[ADMN]NineSpawn v1.0 - Spawn Minecraft 1.9 Creatures! [1.0.1-R1]

Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by Smex, Oct 29, 2011.

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    This Plugin allows you to spawn the
    creatures of Minecraft 1.9.

    - /ns <enda,blaze,mushcow,villa> <amount>

    - ninespawn.use

    - Version 1.0

    - Version 1.0 Release
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    Sorry, PreRelease5 is not a recommended build ;)
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    Sure, is this I placed in ok?
    This plugin is not ready for getting into the release forum,
    so don't take care of it, until I write a RB-number when one is out.
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    plz make enda was killable they destroy my world xDD
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    Sorry, we cannot move it to releases until the RB for 1.9 comes out (due to the nature of the plugin). Once the RB comes out, we'll come back and approve this for you.
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    I'm sorry but won't this have no point once 1.9 actually comes out? Not trying to be mean, just curious.
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    Why should this not have any sense when 1.9 comes out?
    Server admins want quikly being able to spawn the new mobs
    and don't want to wait days, till one of the bigger plugins get updated.
    Or did you really thought this can spawn 1.9 creatures in 1.8?
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    No thats not what I thought at all its just, is this plugin limited to 1.9 mobs?
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    When 1.9 comes out, plugins such as Essentials, Commandbook etc will be able to do this. /spawnmob
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    This a unessessary statment your posting.
    You can't actually be 100% sure.
    My plugin reserves the slot for people who can't wait
    for those plugins, because I think, they won't be updated that fast.
    And now stop talking nonsense, it's like you want to charge me for some reason.

    If you are going to make a post on a plugin thread, than at least, do not
    change your mind when the truth comes out, that you didn't think while writing your first post.
    Is this kindergarden or what?
    And yes, it is limited to the 1.9 Mobs and I do not think, that is required
    to extend it to any other mob, there are way to much plugins for that out.
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    I never said your plugin was bad, I said those plugins have it built in.
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    I never said that? And those plugins don't have it build in. You are totally flamming around, atleast
    they are not accessable to the normal way.
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    How am I slamming about? CommandBook for example.You have permissions, /spawnmob creeper 1. Spawns 1 creeper

    Obviously for 1.9, they will do the same, but for 1.9 mobs, but not at the moment, If i mislead you, I am sorry.
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    Errr wut? I'm not changing my mind at all, no offense meant, but I just don't see the use for this. Sorry :(
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    This is just for server operators who want to take a closer look at the new mobs, without actually trying to find them. For example, the enderdragons. I have not found any enderdragons yet without spawning them. Thats what this plugin is for!

    Thank you Smex for making this little plugin!
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    No problem. ;)
    This Plugin is a [Bridge] for the time it takes the bigger plugins to update.
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    Kill function would be nice :D
    SPawning an ender dragon in the normal world is not so good as I thought xD
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    get world edit and put //butcher
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    Do you still want it?
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    Locked per dev's request.
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