Inactive [ADMN/SEC] AuthDB v2.3.6 - Database authentication and protection [1.1-1.4.5]

Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by CraftFire, Mar 13, 2011.

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    In order to centralize support of our legacy projects, we will no longer be providing support on Bukkit. Please use for support with our projects going forward.
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    Ah thanks that works :)
    I thought that option was only to kick people when they do not LOGIN in 30 sec. So changing it to false works perfect.
    About the cache also my mistake i changed my password and i couldn't login but that was just because i forget to save ^^ so it will be fine like this :p
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    Glad you figured it out :)
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    Jonathan Bloom

    EssentialsGM + GroupBridge

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    annnnd the list is for?
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    Are you using AuthDB 2.1.5?

    Cause I asked him?
    "Could you give me the whole list of plugins you have, there could be some plugins interfering with our plugin."
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    Ah, I missed that. I looked around to see what it was in reply to, but still missed it!
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    I use this :
    authdb : 2.1.1
    bukkit : Craftbukkit version git-Zidonuke-1337 (MC: 1.3)

    (see here, it's used to allow 1.4 client without updating the server... The mod Towny is not update :( )

    The user can't log in, but he use admin account. And he can use all the worldedit command who start with //

    The "bad guys" just connect to the server do //fill 10 100000000000 10000000 and this crash the server...

    I will try to update my server, and I hope that the new version can handle this special command (with the //)

    All regular command with only one / are blocked very well.

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    First of all, you are running an old version (newest is 2.1.5), and the newest version had alot of those bugs fixed.
    Also, that build by Zidonuke was just scam, read this post: It is not recommended at all.

    Also the // commands should be fixed for 2.1.5, could you update to the newest build and newest plugin version?
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    Yep, I will try to update tonight or tomorrow...
    And when I have update all my component I will come back to you
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    If you still have problems then, post your config and what your problem is so we can help you fix it ASAP :)
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    Jonathan Bloom

    I should be using 2.1.5? I thought 617 didn't work with 2.1.5.
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    It seems that on SMF (RC5) passwords with a CAPITAL letter does NOT work.
    "Testtest", "testTest", "TESTTEST" all FAIL (incorrect password) please look into this a lot of users have problems with it.
    (oh well i assume this isn't something in my config but really a plugin error)
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    Mmm, there is only one major change, inventory, but that should also work for 617. I will test it the first thing in the morning.

    That is indeed a plugin error, will test it the first thing in the morning.

    Thanks for reporting!
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    ok, now I have all the last version (bukkit, your mod) and no more problem now :)
    All is blocked without any problem :D

    Thank you very much !
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    Hello there,

    Bug Reporting:

    Same Error while User registration on our Forum ( MyBB ) and try to login on the Gameserver.
    All new registered Users befor an Serverrestart became the message " Welcome Guest".

    #CB 670
    #AuthDB 2.1.5

    a part of my config:

        debugmode: false
        usagestats: true
        driver: mysql
        host: localhost
        port: 3306
        username: soul....
        password: 4....
        name: pixel_2
        prefix: mybb_
        name: MyBB
        version: 1.6
        enabled: false
        table: users
        userfield: username
        passfield: password
        emailfield: email
        encryption: md5
        enabled: false
        force: true
        method: prompt
        kick: false
        time: minutes
        length: 30
        time: seconds
        length: 300
        kick: true
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    Hey! I found a typo!
    21:00:47 [INFO] [AuthDB] Time difference: 1, caneling damage.
    21:00:48 [INFO] [AuthDB] Time difference: 2, caneling damage.
    21:00:49 [INFO] [AuthDB] Time difference: 3, caneling damage.
    21:00:50 [INFO] [AuthDB] Time difference: 4, caneling damage.
    21:00:50 [INFO] [AuthDB] Time difference: 4, caneling damage.
    It's "cancelling damage"

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    or "canceling" ;) ... and I blame Contex! :p
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    I quote from this forum (
    Canceling and similar single letter variations of words we spell with double letters, are noticeable, but acceptable if consistently used in text from an obviously non-BE source. It's just like other AE/BE spelling variants. In text from the UK part of an AE-speaking organisation, though, I would expect the BE spelling to be used.
    Cancelling is BE and canceling is AE. 
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    Si si, inglies? Hablos espanol?

    I will fix it for the next version, thanks for reporting!
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    tested already? it's really annoying for my users.
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    So I've been kind of frustrated lately, as I'm setting up a server that I am rather proud of, I ran into a problem with multi-world. If I leave a world and enter another, I still have my items, therefore I can't set up portals for other members. Now, I've seen how you remove and store items, is it possible to do the same thing when you leave a world and enter another? world_name_inv, as you enter the world again you'll receive your items in the other world again.

    I would love it if you did this, as I haven't found any other solution than setting up two servers and have portals to travel trough them, which I'd rather not considering I only have a VPS with 6GB(8GB burst tho) RAM, I know that my server can handle about 60 players without lag, and I don't want to change that.

    Anyways, thanks for this great plugin, I couldn't "live" without it!
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    One of players on the server enters with an empty name. Not with a gap, namely empty. In a log it isn't present - only IP, in logblock it too isn't present - emptiness. Repeat such I couldn't. Can be to add in a config the list of the allowed characters?
    Один из игроков на сервере каким то образом входит с пустым именем. Не с пробелом, а именно пустым. В логе его нет - только IP, в logblock его тоже нет - пустота. Повторить такое я не смог. Может быть добавить в конфиг список разрешенных символов? (goodcharacter)

    craftbukkit 617
    authdb 2.1.5
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    There is no config list of allowed characters. The plugin only has a bad characters list and a player name whitelist. They aren't using any characters when their name is blank/empty, but we might be able to do something to block blank/empty names, if that is what you want.

    Существует не конфигурационный список разрешенных символов. Плагин имеет только плохие список символов и белый список имя игрока. Они не используют каких-либо символов, когда их имя пустое / пуст, но мы могли бы сделать что-то блокировать пустой / пустые названия, если это то, что вы хотите.
    Sorry about the delay, we've both been occupied with other things the past few days. An update will be released soon.
  26. there is a big problem with authDB, it seem to cache data and if you register on site during runtime you can't login on the server without reloading config or restarting the server.

    can you add an option to disable caching in config ? or fix that.
    i really need a fix :x
    thank you.
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    Are you using 2.1.5?
  28. good question, i'll check.

    EDIT: Yep i'm on the 2.1.5 / CB 670
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    It should've been fixed in 2.1.5, we're going to check that and fix it for 2.2.0, thanks for reporting!!
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    Don Redhorse

    hmm would it (or is it already) possible to let authdb only kick in if the server is in offline mode or better when authentication is down?

    I would like to use it as a failback OR if that isn't possible let users without authentication only run around.. (but I think that is already implemented or?)

    BTW: is it possible to put users into specific permission groups based on groups on the forum?
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    I've thought of the possibility of an option for falling back to AuthDB only when is down, but not sure how high that would be on our list. Being as the is what controls the verify-names and online-mode, I am not sure how it would allow any users who haven't authed through launcher if you have those options enabled.

    A better option, might be to just allow users who authed through launcher to be automatically logged in instead of having to /login again. This is the better idea I think.

    We will be adding group features in an upcoming release.

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