[ADMN] OKReload v1.1.1 - Lightweight/Permissions-based /reload replacement [1.0.0-R1]

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    Kalman Olah

    OR - OKReload
    by Kalman Olah​
    Latest version: 1.1.1 ( Download )​
    Would you like to buy me a drink? some useless stuff from Amazon? a car?​
    What is OKReload?
    OKReload is a lightweight plugin manager that currently supports plugin reloading and toggling. OKReload supports the built-in bukkit permissions API, Permissions, GroupManager or PermissionsEx.​
    Where can I get it?
    The latest version can always be found here.​
    OKReload also comes with an auto-updater that will download updates to the /plugins/OKReload/update/ folder.​
    How do I set up OKReload?
    Just drop it in your server's /plugins/ directory.​
    Usage & Command information
    Credits & Thanks
    Thanks to @bocaj812 , it was his plugin request. Sort of.​
    Version 1.1.1​
    • Updated auto-updater.
    • Cleaned code.
    Version 1.1.0​
    • Renamed commands to avoid conflicts.
    Version 1.0.2​
    • Added /listplugins command. Guess what it does?
    • Added okreload.messages node. This will notify you of any plugin toggles/reloads.
    Version 1.0.1​
    • Minor Bugfix.
    Version 1.0.0​
    • Initial release.
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    Kalman Olah

    That probably means the plugin isn't reloading properly. Talk to the dev.
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    Nice! I will try it right away! :p
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    Love all of your plugins! Keep it up!
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    Kalman Olah

    Working on CB 1185
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    I believe Essentials is stepping on /listplugins (for some reason). It gives me the player list ><
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    Kalman Olah

    Good thing the OKReload command is /plugin list
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    Alright, I guess it does nothing now :p
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    Is it possible to add a number value to each plugin alphabeticly with the /plugin list. So instead of typing out things like /plugin reload levelcraftcore you could type /plugin reload 4 or whatever the number is for said plugin.
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    Kalman Olah

    Version 1.1.1​
    • Updated auto-updater.
    • Cleaned code.
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    AweEpicSome, thats what I need! :)
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    Is this compatable with spout?? :D
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    Kalman Olah

    Don't see why it wouldn't be. :)
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    /plugin reload -- Reloads all plugins except for OKReload.
    Permissions node: okreload.reloadall or okreload.reload.<name>
    Note: Can be used from the console.
    QUESTION: can we put our own plugin in here. Like say spout, i dont want it to reload, if so tell me VERY CLEARLY how

    When i add this perm, it doesnt make an exception but it makes it so thats the only plugin i can reload. For instance,
    okreload.reload.Tribu Only reloads tribu with /plugin reload.
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    Kalman Olah

    I'll be honest with you: this isn't exactly a full plugin managing suite. Just something I did in five minutes. There's no option to ignore a single plugin while reloading everything else. Sorry.
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    But thats what it says, kiiiiinda. Anyway all i had to do was add all of the plugins i had to the perms and with bukkit perms, put false on spout and the ones i didnt want to reload. Tedious and annoying but well worth it. Ur the only one who has done this(skip a reload). And for that THANKYOU
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    I reloaded EasyEnchant and weird things happened. After the first reload I get double messages from easyenchant and after the second time I got triple messages.

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    I don't recommend reloading EasyEnchant like this. If you do need to reload it either use /reload or simply restart. I am not supporting seperate reload plugins. If need be, i will make a built in reload, but not right now.
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    Hey could u make a plugin were it restarts the whole server? reloads it ect i cant find a working plugin that does that but if you could that would be so fucking Cool =] Please Reply
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    Yeah this plugin is awesome! apart from anything that displays messages as it will dupe trip and quad ect ect messages relayed to the server every time its reloaded. Love your plugins though dude, will this get fixed?

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