[ADMN/SEC] BuildersPlot v1.3.1 - The Simple and Innovative Way to Protect Your Server [1.5.1]

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    But for ignore a world i have to create or mark. I go to the paste of worlds.yml and there is no world there, I want to know ou can I create a world for ignore for exemple:
    x: 123 x: 126
    y:56 y:57
    z:41 z:58

    I want to ignore this part how can I do?
  2. You can't using this plugin.
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    i want the same as pedrogouveia i want a pice of ground where people can mine to get items and build on their plot
    pleas tell me how to do this or put it on the todo list pleas pleas pleeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaas :):) thanx​

    oh or just that you can go anywhere to build and destroy except in plots better than what i just wrote
    thanx :)

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    Is it a plugin pleas explane
  6. Yes, this has been asked many times...

    What do you mean, "Is this a plugin?" Of course its a plugin, why else would there be a thread on this site in the Bukkit Plugin List. I'd appreciate if you didn't ask stupid questions and waste my time.

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    Hello again, someone who liked your plugin joined my server lookingf for me to make a sec vid with more info, and we ( me and the person who asked me lol ) will be making a more indeapth vid soon on the plugin , sorry i didnt get back to you ssoner are old server was lost , so we started again and made a better server , just imported wireworld ( one in vid ) plus your buildersplot plugin ready , so we will have a video for you by wed , as im busy this weekend, speek soon
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    /plot create [Name] NoOwner doesn't work it just makes the plots owner someone named "NoOwner" I tried
    /plot create [name] noowner, Noowner NoOwner noOwner "NoOwner" U know the rest :p But they don't work, any help is great man pce
  9. It's supposed to create a fake person called "NoOwner". Once someone claims the plot, it will change the owner of that plot to them. You were doing it right at first.
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    But when u try to claim it it says its already owned
  11. Does it JUST say its owned by someone else? Or does it tell you that you might already own a plot? If its the second option, that means you already own a plot. Unclaim all your plots and try claiming it.
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    Ok little update, I fixed the claim thing but now, It will let me destroy the block at ground level but it wont let me place or break anything above or below the ground level block? :(
  13. You need to select point 1 where to I want the protection to start... So if you select point 1 above ground level, it won't protect the ground...
  14. Hey Thanks for answering my last question but i have a problem
    I have a special world for BuildPlot now i want to ignore the other worlds.
    Everything did it perfect exept for one world. That world did had some spaces >spacebars< in between the name so I got the message "too many arguments" but that world was a world with spaces in between so I don't know how to fix that.
    When I write without spaces it doesn't recognize the world.
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    Hey can you make it world edit supporting? thanks a lot
  16. Rename your world folder so that it has no spaces.
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    This is great! My only complaint is thet it needs a way to give players more than one plot, like /giveplot, to increase the amount of plots they can own. If you put put that it would be perfect for my server.

    P.S I don't mean a way to give EVERYONE more plots, only a way to give people who buy more.
  18. What do you mean by people who "buy" more plots?
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    I sell plots lol.
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    There is a bug with water. Players who don't own a plot can place water in it, but they can't do anything else. Please fix this. Thanks :)
  21. Yes, I've known about this for a while... I just haven't gotten around to fixing it.
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    So.... Can you add something where it makes a plot then you can duplicate them all around a world (flat) do I have around a 300 plots or something?

    Ps my username is my IGN

    57x57 plots

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  23. If you know the spacing of the x and z coordinates between each plot, you can make plots directly in the config file by copying 1 plot entry and changing x1/y1/z1/x2/y2/z2 and the name.
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    Any chance you could add a command that would teleport a guest to a random unclaimed plot?
  25. Good idea! I'll implement it soon :)
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    Can You Make Permissions For (PermissionsEX?)
    That Would Be Awesome! :D Nice Plugin![diamond][diamond]
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    how you cane let players own more thane 1 plot ?[diamond]
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    Make a possibility to set the availability for builder plots to one group of persons. Like only guests or guests and builders. This in PermissionsEx and Bukkitpermissions
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    whay players only cane claim 1 plot cane you edit thate??[cake]
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    cane you let player claim more thene 1 plot sow ya how

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