[ADMN/SEC] AntiCheat v1.5.8 - Protect your server from hackers & cheaters [1.5.2-R2.0]

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    AntiCheat helps server admins easily identify and block malicious users by monitoring and analyzing the behavior of your players. AntiCheat will look for tell-tale signs of hacked clients, as well as implement limits into the game so that players cannot gain an advantage by hacking. New features and bugfixes are typically added daily.
    [​IMG] Download latest version
    [​IMG] GitHub repository (Source code)
    [​IMG] Configuration
    [​IMG] Information/How to use
    [​IMG] Permissions
    [​IMG] Q&A
    [​IMG] API Documentation (How to make your plugin compatible with AntiCheat)
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    It doesn't automatically detect hacked clients; that's impossible. But it will detect most of the hacks from nodus.
    The xray statistics can help you find people who might be xraying.
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    So what makes this better than the alternative NoCheat+?

    I currently run NCP and from what I can tell it has covered all the areas that hacked clients like to exploit. Please tell what features of your plugin make it better than NCP as I wish to have maximum security against griefers on my server
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    I have a permissions problem...
    Despite the addition of anticheat.admin permission to the group owner, we are always concerned by the restrictions.
    I use PermissionsBukkit.
    Help me please !
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    anticheat.admin does not exempt you from checks, only gives you system access to commands and stuff.
    If you want to be exempted from checks, use anticheat.check.exempt
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    Hey h31ix AntiCheat banned a player but his name didn't snow up in the banned-players folder. Do the names that got banned by AntiCheat show up in a different folder?
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    If you are using BAN as an event, it will be added to Minecraft's banned-players.txt file, if you are using another system with COMMAND[(execute ban command from another ban system here)] it won't use Minecraft's built in ban system, and will not show up in banned-players.
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    i guy is DOSing my server this plugin worked the first time. but not the second time. why this is what i did
    PuneyWhiteBoy: tried to DOS the server
    Antihack: stoped the hack
    rektok: banned PuneyWhiteBoy
    Server: it worked for a little bit
    PuneyWhiteBoy: tried again and it worked.

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    AntiCheat doesn't stop DDoS' lol.
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    Can you somehow put a stop for nodus session stealer? its screwing up my server =//
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    i love your plugin! Theres literally nothing wrong with it :D and it fits everything i need!
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    Is it just me or does this plugin use an insane amount of CPU usage? Is there anyway to decrease the cheat sensitivity so it can lower the CPU usage?
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    Live or Die

    i used to have nocheat+ and switched it to this plugin and i am very pleased, great job :)
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    I have had anticheat on my server for 3 days and each day it resets the /anticheat report, why is that?
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    I like this plugin a lot but I think the anti-spammer is a bit too sensitive. Overall an awesome plugin though.

    Yes, tell your admins to stop going on the servers of strange people they don't know.

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    Hey H3lix,

    I've turned on your X-ray and noticed that it is really sensitive. Not sure if people have made this recommendation yet but maybe you could raise the X-ray level if the concentration of Diamond is higher to other ores, and that the percentage is increasing rapidly. Maybe also keep track of if the player constantly gets flagged? Not sure just some food for thought for you. The thought process behind making plugins just fascinates me. Rambling aside.

    Good work
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    Why is there not a bypass for OPs? I fly around and it tells me that I'm hacking.
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    Give yourself anticheat.check.exempt
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    what are the commands for this plugin?
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    Just type /anticheat help
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    Does this plugin use a lot of CPU? I've noticed the CPU on my server fluctuates a lot, and all I'm running on it outside of Anticheat is Factions, Essentials,WorldGuard/Edit, and LWC - which to my knowledge, aren't CPU intensive plugins.

    The RAM usage plateaus pretty low usually, and actually goes down as the server stays up longer (wierd?), but the CPU always seems to bounce around when there's players.
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    It really shouldn't. But hell, you never know, each system is different. Try removing AntiCheat and see what happens I guess.
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    Well I use NoCheatPlus and i love it! I just wish it had something to Insta-Kick or -Insta-Ban a Player after detecting a large number of warnings from them. Although I love NoCheatPlus Their are a few things AntiCheat detects that NoCheatPlus doesent for example step. I still want to keep NoCheatPlus though. So if I had This plugin, AntiCheat and NoCheatPlus both on my server for MAX detection would their be any issues. Because some plugins that do the same things dont work well together. So if you could get me a answer as soon as possable that would be nice :D
    Thanks - clange0808
    'A player that really cares about server securety''
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    This is awesome! Better than Nocheatplus :D Good job man. If my server starts getting some donations ill be sure to donate because ive been getting hacked alot less now thanks to you :D
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    Thank you, but don't worry about donations, I'm not in it for the cash.
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    does AC even autoupdate?
    today i had a guy who was able to use Nuker and
    another guy who had Aimbot and speedhack

    using AntiCheat v1.3.3


    and someone today flied -.-
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    I can confirm that anticheat really doesn't impact CPU or RAM much whatsoever, what we were encountering at the time was simply a bad server host.

    Thanks for the plugin!
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    Quick little issue I'm having. AM is blocking Admins from using speed and such... I tried looking up and enabling the permissions but it didn't fix the problem. Tips? (Mind you, I'm not very good at permissions, so I may have done something wrong...)

    This is what it currently is set up as:
                permissions.*: true
                anticheat.admin: true
                anticheat.check.exempt: true
            - admin
    Thanks in advance.

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