[ADMN/RPG] ClassRanks v0.2.1.2: Manage class ranked groups [1337]

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    ClassRanks - Manage permission groups easier

    Version: v0.2.1.2

    I have moved to dev.bukkit.org

    No more download links, because the latest version supports all mayor perms systems
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    [diamond][diamond][diamond][diamond][diamond] wow cool these smileys Are great - plus you deserve these
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    Oh this thread missed some updates:

    • v0.2.1 - cleanup, comments, iConomy 6 support
    • v0.3.0 - Multiple Arenas
    • v0.3.1 - New Arena! FreeFight
    • v0.3.2 - Classes now can store up to 6 players
    • v0.3.3 - Random spawns possible for every arena
    • v0.3.4 - Customisable Teams
    • v0.3.5 - Powerups!!
    • v0.3.6 - CTF Arena
    • v0.3.7 - Bugfixes, Cleanup
    • v0.3.8 - BOSEconomy, rewrite
    • v0.3.9 - Permissions, rewrite
    • v0.3.10 - CraftBukkit #1337 config version, rewrite
    • v0.3.11 - set regions for lounges, spectator, exit
    • v0.3.12 - set flag positions
    • v0.3.13 - Telepass via Permission
    • v0.3.14 - timed arena modes

    Enjoy with the latest version: http://dev.bukkit.org/server-mods/pvp-arena/files/47-pvp-arena-v0-3-14-7/
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    can you disable the thing where they can rank themselves? and also make maybe like a mod rank could be able to rank someone else up to the rank below them and instead of having to go to users.yml then do whatever, then restart the server (unless theres a way to get out of restarting server. if there is plz tell me :p) does this have in game commands that hook in with permissions so that when i go and rank someone in game (if you can), it changes automatically on permissions as well?

    sorry if this is confusing, i just have a members application website so once they have posted they want to be a member, they get ranked up to members rank or whatever. and i dont want to have to reset the server all the time... SO PLEASE REPLY AS SOON AS POSSIBLE :)
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    well, it's up to you. Remove their permission to rank.self, then they cannot rank themselves.

    Mods can rank other ppl by /class rankup *player* [*world*]

    You dont need to reset the server!

    Just read the pages next time, thats what dev.bukkit is for :)

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