Inactive [ADMN] MultiCommand v2.1.2 - Execute many commands with one command and shortcuts [1.4.2-R0.2]

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  1. Maybe this page is outdated. Please see Bukkit Dev.

    Hello together!

    This is a plugin that executes many commands with one simple command that can be configured. You can add parameters and define shortcuts like /t can execute /time.
    Uses Metrics for sending completly anonomous data to for usage tracking. See and GitHub for more info.

    1. Copy MultiCommand.jar into /plugins/
    2. Restart/Reload your server.
    1. Creating a new command list:
    2. Type /muco create <name>
    3. Then add your commands with /muco add <name> <command>
      • Important:
      • Type your first command for executation first.
      • Don't forget the /
    4. Now type /muco <name> and the commands will be executed one after one.
    • Executing commands
      • Type /muco <name> - Requires MultiCommand.use.<name>
    • List all lists of commands
      • Type /muco list - Requires MultiCommand.list
    • List all commands in a list
      • Type /muco show <name> - Requires<name>
    • Remove a command from a list of commands
      • Type /muco remove <name> <command with /> - Requires MultiCommand.remove.<name>
    • Delete a list of commands
      • Type /muco delete <name> - Requires MultiCommand.delete.<name>
    • Reload the config
      • Type /muco reload - Requires MultiCommand.reload
    Parameters and variables:
    One simple example:
    1. Type /muco create exampleList - Requires MultiCommand.create.exampleList
    2. Then: /muco add exampleList /time set $1
    3. Maybe: /muco add exampleList /command dothis $1 $2
    4. Executation: /muco exampleList <$1> <$2>
    You can add $1, $2, $3, $4, $5 as variables for default. If you change the value for 'maxvariables' in the config.yml, you can define more than 5 variables.

    Optional parameters:

    You can define parameters as optional. Have a look at the following examples:
    • /muco add exampleList /command $1 [$2]
      • $1 is required, $2 is optional
    • /muco add exampleList /command [$1] [$2]
      • $1 and $2 are optional
    • /muco add exampleList /command $1 [$2] $3 This doesn't work!
      • This doesn't work. It will print out an error.
    • /muco add exampleList /command $1 [$3] $2
      • $1 and $2 are required, $3 is optional
      • If you want to execute this you have to type:
        • /muco exampleList $1 $2 [$3]
    I hope this understandable ;)

    Predefined Variables (player/server variables):
    • $playername : The name of the player that executes the command
      • You can change the behaviour of $playername in the config:
        • playerDisplayName: true -> Includes all formatting options (e. g. Essentials)
        • playerDisplayName: false -> Only the login name without formattings
    • $playerworld : The current world of the player that executes the command
    • $serveronlineplayers : Players, as a number, that are online
    • $servermaxplayers: Slots of the server
    You can add delays to commands in a list
    • Just put "[time in seconds]" in front of a command (without "")
    • Example:
      1. /muco create testlist
      2. /muco add testlist /say 3
      3. /muco add testlist [1]/say 2
      4. /muco add testlist [1]/say 1
      5. /muco add testlist [1]/stop
    • The output will be a countdown from 3 to 1 and after it the server will stop
    Executing commands as console:
    • You can explicitly executing a command as console
    • Just put "[$c]" in front of the command (in front of the delay, too) and the command will be executed as console
    • Examples:
      • [$c]/say I'm the console.
      • [$c][2]/say I'm the console and I knew this message 2 secs before you saw it.
    Disabling commands:

    You can prevent commands from being execute outside of mucos. But you can use it for disabling commands in general, too.
    • Disable a command: /muco disable disable <command with slash> - Requires MultiCommand.disable.disable
    • Reenable a command: /muco disable enable <command with slash> - Requires MultiCommand.disable.enable
    • List all disabled commands: /muco disable list - Requires MultiCommand.disable.list
    If you disable /say the commands /say hey, /say omg etc. will be disabled, too.
    If you disable /say hey the command /say hey you, /say hey all etc. will be disabled, too, but not /say hi.
    Allright? ;)

    1. Open the config.yml in /plugins/MultiCommand
    2. Edit the properties in Shortcuts
    3. One Example:
        t: time
        kill: ban
    • If you now type /t set 13000, the command /time set 13000 will be executed
    • That means everything you type after /t will be added behind /time
    • Note: This can override existing commands!
    • Permissions will be checked by the plugin that provides the command!
    Other Permissions:
    • All Permissions: MultiCommand.all
    • Create all: MultiCommand.create.all
    • Delete all: MultiCommand.delete.all
    • Show all:
    • All major permission systems supported
    • Nothing​

    • v2.1.2:
      • Added permission to ignore special disabled commands
      • Added permission to ignore all disabled commands
    Show Spoiler

    • v2.1.1:
      • The $playername variable will not be replaced with Console when executing a command as console ([$c])
    • v2.1:
      • Added execute as console option ([$c])
      • Changed updater (no more laggs while reloading)
    • v2.0:
      • Added command disabler
      • Added command specific delays
      • Changed updater (new server)
      • Commands will be parsed in console executation without slash
    • v1.8:
      • Added option for more than 5 variables
    • v1.7.2:
      • Fixed reload bug
    • v1.7.1:
      • Added option for the $playername behaviour
      • Fixed bug: No error if you miss the command name
      • Fixed bug in create method
    • v1.7:
      • Added reload command
      • Added show command
      • Added shortcut support for the console
      • Fixed spelling mistakes
      • Reduced code
    • v1.6:
      • Added update reminder
      • Fixed bugs with config.yml
      • Fixed permission bugs
    • v1.5:
      • Shortcuts are case-insensitive
      • Now sending anonymous usage data via Metrics to
    • v1.4.2:
      • Fixed bug when creating new config.yml
      • Update only required when you want to recreate the config.yml
    • v1.4.1:
      • Fixed permission bug
    • v1.4:
      • Added console support
      • Reintroduced /muco remove ... command
    • v1.3:
      • No more Commands directory
      • All commands are transfered to the config.yml
      • Fixed bug
      • Added predefined variables
    • v1.2:
      • Added optional parameters
      • Added verbooseMode setting to config.yml (default: false)
    • v1.1.1:
      • Ready for Minecraft 1.2 and Bukkit 1.1-R5
      • Added PermissionsEx support
    • v1.1:
      • Shortcuts added
    • v1.0:
      • Parameters and variables added
      • Many bug fixes
    • v0.9 Beta:
      • First release

    Have fun!

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    I want to change Essentials home from '/home name:home' to '/home name' to get to a players home.
    How would this work under Shortcuts?
  3. At first you have to create a new muco:
    /muco create home
    Then add your /home name:home and replace name with a variable:
    /muco add home /home $1:home
    After that create a shortcut:
    home: muco home

    A bit complicated because of the parameter in the center but it should work.

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    Sorry but that did not quite work, could you explain it a little differently?
  5. Don't you understand the order? Maybe this will help you:
    1. /muco create home
    2. /muco add home /home $1:home
    3. Try with /muco home something
    After that add a new shortcut in the config.yml:
    • home: muco home
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    I Have a few questions, I'm sure that it's more to do with HeroChat than anything, but still.
    So, First of all, I'm trying to add a shortcut to join a channel (OOC In this instance) So, put in for the shortcut:
    ooc: ch join ooc
    It should work, right? Whenever i type it in game, it puts me into OOC No problems, but, for some reason. Whenever i use the /ooc shortcut command, it gives me back the response as if I'm using /ch qm ooc ( Which is for a quick message, not what we want for this command). Before you ask if there's a /OOC command without MultiCommand, there's not. I Checked before it was even installed.

    Also, Are there spesific permission nodes to let a player use a /muco command? Would like to let my mods use, but not make /muco commands, but i can't seem to find any nodes for that. Only to add/delete lists or give them all commands.

    - Ace
  7. Well, the ooc command should work. But you don't get the wrong message when using /ch join ooc, right? This is crazy.
    I didn't include permissions for muco lists, because the permissions should be handled by the commands itself. For example:
    1. Make a muco list with
      • /deop admin (or something like that)
    2. If an OP executes the muco it will deop the player admin
    3. If a not OP executes this muco it won't deop the player admin and it will show the message from Bukkit: "Sorry, but I can't let you do this..."
    The commands are executed as the player that executes the muco. That's the reason for not including permissions for a muco list.
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    Actually i'm from Holland, but anyway, the github works fine now. Great plugin
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    MyPictures shut down there bandwidth at night (+1 time zone) so HomerBond005s website is lagging very bad then and it even goes to a d/c sometimes. I don't know but its not his fault, its just bplaced who cant manage to host a website right... (well they are free so :p )
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    Hmm. I Can retry with the OOC Command, But yeah, it is pretty crazy how that doesn't work, I try using every command I know to join OOC, works perfectly in game, but not when using the shortcut feature. I've even tried setting up a /muco list and putting the shortcut to that, but it still didn't work. Guess I'll just have to play around with it for a bit. And along with that, It's quite odd for me with a /muco list, I Have a /promo set up so that it puts a new member into the approved group (When the mod uses the command of course), and whenever someone uses the /manuadd (Player) (Group) Command, it works fine. But for some reason when I set it up to a /muco and put a shortcut to it, it doesn't want to work that way. Might have to fiddle around with it then. Thanks for trying to help though, It's appreciated!

    EDIT: Also, I believe the shortcuts are still case sensitive, when i try to do /ooc, when it's capatilized, nothing happens, but when it's all lower case, it gives me back the output for as if i was typing in "ch qm ooc" (Which is a seperate problem as you know, but still ). I'm not totally sure, but it wouldn't hurt checking possibly. Not sure if it was just a bit of a fluke or not, but thought it would be helpful to inform you either way :)
  11. Really? Okay... I going to check it out. If the shortcuts are still case-sensitve, I'll notice you. Thanks :)
  12. could you make it that y we can add some text like that you have 2 sorts of text that you can add: one that goes sended to the player that runs the command and the other that goes sended to evryone on the server
  13. A text? I do not understand what you want me to add. Please describe it with an example.
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    Hate to ask more of plugin producers but maybe add a command to list what commands are added to /muco examplecommand. a command something like: /muco listcommands examplecommand. or like /muco commands examplecommand.
    Thanks in advance,
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    Hey, Thanks for this plugin! IT helps a load to customize servers and get a "Pro" feeling into it.
    Much better to type "city" than "warp city"

    I believe that he wants some kind of feature that runs 2 commands in one.
    For example: Player buys a house with /buy house 1 which runs the command; /residence buy (numberhere) blablabla, and also sends a message to the server "Player bought a house!"
    Or something like that.

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  16. -> next update
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    awesome!! thanks man i <3 this plugin helps me make guards without 20+ commands :) oh and for your awesomeness [diamond][diamond][diamond][diamond]
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    is there a reload command for ingame? i dont want to do /reload after every change..thanks
  19. I've added this to my todo list.
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    '$playername' reads prefixes and nicknames provided by Essentials, could you make an exception so that it reads the players real name?
    Also are you getting anywhere with making shortcuts work on console?
    Thank you very much, Recon
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    more than 5 variables would be nice too.
    Thanks, Recon
  22. Shortcuts are working :) The leftover... later ;)

    Added in v1.7.

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    IS thier short cut variable support?
  24. All parameters will be put at the end of the command. /s bla bla -> /say bla bla if the shortcut is s: say.
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    i mean if i do /protection allow $1: /ps allow $1
  26. You have to create a shortcut on /ps for /protection and this example works.
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    can i create a shortcut with an variable? for example
    /new <playername>
    does execute
    /manuadd <playername> builder
  28. No, this isn't possible. You can use command lists with variables.
    Create a list with /manuadd $1 builder in it. Now link /new to /muco testList
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    i cant figure out how to set up the shortcuts. when i open the config file i get this:

    Permissions: true
    Shortcuts:TheCommandYouExecute: TheCommandThatShouldBeExecuted
    verbooseMode: false
    testList: []
  30. Yes, I know.
  31. Offline


    Could you fix the problem with essentials it is not fetching the actual username for me i think its collecting &7$playername could you make it so it just gets the players name, alot have requested this :3 thanks :)

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