Inactive [ADMN/SEC] AuthDB v2.3.6 - Database authentication and protection [1.1-1.4.5]

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    In order to centralize support of our legacy projects, we will no longer be providing support on Bukkit. Please use for support with our projects going forward.
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    By default, the guest options in AuthDB config.yml are all false. So guests shouldn't be able to do anything until they register. Any of these you set to true, will allow guests/unregistered players to perform those actions. You should be able to set default group as Builder, then once they have register they can build.
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    ok thx u very much for this help, i will try it later when my server goes online
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    If you need any kind of help do not hesitate to ask :)
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    YES! IPB 3.1.x support! Thanks a lot! xD
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    Do everyone know a way that a guest dont must type the E-mail?
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    Are you wanting to use it with a custom database table? It's needed for forum scripts. We could probably add an option to disable the email if you'd like for use with custom database tables.
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    Jonathan Bloom

    I'm having an issue with 733 and 2.2.0.

    When I first start up AuthDB it does what it's supposed to, restrict access on database connection error. But when I put in the correct information, it refuses to start.

    Is my issue that I'm running XenForo 1.0.1? I can't downgrade to 1.0.0 at this point, is there an update planned? This plugin is crucial to my server.
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    Was a bit confused when installing because og the Version in Name but: All right with 733 - you can change this in Title
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    Do you get ANY type of warnings in the console? Could you set debugmode to true (debugmode: true) and see what it says. I do not think XenForo changed their encryption from 1.0.0 to 1.0.1, but I will check once I have time. Have you tried to set your script version to 1.0.0 in the config?

    We haven not fully tested the plugin for build # 733 yet, some laggy servers may have a "teleportation autoban" problem due to the blocking of the movement of the player. However, we will test #733 asap, and if everything goes well; we will change the RB to 733.

    Thanks for reporting!
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    Did you miss or add a space somewhere and is now giving you yaml errors?
    There was an issue with CraftBukkit builds for 1.5 as Minecraft 1.5 added anti-flying protection. This resulted in people getting kicked when they were trying to login/register with AuthDB because the server thinks they are flying due to them being stuck in the air sometimes before login/register.

    It more than likely works already. I haven't tried 4.0.2, but if you want to risk it you can try it yourself. ;)
    The versions we list as only the versions we have tested ourselves or know nothing has changed in so wherefore we know they work.

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    Jonathan Bloom

    It's not giving me any errors at all and I don't see any YAML errors. When I add the correct info, AuthDB refuses to show up in the console.
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    Are you sure it's in the plugins folder? :p
    There should be some messages in the console still unless the jar wasn't downloaded completely. How did you download it?
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    Jonathan Bloom

    I downloaded it from the link in the main post.

    I know it's in the plugin folder, because when I first start it up, it gives me a Database Connection error ingame. When I modify the config.yml and restart and/or reload, it doesn't show up at all. I only have access to MCMA's console, not the server shell console.
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    Ah, well, when you said you couldn't see that it was loading at all...
    We solved this over IRC. The config editor was removing the escaping character \ for : and turning \\ into " in the config.yml.
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    Hey contex, is it possible for you to provide vbulletin 4.0.2 support aswell? I would really love to use this for my server but it's not compatible :(
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    I don't have enough time to browse trough the posts right now, my question is simply: does it support cb733 yet?
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    It works if that is what you are asking. Players will get kicked if allow-flying=false in It's noted further in Known Issues.
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    It seems to be using the default database name "minecraft_forum".

    Are you sure that you saved your config or if you have the config placed somewhere else?
    If that doesn't work, would you mind turning debugmode to true, "debugmode: true", and then paste the logs again.

    Thank you !
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    Your auth plugin is best :)

    What about adding a protect-names option?
    I have turned on the ability to login with different names in-game and on the forum.
    And every user can login with stranger username. For example:
    In-game nickname - Johnny
    I can register on forum, change game nickname to Johnny, and play with his name. Obviously, if Johny have an OP permission, I can use it to grief.

    So, it's a serious problem, because a lots of users have different names on forum and in game, and renaming all accounts is very difficult.
    I suggest add an ability to protect OP's names, or list of users. And make impossible to login with /login username password, for this list of users.

    Better solution - protect users, whose ingame nick and forum name is match. (Check the matches in DB)
    Johnny joined the game
    (Check mySQL DB. Name Johnny is exist in DB)
    Enter the password for Johnny, or go away. :)

    It would be cool.

    And how can i change the default AuthDB message. I find where I can change messages, but 1'st message (Hello %uname%, please /login) is not editable (At least in recently versions) I would be glad if you make it changable.

    And sorry for my bad English.. :)

    UPD: Sorry, seems I find all what I need :) I will try the /link option
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    AuthDB already does all of what you are talking about. Registered usernames are protected and required to login. Guests are restricted to whatever you limit them to before they register.

    Users have to login if the name they are logged in as is already registered on the forum. You can link a forum username to the game username too using /link and then they can login with that.

    The welcome message can be edited in messages.yml.

        default: "<yellow>Welcome back <white>{PLAYER}<yellow>! Please use /login <password>"
        prompt: "Auth<lightblue>DB <lightgray>> <white>Welcome <lightblue>{PLAYER}<white>! Please enter your password:"
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    Thanks for quick response, and sorry for my inattention.
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    No problem. There are links in the original post for more documentation of each part of the configuration and such.
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    Did you already create the database table users and the required fields or are you using a script? If you are using a script, then you need to make sure your prefix matches to what that script was installed with. For example, prefix: phpbb_

    AuthDB does not automatically create the table and fields when using a custom database. You would have to create those yourself if customdb: enabled: true is set.
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    I have a few questions. To start off, I'm new to this plugin and was wondering, do you have to have a forum to be able to run this plugin? If not, can you tell me how to fix this error please "<rose>Database connection failed! Access is denied! Contact admin." I'm running the server off my computer if that helps
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    You do not have to use a forum, but you would need to setup your custom database yourself. If you are being denied access, then you are either using an incorrect login or you are not allowed remote access to your MySQL server. Do you even have a MySQL server and the information in config.yml?
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    No I do not, where do I get the SQL server?
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    You are better off using a hosted solution rather than setting it up yourself if you don't know what you are doing. There are plenty of documentation on Google and video tutorials on YouTube.

    AuthDB is made mainly for forums and such and is easiest to setup with those. If you do not need a database auth system, then there are local auth plugins as well.
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    enabled: false - will tinker around with it more, once i get vbulletin set up

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