[ADMN/SEC] AntiCheat v1.5.8 - Protect your server from hackers & cheaters [1.5.2-R2.0]

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    AntiCheat helps server admins easily identify and block malicious users by monitoring and analyzing the behavior of your players. AntiCheat will look for tell-tale signs of hacked clients, as well as implement limits into the game so that players cannot gain an advantage by hacking. New features and bugfixes are typically added daily.
    [​IMG] Download latest version
    [​IMG] GitHub repository (Source code)
    [​IMG] Configuration
    [​IMG] Information/How to use
    [​IMG] Permissions
    [​IMG] Q&A
    [​IMG] API Documentation (How to make your plugin compatible with AntiCheat)
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    Interesting, what does this plugin have to offer that nocheat+ doesn't? (I did read the Links before posting)
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    You might want to refer to my Q&A section here, I have an explanation as to why I decided to go this route. Although I have only just posted it, AntiCheat has been in development for a little less than a month, and has already gone through 2 major versions, over 90 updates, and over 80 builds before being released today, so it's not just a budding project.

    My intent with AntiCheat was to make server protection simpler and less ominous, while still allowing admins to have a powerful system to keep their server secure with, and so they can sleep at night. It provides seamless auto-updating to keep you clear of the newest hacks/exploits and bugs, it has a simple classification system which gives admins easy access to AntiCheat data without arbitrary numbers popping up everywhere, it's configuration is only optional, meaning you have a drag+drop experience for the most part, it offers insight to xray statistics, which allows you to receive early warning about who on your server might be using xray, and new features are quite literally added daily.

    It also has a pretty nice API that's as simple as adding one line of code to your plugin to make it compatible with AntiCheat (in case you have made a plugin that modifies player speed or other things that could be considered "hacks", most plugins wont need to even know about the API.) I could go on, but you can read more about it on the features and information sections of BukkitDev.

    From what I and others have seen, it is faster and lighter than NoCheat (which makes sense, considering it's newer and has less content) but still manages to block about 95% of the hacks that I have been able to find, and renders most of the rest fairly useless.
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    Very nice plugin. Thanks!
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    Very nice explanation, I'm definitely going to use it over NoCheat+. I noticed this plugin has a very nice looking API, which I'll again definitely use. Any donation links by chance?
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    There is one in the upper right hand corner of the BukkitDev page, but make sure you don't feel like you have to donate, I work for fun and for knowledge, not for money :)
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    Well after looking at the code for a little bit I decided that your coding has reflected your overall knowledge on how to prevent and efficiently rid of a bug, hack, or glitch. Plus it's really clean, which I admire from anyone. I'm glad you don't work for money, I'm in full support, but again I feel that through your learning and fun you've earned an incentive. Think of it as a token of thanks rather than a donation :)
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    Looks Great! Will install ASAP on my server and report back with any bugs or anything that doesn't seem to work right.
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    WHAT IS THE NAME OF THE SONG FROM THE BEGINING TO 3:38 pleeeeeease tell me!
    I have the plugin! Its a great one!
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    Hi I am useing Stargate:

    Link: http://forums.bukkit.org/threads/unsupported-tp-stargate-v0-6-10-the-bukkit-port-a-portal-plugin-1317.3927/

    for people to teleport from one place to another im my worlds and nether.

    Your AntiCheat system blocks members from useing portals.

    Only ops can now use the portals, and I do not want to make all my members ops.

    How can I get around this ?

    Also dose this have any meening or can I egnore it ?

    18:52:46 [WARNUNG] Could not save config.yml to plugins/AntiCheat/config.yml because config.yml already exists.
    18:52:46 [INFORMATION] [AntiCheat] Enabling AntiCheat v1.0
    18:52:46 [INFORMATION] [Modifyworld] Modifyworld disabled!
    18:52:46 [INFORMATION] [Modifyworld] Disabling Modifyworld v1.19
    18:52:46 [INFORMATION] [Modifyworld] Modifyworld disabled. Check config.yml!
    18:52:46 [INFORMATION] [Modifyworld] Enabling Modifyworld v1.19
    18:52:46 [INFORMATION] [ChatManager] ChatManager disabled!
    18:52:46 [INFORMATION] [ChatManager] Disabling ChatManager v1.19
    18:52:46 [INFORMATION] [ChatManager] ChatManager disabled. Check config.yml!
    18:52:46 [INFORMATION] [ChatManager] Enabling ChatManager v1.19

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    It's 'Monster' by DotEXE.
    I'll be contacting the developer of Stargate about compatibility. Thanks for this report.
    EDIT: This has been fixed in a 1.1 dev build and will be released shortly.
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    Deleted user

    If it's made by h31ix , i'd say this plugin's awesome.
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    Is this compatible with nocheatplus or should this be better?
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    auto blockbroker is stil working an cane you just kik them if thy use it ?
    and fastplack tow
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    Err, if you use them both together you'll probably get both of them detecting the same hacks at the same time and probably both punishing the player. If you read my reply above I explain the difference between the two, so it's really up to you to decide which you want to use.
    Please use proper English for making bug reports. I think I got what you were saying and I'll look into it, but next time please make more sense.
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    does this block item hack? (the hacker gives them self e unlimited items)
    NoCheat dosent.
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    You can't just give yourself unlimited items, and as far as I know there is no dupe glitch right now. If you actually had something that does it (something I could actually test with and try to prevent) I would look into it, but that's not a good enough description of the issue.
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    well, there is,
    i had a guy, from russian,
    he gave himselve lots of gold and iron blocks.

    got HawkEye installed and it found nothing
    he dint mined the gold iron and dint buyed it,
    even nobody dropped it

    but he got 300+ gold and iron blocks in a few hours
    and 200 obsidian and 64 diamond pickaxes

    dont ask me how

    i run latest xAuth what so far i know
    dont provides such a glitch/bug
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    Well if you don't have a clue how it was done, and I'm positive that there's no way to do that, I can't really fix the problem.
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    i know

    im sorry .. i do not work with cheats -.-
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    Is the stargate or portal problem solved now ?

    I have also noticed that a few of my members are useing some sort of hack mod to give them selves some sort of advantage on my server. I would like to stop them using ther advantage but i have a few plugins on my server that i would like to keep active.

    I have a plugin to let people dive under water with a gold helmit.

    a parachute plug wher members put a egg on ther head to stop people falling fast

    and a plugin to let people jump higher than normal ( Air jump ) 5 blocks instead of one.

    will your AntiCheat allow my plugins to work normal but stop the hackers useing ther stuff ?

    All the best J & A
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    If you can give me the links to the plugins (I think the parachute one and the air jump one, the rest should work fine) I can PM them about compatibility. Stargate should have been fixed as of 1.1.

    Version 1.1 is now online.

    Show Spoiler

    AntiCheat v1.1 is mostly a bugfix build, however some minor additions were made.
    • This build requires attention for server admins who are running version 1.0 (or dev #85 or below) on Linux, as this build will not be properly updated on those servers due to a bug in the update system. Please download and install this build manually instead.
    • AntiCheat v1.1 is 11.2 kB larger than the previous version (1.0).
    • AntiCheat v1.1's changes span across dev builds #82-#103.
    • Modified moving data (like from Stargate) now avoids the fastmove check.
    • Shears & leaves are now properly detected as instant break
    • Flying players are not subjected to NoFall checks & sneak checks on their descent.
    • Config files regenerate properly (if deleted) on /anticheat reload
    • Block place / Block break minimum times have been lowered for laggier servers.
    • Servers running on Linux now update and find files properly (NEEDS ADMIN ATTENTION ON LINUX)
    • Player's levels are decreased slower than they are increased
    • NoSwing is now properly detected during PvP/PvE
    • Decreased the false-positive speedhack detection while running
    • Players who reach HIGH level are reset to medium after their event is executed, that way they can't go above High and not get warned anymore.
    • Fastbreak, Fastplace, and Fly checks improved greatly by SuperSpyTX
    • Added anticheat.alert permission node for recieving alerts
    • Alerts are now also sent to the console
    • Players are searched automatically for anomolies in xray stats, which will be reported
    • Custom metrics data has been added
    • Individual permissions have been added, as well as more broad permissions for mod/admin groups (see permissions page)
    • Level data persists across reloads/restarts
    • Builds on the newest Craftbukkit/Bukkit Recommended Build (1.2.5-R2.0)
    • Refactored the project to get rid of runtime erorrs and fix a few other bugs (thanks SuperSpyTX)

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    Hi I just restarted your Anticheat on my server.

    All seems to be working well.

    Unfortunatly I still cant use the plugin air jump.
    Link: http://forums.bukkit.org/threads/mech-fun-airjump-jump-in-the-air-1-2-5-r1-0.67271/

    can you please fix this, or must I change some settings on my end some wher.

    Air jump alows the players to jump a littel higher than normal, this can is very helpfull at times it would be great if my players could still use this plugin.

    Apart from thant all seems great.

    Thanks for this Great Plugin.

    All the best J & R
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    Does this block the bed fly?

    (constantly sending the packet to leave a bed in order to fly up)
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    ok, I just wrote on his forum begging him to make the changes. If he dont I will look for another air jump plug in. :cool:

    Thanks for your Great Plug. :)

    All the best J & R
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    would not let me edit post.

    i am sorry, i am a idiot.
    it kicks on high level.
    thank you.
    this is what i am looking for.
    very good plugin!
    also, note that nocheat gets in quicker, meaning i still get original nocheat warnings, before i get wrnings from anticheat.

    "oh, i am not hacking" usually occours. either they are lying, or can the plugin often get it wrong?

    i have no option to delete the lest post, if you can, please delete it, as it is as good as spam.
    its good to know my server is safe.

    one last thing: with a cracked client, (on request to test security) he managed with ONLY hacked minecraft to get acess to my config file (i think the server .properties, not sure, sorry.) and could change them.
    is it possible that the plugin can stop that, or does it already?

    EDIT: i am still an idiot, as there was a delete thing, but i was looking in the wrong place.
    another edit: it will not delete. i click delete and nothing happens.
    can you delete it?
    yet ANOTHER edit: its my internet playing up.
    i might have posted something twice.
    i cannot tell.

    if you mean toomanyitems, i do not find that a problem, as i find that does not work.

    are you saying there are client hacks that give people things?
    oh no!!!!

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    You cannot access server files through the client. Ever. Period. There's no way to do it, thus no way to stop it.
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    i dont mean tmi,
    i mean hacked client or whatever

    how else can have a fresh joined guy 300 gold/iron/diamondblocks?
    (i mean a few hours on the server)

    i checked all logs, but there was nothing

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