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    Banbucket - Ban Management Suite:
    Version: v0.1
    Authors: Shatteredlands.net Development Team
    Lead Developer: Instipod

    This is a first release of Banbucket.

    Banbucket is a server admin tool to help server communities deal with and manage banned players by setting server-specific 'rules' that apply to their server, and to joining members. Specifically, server administrators can set general or specific rules, such as 'Users with more than X bans' are not permitted, or even as granular as 'Users with more than 10 griefing bans' are not permitted. Bans are stored in the central database on Banbucket.com, but YOU decide the players that are able to join.

    Banbucket also supports a fully localized mode, and we intend to include a mode of operation that provides large communities with a web-based tool to manage their own ban list and reasons exclusively. Banbucket can be used to tie in with the community, OR as a stand-alone server with its own set of expectations.

    (PLEASE NOTE: THIS FIRST RELEASE OF BANBUCKET CONTAINS ONLY THE CORE BAN COMMANDS - Ban globally, upload evidence, and the user is added to the database.)

    Additional features will be released in concurrent versions. This release is BETA software, and as such may include bugs or break functionality. Please report it if you encounter any issues, or if you have any requests for features.

    Why we are different:
    • Evidence is required for every ban in order for it to be global. Evidence can be uploaded in image format, and global bans without evidence (or that have passed through the dispute process) will be removed from global status.
    • Server administrators can give users ban permissions, AND set Banbucket.com users to access the web management tools.

    • Community-based ban system with evidence tracking and collection
    • Replaces default ban systems, but can work alongside existing ban management utilities.
    • Subscribe to specific categories of bans that apply to your server, and ignore the ones that do not. (Flying, for example)
    • Backup your current list, import it to Banbucket, or just use the web management tool.
    • More features planned and coming soon...
    Download - WGET friendly

    1. Sign Up for a account on BanBucket.com
    2. Verify your minecraft name (Click Verify Now on the sidebar)
    3. Click on "My Servers"
    4. Click on "Add Server"
    5. Fill in the Server Name and Address and press Create Server
    6. Copy the "API Key" and put in into BanBucket/config.properties
    Don't forget to tell your moderators to have a VERIFIED BanBucket account!

    Add them under Manage Server, Add User.

    PEX / Permissions (Latest)


    • Initial core release
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    Cosmic Break

    4th "community ban" system.

    oh well, good luck!
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    Lolmewn Retired Staff

    Looks good I think..
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    Need to remove spaces in categories and add space at the end, also try making the headers bolder or longer font.
    Like so: [ADMN/SEC] BanBucket - Ban Management Suite [1060]
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    Advice taken - Thanks ;)
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    I sure wish I could find a plugin with the functionality I'm looking for. I want both Mods and Admins groups to be able to ban players, but this is where it gets tricky.

    If a Mod bans a player, any other mod or admin can unban them.
    If an Admin bans a player, any Admin can unban them, but no Mod can.

    Permissions would be something like banbucket.mod and banbucket.admin

    The other alternative I would accept would be only the person who banned a player could unban them, or an admin.

    Any chance of this functionality coming to this plugin?
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    Would it be acceptable for you to set this inside the Web panel or in the options in the plugin? We can change the functionality of verified moderators on banbucket to not have override on bans performed by Admin users, but then you could flag an individual user to have full rights, if necessary.

    In this case, All you would have to do is add your moderation team per normal procedure. Administrators who would like their mods to have the ability unban ANYONE, could flag that specific moderator to do so.
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    It wouldn't really matter to me where it was set, either the Web panel or the plugin options. The functionality would be extremely helpful.

    Back story on this is one of my admins (who i choose very carefully) banned a player for violating the "no insulting" general rule. That player happened to be a friend of one of the mods, who immediately unbanned him. There is a reason the mod is a mod and the admin is an admin, and unfortunately since I wasn't on at the time, the mod could just override the ban.

    Thanks for this!

    Also, your verification server appears to be offline.

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    In the BanBucket system, only Server Admins can remove ANY ban issued to the BanBucket system from their server. A ban may be removed using the web system. Also, the verify server is being worked on right now. We thank you for your patience.
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    We are aware the verification server isn't responding, we're working on the issue. Thanks.
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    Is there a Possibility that you verfify my Account by hand?
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