Inactive [ADMN/SEC] AntiBot v4.0.2 - The ultimate Anti Spam protection for Minecraft. [1.4.5-R0.2]

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    AntiBot v4.0.2 - The ultimate Anti Spam protection for Minecraft.

    The Ultimate Anti Spam protection plugin for Minecraft. It trolls users who use login spam tools like PWN4G3 and Paradigm.

    >> BukkitDev <<

    Now I hope I followed the format correctly *gulp*

    Wait a minute. Does this mean nobody likes my plugin? :'(

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    Maybe if you added a small description here people would
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    so this combats leave-spammers? if so great!
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    is this basically the same as the one that Evenprime made?
    called AntiPwnage.
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    Looking good!
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    Nice plugin! :) [diamond]
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    No. Not exactly the same thing, but the same purpose.

    Updated the plugin to the latest CB + actually updated.

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    awesome plugin works gr8 :D
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    It works, nice plugin dude !
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    Nice plugin. :D
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    Updated to 2.7. New features to combat spamming such as Chat Flow, Country Banning, and Delayed Start
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    Testin this out! (5 minutes later) Great plugin :D
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    Updated to 2.7.2 - New RB - CB++ detection.
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    nice plugin! a diamond 4 u ;)
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    Haven't made a update post in a while. Just recently updated to 2.8
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    Im trying to understand some of the number valued items. I see that flow-time - Chat messages per X seconds. The default is 5000. shouldnt i have it to like 4,5,6,10? Your talking about 5000 messages a x second(s) and idk where he x value is configurable. Lets say i only want a few messages a second. How do i do this? Also is it based around everyone for the time or per person?
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    I like ur plugin but it says 'null' on its hard to find.
  18. lol ya xD
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    Ah, I should mention the time is in milliseconds. So 5000 is really 5 seconds. I'll keep that in mind when I do my next revision.
    flow-amount is the one you want if you want to change the amount of messages.


    Why spam?
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    Thanks so much for making this ! Love it !

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    AntiBot 2.9 released!

    Check the BukkitDev as soon as it's approved.
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    Im awesome :D
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    Not going to lie. This plugin does the opposite of its job. And judging by the owners past its most likely CP'd from nopwn4g3. NC+ will do the same job as this but better and less false positives.
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    This plugin was made before NoPWN4G3 even existed. Source is available, feel free to prove your claims.
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    Oh I see, a troll from that private chat. Everybody please feel free to ignore this guy.
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    So if someone is spamming, it TROLLS them? AWESOME! -downloads-
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    Yup! It dehydrates the spammers and they get bored quickly.
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    sounds like a great plugin, will give my thoughts when i have had a play around with it
  29. there is a bug in the pl wan i go in the server he say spam found whan i join the server just?! en i been band for the pl
    kan be fix the bug?
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    Thank you for this great plugin ! I use it on my server is no problem :D

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