[ADMN/SEC] BuildersPlot v1.3.1 - The Simple and Innovative Way to Protect Your Server [1.5.1]

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  1. Assign plots to players - constricting them to build, destroy, and burn inside their own plot.​

    Lead Developer: Firefly

    • Easily create Plots both claimable and directly owned by a player.
    • Force your guests to build in their own plot.
    • Grief, block spam, and fire issues completely blocked outside of plots (No more grief!)
    • Protect your guests' builds with ease
    • Teleport to other player's plots (And your own plot)
    • No more need to rollback, grief can't happen in the first place!
    • Simple commands to make, manage, and delete plots.
    • Per-World preferences to turn on/off plot protection in certain worlds
    • PermissionsBukkit support!
    [Parameter] represents an optional parameter whereas <parameter> represents a required parameter.​

    • /plot - Displays all commands ingame.
    • /plot create <Plot Name> <Plot Owner OR "NoOwner"> - This allows admins/mods (specified in player.yml) to create a plot by using 2 points (point they are standing on and point they are looking at) to create a cuboid region. If second argument is NoOwner, guests will be able to claim this plot.
    • /plot mark <Plot Name> <Plot Owner OR "NoOwner"> - This creates a plot but instead of using point1 as the block you are standing on and point2 as the block you are looking at, it uses the points you selected with the marker tool. (Left click with gold hoe for point1, right click for point2)
    • /plot info <Plot Name> - Displays info for the specified plot.
    • /plot edit <Plot Name> <point1 OR point2> - Allows someone to edit one of the points of a plot by using the block they are looking at as the new point.
    • /plot delete <Plot Name> - Deletes the specified plot.
    • /plot claim <Plot Name> - Claims the specified plot if it exists or isn't already owned or the player doesn't already own a plot.
    • /plot unclaim <Plot Name> - Unclaims the specified plot
    • /plot tp [Plot Owner] - Teleports to your plot (or the player specified's plot)
    • /plot list - Lists all unclaimed plots
    • /plot addMember <Player Name> - Adds an exempt player to players.yml (This player will not be restricted to building in a plot anymore)
    • /plot addMod <Player Name> - Adds a player who is allowed to create/delete/modify plots and add members to players.yml
    • /plot ignoreWorld <World Name> - Adds a world to worlds.yml (BuildersPlot will no longer stop block events in this world)
    • /plot removeIgnored <World Name> - Removes a world from worlds.yml
    • /plot reloadConfig - Reloads all the config files without having to restart the server.
    • /plot expandUp <Plot Name> - Maxes out the height of the plot.
    • /plot addFriend <Plot Name> <Player Name> - Adds a friend to this plot's friends list (You must own the plot) who can build in the plot.
    • /plot removeFriend <Plot Name> <Player Name> - Removes a friend from the specified plot's friends list.
    The plot system requires a guest to own a plot before they can build anywhere. Without a plot, they cannot burn/break/build anywhere. Admins (or Moderators specified in players.yml) are allowed to make plots and either assign them directly to a guest or make it claimable (Using "NoOwner" as the Plot Owner parameter). That guest can now build only in that plot, and no where else.

    By default, OP's can do any command; so if you are an OP, you can appoint Mods to add more members who are exempt from Plot restrictions.

    PermissionsBukkit Nodes (PermissionsBukkit ONLY)

    buildersplot.create - Allows a user to create a plot
    buildersplot.mark - Allows a user to create a plot using the Marker Tool (Gold hoe)
    buildersplot.edit - Allows a user to edit a plot by either using the block they are looking at for point1/point2 or by using the points selected with the marker tool
    buildersplot.delete - Allows a user to delete a plot.
    buildersplot.config - Allows a user to reload and modify the config files via command
    buildersplot.teleportother - Allows a user to teleport to another person's plot (/plot tp <PlotOwner>)
    buildersplot.exempt - Exempts a user from plots (same as adding them to members list in players.yml ... this user can build anywhere now)

    Per-World Preferences for Plots:

    With the implementation of v1.1 you might notice a worlds.yml hanging around in your BuildersPlot folder. The first time this is generated, it is empty. This means that by default, BuildersPlot watches all of your worlds and makes sure that everyone in all worlds is restricted to plots (unless they are in players.yml, admin, or have the buildersplots.exempt node). If you execute the command /plot ignoreWorld <WorldName> you will add this world to worlds.yml and BuildersPlot will ignore all block events in it. This means that the world will no longer be protected by grief! If you wish to remove the world you can execute the command /plot removeIgnored <WorldName>. This removes the world from worlds.yml. If you try to add worlds manually to the worlds.yml file, you will get problems. By using the command you are guaranteed that the plugin will write the worlds to the file in the correct format.

    Sweet little video covering the basics of BuildersPlots by Marc-D
    Recent Version: Download v1.3 (Coming as soon as it is approved on Bukkit Dev)
    Version 1
    • Release
    Version 1.1
    • PermissionsBukkit Support
    • Per-World preferences (Turn plots on/off in specific worlds)
    • Plot Marker Tool (Golden Hoe for now) - Allows you to create plots with selected points or to edit with selected points
    • Added command to reload all config (without the need to restart the server)
    • Fixed some memory leaks
    Version 1.1.2
    • Updated to work with latest Bukkit build.
    Version 1.1.3
    • Updated to work with latest Bukkit build.
    Version 1.2
    • Updated to work with CB 1.2.5-R1.2
    • Added settings.yml which contains general settings that influence how BuildersPlot works. More options will come in the future!
    • Added ability to toggle (in settings.yml) the option to disable protection of land outside of plots. This means that when this option is set to false (default is true), players will be able to build anywhere except in other players' plots.
    • Added a configurable option to determine the maximum number of plots someone can claim (default is 1).
    Version 1.3
    • Updated to work with CB 1.2.5-R4.0
    • Made plots block the opening of chest/furnaces/dispensers
    • Fixed a bug with a BuildersPlot folder not generating if you didn't have one
    • Made plots block the usage of buckets
    • Added a per-plot friends list that allows the owner of a plot to add "friends" to their plot which allows everyone on the friends list to teleport and build in that plot. The owner can also remove friends from their plot.
    Todo List:
    • PermissionsEx support Complete!
    • Individual YAML files for each Plot
    • More configurable features
    • Configurable Plot limit per guest (PRIORITY) Complete!
    • Ability to teleport to a free plot (/plot tp free)
    • Ability to clear plot with a command (/plot clear <PlotName>)
    • iConomy support to buy/sell plots
    • Possible way to place a sign to auto-make plots of a certain size
    • Welcome message upon entering a plot Complete!
    • Configurable plot logic-reverse (ability to make it so guests can build anywhere except in plots they don't own) Complete!
    • Max out size of plots (bedrock to sky) (/plot <PlotName> max) Complete!
    • Suggest more stuff!
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    Very nice plugin, can't imagine what will happen when it gets big, maybe no more grief ever!
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    Seems like this took a lot of work, i hope it gets the attention it deserves, but its only useful on creative server in my opinion.
  4. It's the main reason why I designed it; the creative server I'm a part of constantly gets griefed. Hopefully future functionality for this plugin will interest you sometime down the road :)
  5. It's also possible to set up a worldguard region for one player, where onoy he can build.

    But this is still an very nice plugin sir! :)
  6. I suppose people could achieve the same thing with WorldGuard but I wanted to make a plugin with specialised functionality for this sole purpose. Feedback is appreciated as well as ideas :)

  7. md_5 Just curious, if my Bukkit Dev project for this plugin was approved does that mean this forum post is ready to be moved to Plugn Releases? Also, am I missing any info on this post or did I include everything I needed?

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  9. Thanks!
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    hello there.
    i love the sound of this plugin but like others i would like some answer before installing it. please answer with number then answer if possible thanks. Q 1) will you support multiworld ? when people say this it means like me they have prob 5 worlds lol, i have world / wire_world / old_world / home / creative / plus end and nether , now when we say multiworld support what we mean is, we only want the plugin on curtun ones ie: wire_world and creative are creative world i would like the plugin to work on, BUT I DONT want it to have any control on the rest, so say on old_world or home which are survival worlds where people can build anywhere ?..... Q 2) if this plugin is used on a survival world whats its affects ? ie: can they mine out of the plot in the wild or will they be digging up the floor Q 3) how does the plot work , does it use 2 points or does it go sky to bedrock like bananaregion ?. Q 4) if you take a plot do you need to use lockette to protect them or does your plugin do that ? that will do for now :) hope to hear back soon
  11. 1) Yes, I thought I put on the todo list (but I might've forgot). Some people have already asked this on the dev page ;) and I assure you I'll implement it.

    2) The plots cover a three dimensional area; including a floor. Therefore, people who are restricted to plots could not dig through the floor or above the plot's height limit.

    3) The plot gets defined by 2 points (I'm pretty sure I explain this above but I'll repeat it since it's slightly confusing). The bottom point is defined by the block you are standing on. The upper-opposite point (which defines the height limit) is defined by the block you are looking at. In the future, I will be adding a "marker" tool similar to WorldEdit's wand to define plot's a second way.

    4) My plugin takes care of all block damage/break, burn, and placing however it does not block opening doors/chests/furnaces. This has also been brought up on the dev page and I will implement it soon (So busy with other stuff at the moment :p).

    Hopefully this answers your questions. I also hope that you will consider testing the plugin in the mean time even though it doesn't have all the features you wanted (which should be implemented soon).

    ~Firefly (Developer)
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    Thanks for quick replay. on Q 2) the main thing people seem to be stuck on it if you need a plot to build. does that meen you can mine anywhere theres not a plot ?, ps will all the updates ie items listed to in the next update of the pluggin ready for the R5 being released ?
  13. Basically, you need a plot to do anything; build, break, burn. You cannot break (mine) or place blocks outside your own plot. Hopefully this answered your concern? As for the updates by R5, I honestly don't know. I'm not sure when R5 comes out :p, but I'll be sure to finish most of the updates by this weekend.

    Hope this helps :)

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    most by the weekend now that sounds good, mutisupport first lol so we can use on creative worlds and not survival ones

    BUT my i add some suggestions,
    sorry not trying to make your life hell i promise lol, some ideas that may ,make this a plugin all servers would want. first of your made an amazing one so far and with those updates it will be even better but, i had a pluggin called bananaregions basicly what you done was place a fence around a plot to indicate its size then place a sign on it saying bananaregions, could you maybe make this work for you but in a default config if a fence is placed and a sign saying builderplots on it then it would use the fence as a guide but go say 5 blocks down and 30 high adjustable in the config file, also buying / selling / renting plots using iconomy , and when the sign is placed it auto gives it an id for easyer server running , randon letters and numbers to keep the config happy , also if you have to do this it means if someone stops using your server then when they run out of money a plot will open up for someone else to use, all server hosts are looking for one program to do all of this as well as introductions, ie if you have heard of residence when you walk into a zone owned or claimed it says zone name and who ownes it, if you could pull all that of you will letroly beat hands down all plugins for hosts to download as i have like 30 plugins to try and to most of that with little sucses

    anyhelp to all of this welcome and sorry for hurting your head
  15. So many things to do! :p I will definitely consider those things (although not all this weekend lol). I definitely like the sounds of the iConomy support. As to the sign auto-making a plot; I will definitely try although it might take a while before that is implemented. I also already thought of a sort of "welcome" message when you enter a plot; will be implemented soon :). I think I touched on everything you suggested (if I forgot something let me know) and I will add those suggestions to the todo list.

    Thanks for all your suggestions! I love to hear it :)

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    Add economy support for Iconomy and BOSEconomie its would be cool to sell pre-selected plots by clicking an sign and you bought it :D. Sure to download asap :D!
  17. Sounds good (already on todo list :p) hope to hear from you on how it works on your server!


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    Thank you for listening and i cannot wait to see what you come up with will download Monday :) soon as multi world is added

    a simple config on of for each world maybe

    creative 'true'
    old_world 'false'
    wire_world 'true'

    so that it only efects the one you want love the sound of all of this, nock all the plugins dead :)
  19. So do you want specific support for the MultiWorld plugin? Or just a simple config file like you suggested where it prints all your worlds and you can set true/false for each of them? The config file would be much simpler... :p
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    i think the config would prob be the best bet for ease and quickness , as we can all use it just now plus will get your plugin out and people will see it more as its going to all be amazinggggggggggggggggg when your done lol, plus when you or if you add iconomy , rent buy sale you will prob need to make a config file per world, but later on the config will need to more complex to enable people to mine on a survival world outside of a plot, but for now a on off for each world would be great

    old_world: 'true'.................................................if false buildersplot will not work in the world true means it will
    Mine: 'true'.......................................................alowing mining needed to be able to use in a survival world

    Wire_world: 'true'
    Mine: 'false'.......................................................stops people mining away where in a good for creative

    ie yes we would love a world on off switch and later subs to add things like mining options outside zones plus meens you could add your iconomy and other things here to
  21. Sounds good :)
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    This plugin looks amazing, and almost exactly what I need in my survival world. I say almost because, like Marc-D, I need members to be able to build anywhere except where I create plots for certain people. I don't want to impose by saying this, and completely understand if you won't add this feature, or something like it. I use Factions on my server, and want to create a market or town of some sort where PvP is disabled (I can do that with WorldGuard) and where there are certain stalls or plots where people can build, but only those people. I understand that WorldGuard can also handle this somewhat, but I don't want to have to create new regions every time someone wants to build a stall or make a house, not have a thousand random protections everywhere and in my /region list, and I'd also just like it to be streamlined. Factions has region protection too, but only SafeZones, where no one can build. No other protection plugin works like yours does, and even less are fond of running alongside Factions (I had to install 2 extra plugins just to have prefixes not freak out when Factions inserts a tag). Again, these are just thoughts coming off the top of my head, and no matter what you keep on adding to this plugin, it still looks amazing, and I'm sure very useful to a lot of needy people.
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    Do a sky to bedrock command. For when you select the plot size.
  24. Yes, many people have suggested that I do this (probably in a config). This is basically reversing the logic of how the plugin works at the moment (which shouldn't be a problem to design alongside the current plot logic I have). So basically (if I understand you correctly) you want it so the plots allow people to build anywhere, but when they try to build in a plot they don't own, they are blocked.

    As for Factions and such, this is my first plugin and I don't have experience implementing other plugins' features. However, I have always been eager to learn and I am more than willing to provide features that people suggest. So far, I have put every feature people have suggested on my todo list (some marked Priority). Although I may not finish your suggestion soon, I assure you I will implement it in a future release :).

    Hope this answers your concerns,


    Added to todo list as of now :).

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    its okay to do bedrock to sky in creative worlds but we still need a way to only select an area so that we can use it in survival worlds so people mines don't get damaged. hence the wand 2 points or fence with the config to auto plot 5 down 30 up thingy we talked about , we don't need a yml file per plot just one per world, with auto name plots if you don't give it one, , ie on my creative world i have around 80 plots so alot of yml files lol. is it the weekend yet :( world on off switch come to me lol :). also if you do do the iconomy buy rent and sell you would need to add server owned plots to, and rental of a plot being 7 days with auto renew, takes money from that persons account until they run out then the plot going back to owner or to being server owned so the next person can rent it.

    ps Devilquak just about to go have a look at your server lol, mines open to a selected view untill builderplot is done :) then it will be open to the world

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  26. You can already edit individual points of a plot, so you could reduce the lower point by 5 blocks if you wanted.
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    take it 1.2 coming out in next day or to as my minecraft client updated to 1.2.2 , and cannot connect to server lol or Devilquaks come on bukkit sniffle lol :)
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    Edit: Wow, I wrote a huge paragraph here about how awesome that would be, but it went away somehow... What I said was, this is exactly what I had meant, yes, and that sounds awesome, and anything you end up deciding on I'm sure will be awesome.

    Heheh, I was actually just using Factions as an example of why your plugin works so much for me lol :p, since its' native (so to speak) protection system doesn't cut it for me. If you want to integrate Factions into your plugin, that would actually be awesome, since only two plugins have ever integrated with it, and none of them are even remotely close to a protection system. Faction integration is way to much to ask for though lol, and I don't actually think it necessary to have this plugin work alongside it. But if you want to lol, that would be amazing :)

    Thanks for your time, and keep up the great work :D
  29. Oh :p I was under the impression you wanted Faction support lol. Anyways, thanks for your suggestions and support :)

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