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    yes false == always on and player can see the chat and true == limits new players only. if player has played before on the server then they can chat.

    BTW another update coming soon. Added permissions and player referral amount check.

    /referrals <player>
    ie - /referrals bob

    bob referred 2 players.

    if int == 1
    player will be singular
    if int >= 1
    player will be plural
    if int <= 0
    message will show that he/she hasnt referred anyone.

    v1.0 - Update
    • readds permissions
    • adds /referrals <player> you can check the amount of times the player has referred someone.
    • default config strings updated.

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    Would it be possible, cause if it would bug out again its not worth it, to add a playtime timer for new players. So heres how it would theoretically work. (this feature would be toggleable)
    1. Player joins game, types /referredby joebob101 (joebob101 does not recieve any gift yet)
    2. After playing for a total of 2 hours in game gift is stored or giving to joebob101
    If this feature is just not working our at the moment i understand, just an idea for the future
    P.S. Could you make it so that if you leave a config message node blank it doesnt send anything. I'm trying to remove the welcome message and i cant figure out how. Could you do the same thing for the delay time aswell?
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    just to clarify, there is no timer that would allow after a given time after first connection to automaticaly set notreferred and turn chat on, correct? Is this a feature you intend to add?

    Also in config I only see one money amount, is there a way to have money given to the referred player and the referrer?
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    2- Timer system is very buggy so thats why i removed it.

    the welcome message can be put into a boolean so you can disable or enable it.

    Yes the timer is removed because of serious bugs.

    Oh so you want money to be sent to the referred and the referrer? I can add that and give it its' own money node.

    The one money amount corrispondes to the notreferred and referred command. I can give the notreferred its' own node like i said above.

    I keep asking the mods to move this but it seems they dont want too. I may make a new thread.

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    Ok so could you have it so when you first join you can type one command that stores who your referrer is, like /referredby joebob101. This wouldnt send any gifts, it would just put his name in storage for later. Then when maybe the person is a higher rank they could get a new permission node that allows them to type the second command which would be like /referred or something else, just so when you type the second command, if you have someone in your 'storage' area in the config then it would send the gift to the player. I want this because some people have alternate accounts and just join, type /referredby soandso then the 'fake' player leaves never to join again. This isnt bringing in new players, its just handing out free gifts to people with alternate accounts :(
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    how about i just track the ip. if the command user has alternate account and uses the same ip then i could just make it so that the ip is saved in a list and if the alternate account contains this IP then return false. Essentially make it so only one person per IP can use this command.
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    It would be better, but the other way would be better still. Basically, heres what people are saying with this system of referring when they talk to a friend, ect. me -"Hey dude can you log into and say I referred you? It gives me a reward whenever someone does" friend - "Oh, but i have a server i like to play on sorry :(" me - "thats ok you can just join for like 1 minute and type one command, then you can go back to your server". This poses the problem that the people you are supposedly referring dont actually play on the server at all, with the other system the player you refer has to actually prove they have given the server a chance and not just joined to type one command.
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    yes separate money amount for the referred player (as long as it can be given only when referred and not when notreferred) would be nice in addition to the money that goes to the player who referred them.

    I understand the bugs with the timer, but is it planned to be readded if bugs can be worked out? If not, any thoughts on making the commands for /referredby and /notreferred turn on chat automatically so that a second command is not needed? Without a timer, possibly a way to set permission where a player of a certian permissions group automatically gets /notreferred and chat turned on (when you readd permissions.) so that when they are promoted they can chat and can no longer refer someone.

    I am just worried about implementing this and the players that come on and do not pay attention enough will not be able to speak without that command, could scare away people who were not referred and have no idea what is going on, especially with our server where we sometimes get players who don't know English that well (German server, English is primary language though). That is why I really liked the timer thing.
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    Just have a sign telling them I type it or something. Top gear, for my referring system you wouldn't have to add any timers or anything, just a permission a command and some config storage area.
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    we have a plugin that is made for our server and still in beta more or less so not on bukkit dev yet, but it uses daily rewards, money given for specific actions with a day long cooldown so they can be gotten once per day. We were thinking of adding a portion of this that would read the file when someone is referred, and then when the referred player gets a certain number of rewards (which our plugin already stores) an additional bonus would be given to the player that referred them.

    really to get anything like what you are asking for this plugin would have to track online time which can be rather tricky (getting time on with restarts vs crashes vs log in log out can be quite annoying for any plugin), or alternatively it could store the date and time they were referred and then have a setting in the config to give the reward a certain time after that (which would probably be easier but still kind of tricky).

    If the players that are referred were stored in sql database it would make this implementation easier or any kind of reward after time thing or tie in from another plugin that would read it and give the reward.
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    I said specifically it wouldnt log player time, I have another plugin for that. Re-read my posts please. I just asked for a config storage system when a player types a command.
    Also, SQL is good for something's but I like being able to manually edit the list. I had to manually add a bunch of people when I first got it.
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    couple issues:

    1. it does not seem to block incoming chat from either "/msg [player] [message]" or from townychat plugin (which we use for all our chat)
    2. does not block outgoing chat from /msg, or commands to send chat to a specific chat channel on townychat like "/g [message]" for global chat
    3. does not prompt a player on login to do /referredby or /notreferred so players could easily be confused when their chat is not working when they login for the first time, something to tell them and then remind them every interval or when it blocks their chat would be helpful

    possible solutions would be that on any command other than /referredby they are automatically set to /notreferred, or when recieving a /msg, not sure how well that would work though

    you can manually edit sql just have to access it differently than flat file.

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    this is becuase the player has already been on the server. The messages only appear for new players.
    if the player has already played then the chat will work for the player.

    The chatting loopholes will be looked into.

    Also could people report my OP and request it to be moved to Plugin Releases?

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    so on new installation of the plugin, a "new player" would be everyone or just those actually new to the server?
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    If the chat prompt doesn't work for you, just use signs. Make a spawn rOom and make them have tO read the explanatory signs. Topgear, does my storage idea sound probable?
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    I am trying to test if it works or not but it is hard to find someone who has not connected before to help me test, does it read player.dat or something to see if someone is new, I just want to test and see if the chat prompt works first. Will probably use signs as well since we are currently redoing our new player spawn, however I want to know about chat prompt too.
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    only those new to the server.
    i need to read through all the messages again lol. then ill tell you what i think can be done.

    So you want to make the /referredby command only work when the player has gain an X amount of time?
    ill readd the timer system when i can figure out a proper system. It shouldnt take too long.

    But gustebeast you want MySQL or no? MySQL isnt part of my skill range lol.

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    I personally don't want it. Also let me reiterate my request. No timing system necessary at all, simply add a command that would link a referrer to the referee. One command would allow people to tell the system who their referrer is, another command would send a gift to whomever the person claimed as your their referrer. Both commands would have permissions.
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    TopGear, I know you hate me very much, but I wanted to drop by and say you've done a fantastic job with this plugin!
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    thanks bro. :D. i dont hate you or anyone. I just find you a bit annoying at times.


    could you send me links to the chatting plugins that are causing loopholes within my system? I need to see how those plugins work.

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    Topgear, see if you can fix essentials chat and also RealisticChat (i know its a weird one, but if its possible minds well)
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    fix them? Is the dev missing or is the plugin dropped? I wanna focus only on ReferGift atm.
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    oh no thats not what i meant :p, i meant like make the chats compatible like peng_bears asked. And is that a negatory on the config storage system?
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    config storage system? Ah ok ill make essentials and Realistic Chat work with this.

    EDIT:// BTW gustebeast what is essentials chat and realistic chat interfering with? I cant remember the issues.
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    Ok ok ok, we are getting two things mixed up here. Peng_bears says that people can send messages using the /msg command (essentials) to message people that have chat shut off. Personally i dont find this too much of a problem, more of a small glitch that could be fixed later on. What I think would be a valuable addition to work on now would be a config storage system I mentioned earlier. I will now try to make my request as clear as possible in a step system

    1. Newbie joins server (lets say they were referred by joebob101)
    2. Newbie is in the default permissions group which has the permission refergift.refer. Since he has the permission newbie then types /referredby joebob101.
    NOTE: This does not send any gift or prizes to joebob101, all it does is store the name joebob101 under newbies name in the config
    3. Newbie plays on the server for a while and gets moved to the "Novice" permissions group. This group has the permission refergift.claim
    4. Newbie types /referral claim (or any command idea you think sounds better)
    5. The command triggers the plugin to look into the config, see the name joebob101 which was stored earlier, and send a gift to joebob101

    This has no timer system involved, its based on permissions and storage only. This was my request, completely seperate from the essentials and realistic chat ideas. Hope this cleared things up
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    could you make it so that a person has to wait a configurable amount of time after they type /referredby <name> to get the reward? Like gustebeast's idea
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    no no no no! dont assosiate that with my idea it will just confuse everyone. My idea DOES NOT INVOLVE A TIMER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sorry about the rage but timers have been glitching out for TopGear and i dont want him to assosiate my idea with timers :p. Elements, a timer system might be added later for simplification purposes, but from what I've heard from TopGear, he isnt planning on adding it any time soon.
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    Glad to see you back mate
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    v1.0.1 - Update
    • Adds boolean to make /chat on automatic after either using /notreferred or /referredby. When boolean == true then /chat on activates. if false then player must use command.
    • Adds loophole fix. The loophole fix prevents players from using if their name is within the nochatting list.
      This fix will make it so players cant talk to players and make them hand out free items.
    • Welcome message is boolean too. true will make it show up on player join. false will not make it show up.
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    might want to add /l to list for loophole, often used for local chat within about 100 blocks

    towny advanced has chat included but optional

    and once again thank you for being responsive and all, great plugin and author

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