[ADMN/SEC] AntiCheat v1.5.8 - Protect your server from hackers & cheaters [1.5.2-R2.0]

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    AntiCheat helps server admins easily identify and block malicious users by monitoring and analyzing the behavior of your players. AntiCheat will look for tell-tale signs of hacked clients, as well as implement limits into the game so that players cannot gain an advantage by hacking. New features and bugfixes are typically added daily.
    [​IMG] Download latest version
    [​IMG] GitHub repository (Source code)
    [​IMG] Configuration
    [​IMG] Information/How to use
    [​IMG] Permissions
    [​IMG] Q&A
    [​IMG] API Documentation (How to make your plugin compatible with AntiCheat)
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    I love this plugin its working great on my server.:)

    I do have a question for you. :cool:

    I like to let a few of my players use gamemode 1 to build large projects.

    Unfortunatly if they log out befor i can change ther gamemode back to 0

    then when they log back in they are automatickly in gamemode 1.

    This could become dangerouse if I am not around to turn ther gamemode 1 back to 0

    Is ther any way you could build something into your code so that when people log in that they
    are automatickly set to gamemode 0 ?

    Or is ther a way that I could change ther gamemode when they are ofline. ?

    Any of the two would help. :)

    I have looked around the net and I am not the only one with this problem.

    It would be great if you could help. :)

    Thanks for your great plugin and your hard work.

    All the best J & A :)
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    Great plugin :) thanks
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    Thanks for the feedback, but that really doesn't have anything to do with cheating, that'a a choice of you, the server admin, and if you don't trust people don't give them creative. Likewise, if people abuse it, you know you can't trust them so you shouldn't give it to them. That kind of feature may be appropriate for more "server security" based plugin, but it won't be a feature here.
    You are using an older version, please use the latest dev build. http://ci.h31ix.net/job/AntiCheat/
    Thank you :)
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    I have downloaded the last build... And i have added Anticheat.bypass for me and the other's and it dont work... I add it in groupmanager... every other permissions i have added works... so please explain..??? :p
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    Make sure you are using the newest dev build, 1.1 doesn't have anticheat.exempt
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    omfg.. the latest build is 1.1... I'm trying the latest build witch is 139.... and why do you say something about anticheat.exempt... is it that or anticheat.bypass that LET YOU BYPASS ALL THE cheat's checks...
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    Version 1.2 is now online.

    Updates (open)

    AntiCheat v1.2 is a bugfix and new feature build.
    • This build does not require immediate action, but might be preferred sooner rather than later among mcMMO users, as it contains a compatability fix with this plugin.
    • AntiCheat v1.2 is 10.8 kB larger than the previous version (1.1) with a total size of 72.0 kB.
    • AntiCheat v1.2's changes span across dev builds #104-#142.

    • Fixed Sneaking while flying causing issues
    • Fixed Y-axis flying
    • Fixed false-positive with running & jumping into water
    • Fixed users being able to jump on water as if it was solid while using cheats
    • Fixed packet-based fastbreak system
    • Fixed usage of stale player references that could potentially cause issues
    • Fixed false-positive when players run and then abrubtly sneak
    • Fixed false-positive when using dig-speed enchantment
    • Fixed false-positive that was a result of not listning to other plugins that modified instant break data, these plugins are now compatible
    • Fixed false-positive when players would teleport as a result of a plugin (/home,/spawn) or by ender pearl
    • Fixed false-positive when using speed potions
    • Fixed mcMMO compatability (instant break and tree feller abilities) (Note that an UP-TO-DATE version of mcMMO is required for this fix. At the time of this build, mcMMO-1.3.08 and higher is recommended.)
    • Individual player reports & tracking
    • Warnings now stored in log files with optional logging levels
    • Added anticheat.exempt permission to exempt a player from all checks
    • Added longreach check to interacting with objects
    • Builds on the newest Craftbukkit/Bukkit Recommended Build (1.2.5-R3.0)
    • Flying test now works without testing if the player is in flymode, so even flying players cant speedhack
    • Improved fastplace-fastbreak check that also works in creative mode
    • Better usage of the proper Java rules and standards in our code
    • Much better logging options
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    yeah, thanks man:D it works now, and the bug with yx-flying thing... i found out that it was bugged in 1.1... and stood that 1.2 it was fixed so that is very good :)
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    Thanks for this plugin, its rly good :)
    question: how can i add a tempban to high level alert?

    Level High: COMMAND[tempban <???> <Reason>] ?
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    You need a plugin that can tempban people, then just put the command to tempban them that that plugin uses in the brackets.
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    Livin in a box

    I have the plugin installed but it seems to be ignoring my permissions. I'm using 1.2.1 and the latest PermissionsBukkit build with SuperPerms bridge and I have anticheat.admin: true but I can't use any commands because it tells me that I have insufficient permissions. Any idea what's wrong?

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    Does it work with OP? Does it work with anticheat.*?
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    Livin in a box

    Yeah, it's working with OP but not with anticheat.* for some reason, leading me to think that it has something to do with permissions :/
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    Yeah that sounds more on your end..
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    Livin in a box

    Hmm, any ideas on what might be preventing it from working?
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    Well, I've tested it on both PEX and bPermissions and it works fine; AntiCheat uses SuperPerms, so any plugin that also hooks into SuperPerms will work with it. I'm not too sure about PermissionsBukkit, I've never legitimately given it a try.
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    Livin in a box

    I suppose if it was a problem other people would have reported it too...I'll have to have a mess around. Thanks anyway, I'll report back if I fix it! :)
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    have you done an update the last few days ?

    stargate was working great, now it says sometimes that people are trying to fly when they go through the stargate and it sends them underground below the gate wher they then die.

    It says somthing like: "You have been detected trying to fly on the y access hacking is not allowed on this server wait 5s

    But they die underground bie suferkating before they can get out.


    Link: http://forums.bukkit.org/threads/unsupported-tp-stargate-v0-6-10-the-bukkit-port-a-portal-plugin-1317.3927/

    can you help ?

    It might be a good idea to give us some controle over diffrernt settings : EG

    If I could manualy change fly sensitivity down a littel it might be ok.

    The only other option I have is to allow fly using permitions. :-(

    All the best J&R
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    When cutting leaves with shears, you destroy blocks very quickly. Anticheat interprets this as fast-destroy hacks being used and kicks the shearer for hacking.
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    Is this compatable with Nocheat+? because i just tried this out it with fast place and it does the damage but kicks them.
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  25. When my players use double W Anticheat kicks them for using zombies fly mod and there is something weird with hunger, it goes down but when it is 0 heart isnt falling.
    Am i doing something wrong or is it the plugin fault?
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    Errr... That doesn't sound right at all.. what version are you using?
  27. I'am using 1.2.1
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    I heard a few people say they get teleported underground when they use a stargate. Thing is, is that this is not just with startgate, its with all teleportation. My players use /tpa and /spawn and the have the same issue as the people using stargates
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    This issue is on our radar, we're looking into it ;)
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    There is a bug, which when you come up with a wagon on a hill very fast up the server will kick by a hack abuse

    My native laguage is Spanish. Sorry for my English.
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    AntiCheat v1.3 is now online.

    Updates (open)

    AntiCheat v1.3 is a bugfix and new feature build.
    • This build does not require immediate action.
    • AntiCheat v1.3 is 5.3 kB larger than the previous major version (1.2) with a total size of 77.4 kB.
    • AntiCheat v1.3's changes span across dev builds #143-#171.

    • Fixed teleportation causing y-axis false-positives
    • Fixed TnT breakage causing fastbreak false-positives
    • Fixed Giga Drill (mcMMO) causing fastbreak false-positives
    • Fixed water, ladder, minecart, and vine related ascension problems
    • Fixed noswing false-positives when breaking large amounts of blocks in creative
    • Fixed spam bugs that were preventing command spamming from getting recognized
    • Multilingual capability through addition of lang.yml
    • Build number added to dev builds
    • Added ascension check to stop players from rising into the air
    • Builds on the newest Craftbukkit/Bukkit Recommended Build (1.2.5-R4.0)
    • Plugins that modify player move data are now ignored to avoid conflicts
    • Console warnings are now logged as INFO and not as SEVERE
    • File logs are now stored in /log/anticheat.log

    Your issue should be fixed in this build, in the future please use the issue tracker.

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