Inactive [ADMN] NoobList v0.1.1 - Check the new users on your server within a specified time! [1.2.5-R1.0]

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    Introduction: Developed from a plugin request by np98765 on the forums, this plugin allows server administrators the ability to see all new players within a specified time interval. It can be used to greet and say hello, as a guide for who to watch more closely, or it can be used in conjunction with McBans to lookup your most nooby of noobs.
    Note: NoobList will only record dates and times of users who join after it is installed. However, it is designed not to register existing players as "noobs."
    For the latest information and downloads, please visit
    View all new players within a span of hours or days.
    /nooblist [integer] <h|d>
    Look up an individual player's join date.
    /nooblist join [playername]
    - Add the NoobList jar to your server plugins folder
    - Run or /reload your server to generate the default config.yml
    - Edit the world name in the config if it is not already "world"
    - Restart or reload your server for changes to take effect
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