9
    no crash when walking to nether (via portal)
    will test teleporting (which plugin do you use?)
    dimensiondoors - teleported (logged in) to the nether - no problems

    @ Sprunkas - take a look in your serve.log maybe it's an outdated teleport plugin?
    also your problem looks like a server hang or an world corrupt
    Short: More input required ^^

    I use an debian x64 root with following plugins:
    Groupmanager (Essentials gman & bridge),
    SimpleGodMode (only for ops)
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    Log from server please.
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    Martin ff

    Please how do I change the language plugin? thank you

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