Inactive [ADMN/SEC] bPermissions v2.9.2 - no support on this post, ask for support on bukkitdev [1.2.5]

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    Im very new at hosting the server and i have no idea to allow player to build so do all i type is
    player -
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    I cant open that link, and I didn't edit the Yml files at all and the commands didn't work, that's when I tried to edit them manually. I really just want the commands to work.
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    opps, the forum did something odd to it, its

    You will have to edit the yml files to be able to use the commands. Also you have to give the group you are in the bPermissions.admin node.
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    So I put in the yaml and I copy/paste what comes up in the other box? Or is it just a checker to make sure it works?
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    Could an option be added to disable the OPs get everything. There's some plugins that breaks. One reason is because they have disable permissions which disable certain features if the permission is given. In these cases, Ops CAN'T use the plugin.
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    Ops get everything is nothing to do with this plugin, that's built into minecraft.
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    I cant create a new group I have looked around in the files looked at commands but none of them work. Any help?
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    ok, i'm feeling like an idiot, and that's not usual for me. I've never setup permissions for bukkit before, and the documentation seems lacking, or I missed something.

    I'm setting up a brand new server, for home use only, and I need permissions so my kids will stop screaming when they grief each other. I'm also setting up multi-world for the first time. (i've been running a simple bukkit server with a few 'fun' plugins with us all in op.txt)

    The first post shows a sample 'yourworld.yml' file, and that seems to make sense. but where does it go? inthe bPermissions folder? And in the bPermissions folder are a defaultPlayers.yml and defaultGroups.yml. how are those used? groups and players are in my "world.yml" file.

    I'd be happy even using only commands to set things up. The problem is that I can't make myself an Op. my username is listed in the ops.txt, but in game, i can't break any blocks, and any /p or /permissions commands just tell me it can't be found.

    So, when using bPermissions, is there some other way to make a user OP? oh, btw, i CAN op myself in game, so maybe it's something else completely. anyone know what else may cause this if not bpermissions? I could supply a plugin list or the configs (which are just the default generated ones at this point).
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    If you are an op you can use the commands.
    You can also do all the commands via the console.
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    That can't be. I'm using PEX right now, and if I don't define a permission, I don't have it.
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    Is there anyway to make the promote/demote commands smaller? I hate having to type them out so long and remembering the tree name.
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    i will explain a bit better, because i think i am missing something that should be obvious. please remember, i am totally new to setting up permissions. sorry to be a pain :(

    in the main craftbukkit folder is an ops.txt.
    with no plugins, if my name is in ops.txt, i can break blocks.
    if my name is not in ops.txt, i cannot break blocks. so far so , good, that is all as expected.

    if my name is in ops.txt, and i use only the bpermissions plugin, i cannot break blocks. it behaves as if i am not an op. also, the command "p lsgroup" or ('/p lsgroup', i tried both just in case) at the console tells me it's an unknown command. I CAN op myself in game using the /op command (and it says I'm op'd), but i still cannot break blocks and "/p lsgroup" still says unknown command. all the files in bPermissions folder are the default ones, so i don't see a point in posting them, but will say, instead of the sample config you have above, all config.yml has in it is "default: default"... should it have the list of commands or is that only if you modify them?

    so, bpermissions seems responsible for the issue. it might be ok if i could figure out what do with the yml files to give myself the bPermissions.admin node. which file do I use, and where does it go?

    startup log has
    [bPermissions] version 1.1dev is enabled!
    Server permissions file permissions.yml is empty, ignoring it

    when logging in , it says it's reading permission nodes from defaultGroups.yml. actually, it says that twice!
    if you want the actual log, i can get it, but really, this is all that vanilla bukkit doesn't have.

    thanks much! and, oh! CB 1060
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    You're not reading what I wrote.

    -I asked if the OP automatically gets all permissions can have the option to be toggleable.
    -You said, no, because that is a feature of minecraft, not bpermissions.
    -I said, it can't be part of minecraft, because I'm using PEX right now and it's not the case.

    Summary, I'm NOT asking for help with PEX. I'm also not talking about if a plugin checks for OP. I'm talking about the feature in bPermissions which says OPs get a * node. I like how bPermissions handles everything but that aspect, so I'm asking if that can be changed or made a toggleable option.

    Repeat, I'm not talking about PEX except as an example as to why it HAS to be part of this plugin, and not part of minecraft, and I'm not talking about plugins which check for OP on their own. I'm talking about the feature of bPermissions which states clearly [​IMG]
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    Are you asking about a seperate plugin?
    bPermissions is now version 1.2
    A lot of bugs were fixed and there was a complete restructure of commands (why are you trying to use bPermissions 1.2 commands with bPermissions 1.1?)

    In summary - update.

    That image is talking about opping someone to give them the op ovveride check.
    This is to stop people asking for a * node I cannot provide.

    This is just a manager for bukkit superperms, if you want a * node ask bukkit, not me, all I do is load the nodes to the players.

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    Ha! i knew it would be something obvious! works great now (at least the two minutes I've played with it).

    Seemed like i just downloaded it. didn't think it would change between when i got it and when i went to configure it, but must have been longer than I thought. less than a week. guess I'm not used to plugins with frequent updates :D

    And BTW, I decided to go with your permission plugin because reading through the posts here, I saw that you make an effort to reply to all help requests, and speedily too. I thought "now there's an author that cares about his work."

    Anyway, thanks a lot!
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    Hi, I'm a bit of a noob at this and I've been searching this forum and google for hours, but I can't find anything. I've been trying to get your permissions plugin to work, but I think that I'm making a careless error somewhere. If someone could point it out, that would be awesome.

    Here's what my world.yml file looks like:
    default: default
        - default
        - default
        - admin
        - admin
        - permissions.*
        - OpenInv.*
        - dropchest.*
        - spoutessentials.*
        - blockhat.*
        - ^permissions.*
    Also, should I be doing anything with the permissions.yml in the craftbukkit folder?

    Thanks for the help!
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    I have been having issues with the commands. All of my users are Ops and they still don't have access to the commands. Another thing is, when the commands are typed in correctly, it doesn't do anything, no error message, no response, nada. I have setup the yaml file correctly, as I have run it through a online parser, but that still shouldn't prevent the OPs from using the commands in the first place. I have all the latest versions and their is no error message. I am rather confused and would appreciate any help. Also the console itself doesn't appear to be able to use the commands and doesn't give any feedback either upon a correct command.
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    Are you sure the commands are being typed in correctly?

    The main error people are having is not using them correctly.

    /p global lsgroup - does nothing
    /p global addgroup groupname - does nothing

    It is:
    /p global lsgroup playername
    /p global addgroup groupname playername

    It is correct that it doesn't give any feedback on an incorrect command, I am working on dynamic feedback and suggestions for 1.3 - but coding something like that is difficult as I have to try and take into account usage situations (so your help would be greatly appreciated)

    What commands have you tried that "aren't working" (I use speech marks because this plugin works fine)

    Erm. The plugin.* node doesn't work unless the plugin explicitly supports it. You need to add all the individual permission nodes.

    Also you haven't given your admins bPermissions.admin

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    i'm trying to use your plugin but there are only a few problems: i really want multi-world support and a permission node like "*.*" = everything , i want a permission node for the admin so I can do everyting
    thx thibaultmol
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    /op playername
    No need to setup permission nodes.

    This plugin has multiworld support, I don't see where you think it doesn't. multiworld support is the only option.
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    oh ok thx
    about the multiworld thing, i didn't test it yet, so thx
    keep up the good work
  24. Is it possible to give a permission to a certain player, and not the whole group? I haven't found anything about this on the main post so I just have to ask :D
    Sorry for the pretty noob question, but I really want to know that.
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    Give that player a group you don't give to anyone else.
  26. That would give me loads of work with prefixes, colors and setting up his current permission nodes again :/
    Any chance you will implement it in the future?
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    Implement per player permission nodes? That exists, create a group exclusively for that player. It's no more difficult/easy than adding nodes directly to the player, just makes the config file prettier.
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    While you are correct about that, are we able to create groups using in-game commands? I couldn't seem to do it but I may have been missing something. I know per-player permissions may be outside of the scope of this plugin, but the reason I would like to see them is because of how multiverse 2.0 handles portal limiting. With multiverse 2.0, Ican set up a portal for someone, and then give a permission node to them which lets only that person use the portal. This way I can enforce private portals between worlds and prevent players from abusing them for faster travel.

    But once again, if its outside of the scope of this plugin then that is fine, I understand that if you adding a ton of additional features, then it kind of stops being simple and easy to use.
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    just wondering, can you make other groups ?

    my server has default->moderator->admin->head-admin as well as donator and vip groups

    each has its own permissions, i dont like the idea of just 2 groups, admin and default
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    Groups are created when you add nodes to them.

    You can add groups with any names you like.

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    Ah, thanks! I knew I was probably just missing something.

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