[ADMN/MISC]MC Server GUI .6.10 - A Windows GUI for your server (now w/ archived backups) [803]

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    MC Server GUI .6.10 - A GUI wrapper for your server (w/ backup functionality):


    Version: v.6.10

    This is a wrapper for your minecraft server that, at it's base, provides a Graphical User Interface. It also has world and server.log backup functionality. I made this with Autohotkey. It is likely only compatible with Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7.

    SUPER IMPORTANT: I just realized I broke Automatic Backups since version .6.2. PLEASE upgrade to .6.7+ as it fixes this issue.

    News 5/17/11
    I finally have a working extremely basic GUI in java right now. I finally got past some of the really major issues I was having with it and am now moving on to being able to set your configuration. Once I have this complete I will release the first version!

    Features (open)

    • Provides a GUI for your minecraft server
    • Backup your world(s)/log with a single click
    • Archive backups to zip
    • Edit server.properties from GUI as well as server start options
    • Run scheduled restarts/backups with warning messages
    • Customizable color schemes
    • Memory/CPU/Network monitors
    • Player list with kick/ban actions (more to come)
    • Highly configurable (intended to be anyway)
    • Great compatibility with any version of the minecraft server
    • Press ctrl-s to toggle "say" mode!
    Download (open)

    Download MC Server GUI
    Note: You should PROBABLY delete your old guiconfig.ini any time you update.

    Source Code

    Source Code for multi-platform Java version (not released yet)
    Installation (open)

    • 1. Unzip mcservergui.exe and 7za.exe (This file is for archiving ability) into your Minecraft Server directory
    • 2. Run mcservergui.exe. It will attempt to detect the jar file for your server. If it cannot find it, set it manually under Server Config.
    That's it!

    Screen Shots (open)

    TODO (open)

    • Ability to give players items by right clicking name in player list (high priority)
    • Compatibility with many other plugins (mcMMO or iConomy for instance) (low priority)
    • Server file manipulation (like installing/configuring plugins) (low priority)
    • More Error Checking (medium priority)
    • Resizeable GUI (medium priority)
    • Plugin Manager (high priority)
    • A ton of other crap.
    Full todo list

    Change Log (open)

    Version .6.10
    • Removed Xms memory field and replaced with Xincgc checkbox. You can still use Xms if you'd like, you just have to add it in the extra arguments box.
    Version .6.9
    • Alt-Tab works more reliably while looking at the GUI
    • Added ctrl-s hotkey for "say" mode
    • Made slight modification to the way the console output scrolls
    Version .6.8
    • Rewrote how the GUI processes server.log, hopefuly making it more reliable and use less resources
    • Added error checking to this process so that if there's any issues reading it, it will tell you
    Version .6.7 - HOTFIX
    • Automatic backups now work again!
    Version .6.6
    • Added some very specific debug mode values to fight this zero-console output issue
    • Added option to enable/disable minimize to tray
    • Added more checks for the GUI closing (other than the X button) so that it can shut down the server properly
    • Removed error message about GetGUIThreadInfo()
    • Made one tiny change to the startup process that may increase reliability
    Version .6.5
    • Added a new text box to show the phases of the start up process (instead of displaying in the console output), allowing for:
    • Modified the startup process. It will now start displaying console output much sooner
    • Fixed issue where auto-restarts made the GUI think Java was crashing
    • Replaced Warn Restart button with Warn Stop button as this would seem to be more useful
    • Renamed Immediate Restart button to just Restart
    • Added Reload button to send the reload command for you
    • Made Minimize to Tray much more reliable
    Version .6.4 - HOTFIX
    • Fix for restart times not updating correctly while the server is running
    Version .6.3
    • Player list should no longer display duplicate players
    • Fixed bug where Next Restart time would reset to the next restart time shortly after saying it was commencing the first one
    • Possibly fixed a bug that would cause restarts (and therefore backups) to be skipped
    • Added Debug Mode
    • Fixed issue where console would remain blank on server start
    • Now minimizes to the system tray (Doesn't seem to work right)
    • System tray icon's tooltip shows server status and if UP, online player count
    • Possibly fixed bug where server up time would stop displaying
    • Fixed issue where sometimes the GUI would erroneously think that there was a Java error upon starting the server
    • Removed Update Rate setting as it is no longer used
    • The console output should resume scrolling normally when you're not focused on it (such as selecting text within it)
    • Should now detect players being kicked by alternate means
    Full Change Log

    Known Bugs (open)

    • Slight delay (2-seconds?) before restarts commence
    • Players with nick names will be dropped from the list ocassionally

    If you have any issues please read the following frequently asked questions section!
    FAQ (open)
    FAQ (open)

    • Q: There is an error starting Java when I start the server.
    • A: First, instead of using java.exe on the GUI Config page, browse for this file on your computer. Failing that, if you're trying to set the memory above 1024M(1G) you may need to select a 64 bit java.exe
    • Q: What do the options do on the Server Config tab do?
    • A: Take a look at this.

    Love my GUI? Feel free to donate! :)

    Thanks to:
    Geotraildark for some nice initial screenshots, nickrev for a snazzy icon, and the rest of you for all the support!
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    Mcsod compatability would be awesome! The maker of mcsod sounds excited about this too. Ahhh well, great idea for the future.

    Edit: I actually just had an idea to do it simpler, but I'll post it 2morro because I'm on an iPhone right now.
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    player online = 20
    command /list, /who -> game out...
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    Hm, possible suggestion:

    Include 'integration' with CraftBukkitUpToDate.
    Essentially just make a button that shuts down the server, then moves the files from CBUTD to the server and overwrites the old files, then starts up the server again.
    As an 'Update Server' button or something.

    I'd say it should essentially do this:
    uptodate update
    uptodate plugin
    /waituntilthatfinishes (not sure if that's possible)
    move /Y "bukkit_update\*" "./"
    move /Y "bukkit_update\plugins\*" "plugins\" (or whatever the AHK equivalent is)

    Then I guess you would include a GUI Selection for the bukkit_update directory for CBUTD.

    I have a batch that does this, but the batch doesn't shutdown and restart the server itself, I'd say it'd be quite handy to have in here.

    Would also be cool if the button was only usable every 60 minutes, since that's the built in limit for the CBUTD force check update command.
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    Don't worry, I have an idea.

    I'm not sure what you're trying to say.

    I plan on having sort of file manager built in, in the future. Such that you can download all your plugins to a specific folder (or drag them into the gui) and select that you'd like to update them upon next restart. Then when you restart, voila, updated. I want to also make this work with CB, maybe even make it download the latest RB itself.
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    Awesome program, but I am having a bit of a game breaker issue. I'm not too sure whats causing this but I can tell you what happens.

    If I set xms or xmx to anything other then 1G/1024M the server will fail to launch. I am running 8gigs of RAM, so I there is no limitations there. I am also running on 64bit Windows 7 and 64bit Java 7. I do not have issues with a normal run.bat's xms/xmx set to a higher variable.

    2011-04-30 12:33:48 Error starting server. Could not hook Java console window.
    2011-04-30 12:34:04 Error starting server. Could not hook Java console window.
    2011-04-30 12:36:16 Error starting server. Could not hook Java console window.
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    Where do you have your Java.exe pointed to?

    I have mine pointed to:
    C:\Program Files\Java\jre6\bin\java.exe

    and it runs fine.
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    Can you pastebin.com your config.ini?

    Yeah, this is a known bug, so far I haven't been able to figure out what's causing it. But yeah, it's at least to a point where you can still control your server if it happens. Use to be way worse >.>
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    Put C:\Program Files\Java\jre7\bin\java.exe as your Java executable instead of just java.exe. I'm guessing you have a 32 bit installation as well as 64 bit. This can cause problems starting up the server if you don't specify which one.
  11. Hey dumptruckman

    Thanks for making this, it makes it so much more user friendly.

    I found out that the right click on the playerlist sometimes wont kick, it says "Too few Arguments - /kick <target> [reason...]". The rest seems to work like a charm.

    Cb-733 | Xp 64bit | version 6.0
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    Alright so here is my idea:
    The maker of mcsod showed me this:
    java -Xincgc -Xmx1G -jar craftbukkit-0.0.1-SNAPSHOT.jar
    java -jar MCSignOnDoor.jar -m "Message Here"
    So mabye it could execute:
    java <argumentss> -jar <server.jar> nogui
    java -jar MCSignOnDoor.jar -m "Message Here" 
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    Is it possible that you weren't actually selecting anyone?

    @PhantomGamers and @Specops343
    Just released .6.1 but no support for those plugins yet, I had to learn how to use regular expressions and it took up so much time I'm just gonna release the new restart times field for now. I may wait for .7.0 to add any plugin support, because I'm hoping to get my plugin manager in by then.

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    Using 6.1. After deleting "guiconfig.ini" when updating the GUI, if you do not have "backup" folder created already, the server says "[GUI] Your paths are not set up properly, please make corrections in GUI Config before continuing.". Basically by using the default backup path and not having the backup folder in place, if I want to use the default path the GUI could ask if I'd like to create the folder there when I hit Start Server. If I hit "Manual Backup" it will create the folder there when it backs up.

    Hard to explain this so to recreate it, remove the "backup" folder from ".minecraft server" then click "Start Server". This is just nit picking but will make the software more complete, thanks.
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    so i just add 5hours to restart every 5 hour?
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    yes :)
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    is it possible to add numbers of players online based on the list?..as it quite difficult to count each one manually.
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    Worked, thanks!
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  20. Yes im quite sure, i also find it impossible to use the "right click kick" without having a player selected.
    But its not really a big problem as i normaly kick players from ingame, i was just testing it out from the console.
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    This plugin is easy to use and setup, perfect!

    I love how you can scroll through the console. Thank you!
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    Thanks for this. It does a great job at centralizing so many things into one control panel. If I ever make the leap to a linux server I will surely miss it.
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    Where is the manual backup button? I can't seem to find it anywhere :(
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    That button is the same button as the Save Worlds button. When the server is off, the Save Worlds button becomes Manual Backup
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    Bug report: Kinda.
    Not really entirely this plugin's fault, but still.
    If a player gets kicked via another plugin the gui won't notice that he disconnected.
    For instance, I'm using one that kicks people that are AFK.
    It says
    2011-05-02 14:06:59 [INFO] [AfkBooter] Kicking player PhantomGamers
    Instead of the usual message.

    And I still think the Manual Backup button should work regardless of Backup settings.
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    I didn't remove it :confused: It just shares the same button as Save Worlds (to save space, since each only works when the server is either started or stopped)

    I'll have to add detection for kicking players, that should resolve this.

    But what will it be backing up? I'd have to add additional controls for what the manual backup button does. To avoid this, I moved the backup check boxes to the Main Window. I'm just now formulating something to take care of this issue though. :)
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    Yeah, I wrote that before I read your post, let me remove it. :p

    The worlds, it should just override whether or not you have backups enabled...
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    Thank you. I have another question. How can I enable 2Gbs of ram for bukkit or more? It gives me a configuration error if I go to 2gb. Haven't tried more, but I assume it's the same.
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    You must run x64 Java. To do this, browse for the 64 bit java executable from the GUI Config tab. In some cases, simply using java.exe will not run the x64 version.

    I added a new option in .6.2: Automate Backups. This will allow you to separately select what you back up when it auto-restarts or press manual backup.

    Added player list count in .6.2

    The GUI now creates a default backup folder upon first run. I hope this is satisfactory as having a dialog box pop up asking to create it wasn't something I was liking the idea of.
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    Thanks for the the list count =)
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    Current version, .6.2
    There is a glitch/bug, After a warm restart when it kicks players, some names are kept in the player list then when they re-log in it shows 2 of them.
    Also, I dont know where the backups are. and my auto backup/restart didnt work. I have that area formatted like this (1am,7am,1pm,5pm,9pm,11pm) It shows that it is supposed to restart then it doesn't.

    Thanks, Mason.
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