Inactive [ADMN/SEC] AuthDB v2.3.6 - Database authentication and protection [1.1-1.4.5]

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    In order to centralize support of our legacy projects, we will no longer be providing support on Bukkit. Please use for support with our projects going forward.
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    If it's blocking it, then could be. Did you allow CraftBukkit access outside of your network?
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    Not talking about the ports, I am saying just to allow it through your firewall if it is blocked, because it seems that it is the only problem from what I can see. If you give me your login info, IP, and original config.yml posted on or something similar, then I can test it myself to see if that is the issue. I'm pretty sure that is the issue though, somehow your server not being able to access your MySQL server.
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    Do you guys plan to add support for Permissions group management via forum groups?

    Example: Player set as "Member" on forums is put into group "Member" ingame.
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    Yes, as an upcoming addon.
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    Hi, I just tryed to move from AuthMe to AuthDB cause of the futur group member addon. Also i want to try to sync my vbulletin 3.8.7 user tab with my server.

    Si i've set the AuthDB config file like this:

        driver: mysql
        host: localhost
        port: 3306
        username: root
        password: *******************
        name: vb
        name: vBulletin
        version: 3.8.7
        enabled: true
        table: user
        userfield: username
        passfield: password
        emailfield: email
        encryption: md5
        enabled: false
        force: true
        method: prompt
        tries: 3
        kick: true
    When i join the game with an existing forum account, the plugin give me the welcomeback message. So AuthDB seems to find the nick in the db. But the password is always "incorrect" ...

    Can someone help me to fix it please ? Im pretty new with db stuff.. So be indulgent please :p
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    Jan Tojnar

    Do you use md5 for password encryption in DB? Try sha1 or plaintext.
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    I use the deafult password encryption for this version of VB.

    But i'll try you'r suggestion later (got some player IG actually, i don't want to disturb them with restart and login trouble ;) )

    Thx for suggestion
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    That is only for use with a custom database. Forums and CMS we support do not follow settings under customdb.
    You can't currently "sync" 2 databases. Both the script and customdb options cannot be used together. So it's either pick one or the other

    The settings under customdb are only for use with customdb as well. They do not change anything when connecting to a script such as vbulletin.
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    Is this possible with this plugin and no coding ?
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    AuthDB talks directly to the database and users can register and login as they would on the forum you are connected to. AuthDB does not do what you quoted from a different dev on a different post. The method mentioned above would not need to connect to a database, but would require users register on whatever site is made to give that auth key first.
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    Im using AuthDb with vbulletin
    I got 2 servers , is there a way using the same db restrict some user to use a single server?

    I got a vb group where are the user that are allowed to play in the server N° 2

    Can you release the source for the vbulleting class?

    How can I do modifications
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    I get this while using my custom Db. Is it normal?

    17:17:56 [INFO] [AuthDB] AuthDB plugin 2.2.0 is enabled
    17:17:56 [INFO] [AuthDB] AuthDB is developed by CraftFire <[email protected]>
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    Uahh^^ cant wait for next Version :D

    May your Bukkit version is not uptodate^^
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    Source is linked in the original post. All the source is licensed. If you request a feature then we can more than likely add it.

    It is a mistake. It I not supposed to show for customdb. It is on the to do list for the next version.

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  16. can you add an option to kick unregistred users and show a message like "Register on website before joining : URL" ?
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    Could probably do that. You don't want them registering in-game?
  18. website register system send email validation, create some useful data on mysql (i use a LOT mysql) ..., i can't do that with the plugin. i'm more free with my own system, the only part i use is the login (wich works well ;))

    also : a lot of informations for new users are on the site, and often players come in the game BEFORE reading the site, and ask common questions that we are tired of answering.

    i hope my post was clear :3
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    can you some new commands?
    i think they shouldnt be hard to make
    The first is /logout(best would be to auto-logout on disconnect)
    The second ist /changepass <old one> <new one>
    And than i would like to have an options that only admins can register new members
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    The first 2 commands you mentioned are already planned.
    The second will probably be related to permissions later.
  21. any idea of the release date of the next version ?
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    When Contex finishes work on it after he gets back from his time away. Probably around the end of the month.
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    I'm waiting with many interest your plugin :)

    Actually testing it and I see the welcome message of your plugin appair to the top of the chat, before the welcome message of Essentials, so, many people don't see it ... :/
    Can you put this message at the bottom of the login text please ?
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    You could just reword our messages or disable the Essentials welcome message.
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    I can't disable Essentials's welcome message, it contain many important information, and if I reword the message of your plugin that's will still up :(

    I'm the only one annoyed by that ?

    Anyway I still waiting after your 2.2.1 version ;) Keep the good work ;)
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    Ah, well I remember a spot where you could customize it in Essentials, so removing that message may disable it and I think there is a way to disable it still by commenting out that setting.
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    I forgot to add... if you set the session time to 0, then they will have to login again if they disconnect. So essentially, they are logging out automatically.
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    Sorry for late answer but thanks a lot. Work perfectly now ;)
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    What I can do if player's invertory lost, when server stops (with "stop" command too) or restart?
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    Did the player register and login? Are you using any other backpack plugins?
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    Players login from vBulletin database. AuthDB registration is disabled.
    No, i didn't use any other backpack plugins.
    But every time when I restart my server some players complain that their invertory is lost.

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