[ADMN/SEC] AntiCheat v1.5.8 - Protect your server from hackers & cheaters [1.5.2-R2.0]

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    AntiCheat helps server admins easily identify and block malicious users by monitoring and analyzing the behavior of your players. AntiCheat will look for tell-tale signs of hacked clients, as well as implement limits into the game so that players cannot gain an advantage by hacking. New features and bugfixes are typically added daily.
    [​IMG] Download latest version
    [​IMG] GitHub repository (Source code)
    [​IMG] Configuration
    [​IMG] Information/How to use
    [​IMG] Permissions
    [​IMG] Q&A
    [​IMG] API Documentation (How to make your plugin compatible with AntiCheat)
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    In the current version, 1.3.6, using CB 1.3.2 0.1, players get stuck on slabs and stairs. It just freezes them there.
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    Tried newest dev build?
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    Yes, but that build won't let players break blocks at all unless you add
    - anticheat.check.noswing

    I've also had to add
    - anticheat.check.fasteat
    due to issues with players not being able to eat properly
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    I got some problem, i got some problem i get this error:

    22.09 21:14:44 [Server] WARNING [PermissionsEx] Reinjecting all permissibles
    22.09 21:14:44 [Server] WARNING [PermissionsEx] Can't obtain PermissionsEx instance

    I also have others problem, player get kicked for flyhack when they are using a dragon (i have dragontravel plugin). I also have player which has been kicked for instant eat (melon) and kicked for fly when they are jump with lag :S is it possible do something?

    Note: i found that watherwalk, forcefield from nodus are working perfectly :|
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    I don't understand why you are posting that here, it clearly has nothing to do with AntiCheat. Don't use PEX = problem solved, anyway.

    The developer needs to implement our API, we don't internally build in exceptions for certain things, that's just crazy.
    I would need a lot, lot more information, probably a bug report on bugs.h31ix.net

    "waterwalk" is blocked from Nodus, forcefield is a different issue that's harder to block until a visual check is implemented.
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    ok i will use bPermission so :| btw, i told to dragontravel dev what you said:

    his answer: He needs a maven-repo with AntiCheat in it, then I can build AntiCheat support

    about a bug report, i will do it as soon as possible reactivate anticheat here :/ and btw, i tested wather walk and seems works...
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    I've been having problem with Snowballs and Bottle O' Enchanting. Using them quickly isn't speed hacking but Anti-Cheat acts like it is and will kick people on the server who are using those. Is there anything I can do for that or any commands I can use?
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    http://bugs.h31ix.net/ please.
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    Hey folks,

    i have a question regarding the "Xray-Logging"-Feature.
    I run AntiCheat since 2 months on our Server and i turned "Log xray stats" to true in the config.
    But every time i submit a "/anticheat xray" it tells me, that there are "insufficient data" for every player!
    Then I tried to find the stats manually in the AntiCheat-Plugin-Folder. But there isnt any DB or flat-file containing these stats. Where is the data stored???

    Thx for Help!

    Answer: AntiCheat is saving the xray-stats just in runtime. The info isn't stored to disc. You can receive the player-stats after he mined a while.

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    Correct, values are stored in memory and cleared when the plugin reloads. I can look into adding these to a flatfile if you'd like, but that means if someone turned on xray very recently, you would have no idea due to their clean past.

    np98765 and others:
    The latest dev build (http://ci.h31ix.net/job/AntiCheat/300/) contains the long-awaited magic number configuration.

    This means if you are having trouble with your system, you can open it up and configure all of the values that AntiCheat uses to evaluate whether a user is hacking or not to however you like. Tools to automate this process will be coming shortly.

    Documentation: http://gravitydevelopment.net/docs/anticheat/net/h31ix/anticheat/util/Magic.html

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    how can i make it stop saying This Player have enter the high hack levels is spamming the chat
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    possible to add a command that reloads the plugin or just the new magic config? So changes can be made on the fly without restarting the server.

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    Already exists: /anticheat reload

    Version 1.3.7 has been posted.

    Updates (open)

    - Minor release build -
    AntiCheat v1.3.7 is a bugfix and new features build.
    • Fixed wrong player name showing up in reports
    • Fixed VClip check to ignore non-solid blocks
    • Fixed logging to console/file
    • Fixed instances of NoSwing false-positives
    • Fixed high alert messages not formatting properly
    • Fixed bow check to be more accurate and have less false-positives
    • Added checking for damage without looking at an Entity to Forcefield check.
    • Added magic number configuration file, for configuring check values.
    • Added optional automatic op exemption from checks.
    • Increased eat time allowance
    • Removed mcMMO jar dependency (still is compatible)
    • Changed all remaining checks that use the scheduler to use system time evaluation instead (decreases lag and improves accuracy of checks)
    • Now saves configuration files with comments in them
    • Builds on the newest RB (1.3.2-R1.0)

    Version 1.3.8 is a post-release bugfix.

    Updates (open)

    - Minor release build -
    AntiCheat v1.3.8 is a bugfix build
    • Fixed items not able to drop properly
    • Fixed new magic.yml values not being added properly

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    Love this plugin, is it possible to make all violations disappear after a set period of time? I get the odd accidental one because of lag and would like to only catch users who are using a lot of hacks. Thank you!
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    If you want to report something, I'm going to need a lot more detail than that.
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    is not your plugin sorry
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    Player's levels are decreased slowly overtime if they demonstrate good behavior.
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    Ah okay, could you expand on that? What counts as good behaviour? How long does the process take? Thanks :)
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    Basically, whenever you DON'T fail a check, those are taken into account and after a certain time of not failing checks your actual level will be decreased. I think the ratio I set for decreases to increase is 3:1, meaning it takes 3 good checks to level out 1 bad check.
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    hello, I'm using your plugin Anticheat and I tried to put on a world anticheat.check.zombe.fly but it applies to all the world (nether, end, world) how to apply it on the world: world?

    PS: I'm french sorry if my translation is wrong

    only in a world: world*

    Thanks you. :)

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    Use your permission system to assign a permission in only one world. You need to find instructions on how to do that specific to the permission system you use.
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    My server uses drugs in the game, but the plugin "anti-cheat" prevents the proper use of drugs

    plugin name : DrugMeUp

    you have a solution?

    sorry for my bad english..
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    The plugin needs to implement our API if they want it to be compatible.
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    How does the magic.yml file work? I don't understand it and I couldn't find something about it...
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    Did you read the comments on the top of it...?
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    This plugin is good and was the only solution but it had its fair share of problems, its fast placing is not accurate at all, Humans can click fast and many of my players including the other admins kept running into problems like running and jumping etc however it is good, I'm not sure how it compares to NC+ I will try NC+ for a while
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    Whenever one of the players in my server gets kicked for hacking all other members are notified via chat box . Is there anyway I can change the config or is there a command so that my members don't see when someone is hacking?
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    Set the kick message to ''
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    This is the config.

    # AntiCheat configuration file
    # Please report any bugs: http://dev.bukkit.org/server-mods/anticheat/
    # Should AntiCheat use calculations to try and find xrayers?
    Log xray stats: true
    # Should a warning be sent to admins when a person is found that could be xraying?
    Alert when xray is found: true
    # Should players in creative mode be tracked for possible xray usage?
    Track creative: true
    Level Medium: WARN
    Level High: KICK
    # How many warnings should the player get before entering medium?
    Medium threshold: 20
    # How many warnings should the player get before entering high?
    High threshold: 50
    # Turning auto-update off is a _BAD_ idea. You will no longer be protected by the latest hacks/cheats if you do so, and will have to update manually.
    Auto update: true
    Log to console: true
    # Should AntiCheat log to files?
    File log level: 1
    # Should AntiCheat display extra debug information when starting?
    Verbose startup: false
    # If silent mode is on, players will not be stopped when they try to hack, and AntiCheat will do everything possible to keep them unaware of their rising hack level.
    Silent mode: false
    # Should ops be exempt from all checks?
    Exempt op: false
    # Should AntiCheat block players spamming messages in chat?
    Kick Action: KICK
    Ban Action: BAN
    # Events occur when a player's hack level changes. You may configure reactions to these events here.
    Block chat spam: true
    # Should AntiCheat block players spamming commands in chat?
    Block command spam: false
    # Valid actions = NONE,KICK,BAN,COMMAND[command]
    Disable in:
    - example-world
    - example-world-2
    And there is also the magic.yml but has nothing about messages either.

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