Inactive [ADMN] MobControl v1.3 | Full control over which Mobs can spawn and which can't. [1.3.1-R1]

Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by MishMash95, Jan 11, 2012.

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    Okay... seems plugin devs need to figure something out. I'm surprised others aren't barking about this- so far 3 plugins I've tried for disabling specific creature spawns are not working. ZombieInsanity for instance, worked for a little while. Then randomly animals started spawning again. I tried some other plugin that was supposed to block spawns, and the same thing happens. Works for a bit, and then sheep and pigs and the like start sneaking back into the world. Now MobControl, didn't even initially stop animals from spawning.

    I had another server admin tinker around on his server, and he had the same results. I'm not doing anything crazy on my end- have PEX, Vault, DynMap, LWC, and a few other utility plugins. No other plugins modify creature spawns. I've even tried combinations of setting up Bukkit.yml like so:
      monsters: 2500
      animals: 0
      water-animals: 0
    And in the various plugins, set it so only 1 specific type of mob was allowed to spawn. What happened? Well, at first only that specific mob was spawning. As I started zooming around, those nasty sheep started spawning (and other animals as well)! Occasionally another monster mob would spawn as well.

    Again, not a whole lot of plugins running. I keep a very clean ship, and am quite certain the spawn control issues is on the code side of things. Another thing- I've been clearing the world of all creatures using the ClearLag plugin, so I know it's not that some random animal existed before testing, that I simply didn't notice.

    So far, ZombieInsanity was doing the best at limiting other spawns, but it wasn't bullet-proof. I may try DisableMobs next. If that fails, I'll just have to cry and eat a tub of ice-cream while watching Sleepless in Seattle in french.

    That version message on connection needs to go, or be an option in config. I despise that sort of thing... as I'm sure plenty of others do.
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    Can you set it so we can have mobs that don't normally spawn in the overworld like blazes or iron golems spawn?
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    Do this plugin work for only one world ? like i got a creative world and i dont want it to spawn any mobs ?
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    Anyone looking for true Multi-World support (and not just words pretending it exists) should use WorldGuard.
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    Can you make it so I can control the mobs that spawn out of Spawners? That would be awesome.

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