[ADMN/MISC]MC Server GUI .6.10 - A Windows GUI for your server (now w/ archived backups) [803]

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    MC Server GUI .6.10 - A GUI wrapper for your server (w/ backup functionality):


    Version: v.6.10

    This is a wrapper for your minecraft server that, at it's base, provides a Graphical User Interface. It also has world and server.log backup functionality. I made this with Autohotkey. It is likely only compatible with Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7.

    SUPER IMPORTANT: I just realized I broke Automatic Backups since version .6.2. PLEASE upgrade to .6.7+ as it fixes this issue.

    News 5/17/11
    I finally have a working extremely basic GUI in java right now. I finally got past some of the really major issues I was having with it and am now moving on to being able to set your configuration. Once I have this complete I will release the first version!

    Features (open)

    • Provides a GUI for your minecraft server
    • Backup your world(s)/log with a single click
    • Archive backups to zip
    • Edit server.properties from GUI as well as server start options
    • Run scheduled restarts/backups with warning messages
    • Customizable color schemes
    • Memory/CPU/Network monitors
    • Player list with kick/ban actions (more to come)
    • Highly configurable (intended to be anyway)
    • Great compatibility with any version of the minecraft server
    • Press ctrl-s to toggle "say" mode!
    Download (open)

    Download MC Server GUI
    Note: You should PROBABLY delete your old guiconfig.ini any time you update.

    Source Code

    Source Code for multi-platform Java version (not released yet)
    Installation (open)

    • 1. Unzip mcservergui.exe and 7za.exe (This file is for archiving ability) into your Minecraft Server directory
    • 2. Run mcservergui.exe. It will attempt to detect the jar file for your server. If it cannot find it, set it manually under Server Config.
    That's it!

    Screen Shots (open)

    TODO (open)

    • Ability to give players items by right clicking name in player list (high priority)
    • Compatibility with many other plugins (mcMMO or iConomy for instance) (low priority)
    • Server file manipulation (like installing/configuring plugins) (low priority)
    • More Error Checking (medium priority)
    • Resizeable GUI (medium priority)
    • Plugin Manager (high priority)
    • A ton of other crap.
    Full todo list

    Change Log (open)

    Version .6.10
    • Removed Xms memory field and replaced with Xincgc checkbox. You can still use Xms if you'd like, you just have to add it in the extra arguments box.
    Version .6.9
    • Alt-Tab works more reliably while looking at the GUI
    • Added ctrl-s hotkey for "say" mode
    • Made slight modification to the way the console output scrolls
    Version .6.8
    • Rewrote how the GUI processes server.log, hopefuly making it more reliable and use less resources
    • Added error checking to this process so that if there's any issues reading it, it will tell you
    Version .6.7 - HOTFIX
    • Automatic backups now work again!
    Version .6.6
    • Added some very specific debug mode values to fight this zero-console output issue
    • Added option to enable/disable minimize to tray
    • Added more checks for the GUI closing (other than the X button) so that it can shut down the server properly
    • Removed error message about GetGUIThreadInfo()
    • Made one tiny change to the startup process that may increase reliability
    Version .6.5
    • Added a new text box to show the phases of the start up process (instead of displaying in the console output), allowing for:
    • Modified the startup process. It will now start displaying console output much sooner
    • Fixed issue where auto-restarts made the GUI think Java was crashing
    • Replaced Warn Restart button with Warn Stop button as this would seem to be more useful
    • Renamed Immediate Restart button to just Restart
    • Added Reload button to send the reload command for you
    • Made Minimize to Tray much more reliable
    Version .6.4 - HOTFIX
    • Fix for restart times not updating correctly while the server is running
    Version .6.3
    • Player list should no longer display duplicate players
    • Fixed bug where Next Restart time would reset to the next restart time shortly after saying it was commencing the first one
    • Possibly fixed a bug that would cause restarts (and therefore backups) to be skipped
    • Added Debug Mode
    • Fixed issue where console would remain blank on server start
    • Now minimizes to the system tray (Doesn't seem to work right)
    • System tray icon's tooltip shows server status and if UP, online player count
    • Possibly fixed bug where server up time would stop displaying
    • Fixed issue where sometimes the GUI would erroneously think that there was a Java error upon starting the server
    • Removed Update Rate setting as it is no longer used
    • The console output should resume scrolling normally when you're not focused on it (such as selecting text within it)
    • Should now detect players being kicked by alternate means
    Full Change Log

    Known Bugs (open)

    • Slight delay (2-seconds?) before restarts commence
    • Players with nick names will be dropped from the list ocassionally

    If you have any issues please read the following frequently asked questions section!
    FAQ (open)
    FAQ (open)

    • Q: There is an error starting Java when I start the server.
    • A: First, instead of using java.exe on the GUI Config page, browse for this file on your computer. Failing that, if you're trying to set the memory above 1024M(1G) you may need to select a 64 bit java.exe
    • Q: What do the options do on the Server Config tab do?
    • A: Take a look at this.

    Love my GUI? Feel free to donate! :)

    Thanks to:
    Geotraildark for some nice initial screenshots, nickrev for a snazzy icon, and the rest of you for all the support!
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    Got the ram meter in 0.2.0.. I'll keep looking into getting a cpu meter as well.

    Fixed the title bug in 0.2.0. I'll see about trying to change the icon, sorry.
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    its okay man. dont be hard on yourself just would like to see an icon, if you want I can make a really good one for you! Also can you add a list of players down the side so I dont have to log in to see who is online? please and thank you! also on a minor note can you make it so that the text goes down the page instead of up, its just strange, maybe make the command area at the bottom as well, but as I said these are just minor complaints.
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    That would be awesome! I'm a terrible graphics designer so I'd appreciate that.
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    just in case you didnt catch my edit above
    can you add a list of players down the side so I dont have to log in to see who is online? please and thank you! also on a minor note can you make it so that the text goes down the page instead of up, its just strange, maybe make the command area at the bottom as well, but as I said these are just minor complaints.

    Ill start working on an icon right away!

    here is the icon you wanted (its a png so I think you can figure out the rest :D )
    if you want anything changed just tell me

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    Well, originally I was going to try to make it scroll down instead of up but I found that every time I updated the text box that contains the console output it would automatically scroll to the top of the box, even if I was putting text at the bottom. I'll try to look into it. It's probably doable with some dll calls but trying to understand how that works is very hard for me.

    As far as player list goes, it's on the todo list, but I built this originally to handle my server doing automatic backups and I got a bit carried away and it doesn't even do the automatic (timed) backups yet. So scheduled backups are next on the list then a text parser as that is required to get a working player list (with how I do this anyway).
    FYI typing list in console will tell you who's online.

    And finally, thanks a ton for the icon!
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    yeah no prob, still a lovely program
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    If you are getting the Not a valid win32 app, run a virus scanner on your system 9DR. web free version is great). I had this problem and it was caused by a virus that was out years ago called Jeefo. It infects your svchost.exe file and 32 bit apps will work the first time out (this is when they get infected) following that you will get the invalid win32 app error.


    Good Job! Keep up the good work. I'll see what I can find about that text issue of it scrolling up instead of down and get back to you on it.
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    I sugest you use this version for the actual ICO [​IMG]

    and this one for the first post in this section (with the updates and whatnot)[​IMG]

    the reason is that the server word just looks like corrupt pixels on the icon.

    on a second note when i started the server today why does the area spam with text and doesnt stop? I find this to be odd, I even disabled logging and it still happens :(
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    The way this program works is by reading your server log and printing what's in it to the text box... That's why I say it's recommended to let it back up your log. When it backs it up it actually deletes the old one so it will be clear. I'm going to eventually make it work normally (without spamming your entire log) even when you don't clear the log. So just copy your current log and back it up and then delete it and then try running the GUI. If it's still happening, let me know.
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    oh okay i see once it catches up its all good, ty
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    Its okay, its not that serious, I got that error before he made it 32 compatible, now it works just fine.
  13. I hate this new version, it is impossible to operate my configurations of .bat. Why not keep .ini ? The configuration program is, excuse me, shit.

    The first version is successful, the second is a failure.
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    Hmm... I'm not sure exactly what you're having problems with... It no longer runs the .bat file. It runs straight java instead. You can edit guiconfig.ini directly if you want, it hardly changed. The big difference is that instead of telling my GUI to run server_nogui.bat you're telling it to do exactly what server_nogui.bat does. Which is run java with the arguments for the minecraft server.

    Unless you have some very interesting setup, just leave Java Executable as java.exe. For the Server Arguments you should have something like:
    -Xmx1024M -Xms1024M -jar craftbukkit-0.0.1-snapshot.jar nogui

    The only problem I had doing it this way way using the -server argument. I don't think that really makes a huge difference though.

    One thing that could make having Java Executable as java.exe not work is if you don't have Java set up in your windows environment variables. In that case, you need to point Java Executable to the Java executable in your program files.
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    the server wont start :eek: no error, everything is correct. if i press start server nothing happens, why? :s
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    It is probably due to invalid configuration of either Java Executable or Server Arguments... If you edit your server_nogui.bat you can get the info you need for both of those boxes. If it says java, java.exe, or c:\program files\java\java.exe followed by words with minus signs in from of them, put the java part in Java Executable and put everything after it in Server Arguments...

    In the Known Bugs list I mention that -server seems to not be a compatible argument. If you're still having trouble, copy what you're putting into Server Arguments here and I'll investigate.

    If you're still having problems, try the new version, .2.1

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    Awesome! I love how it automatically restarts and backs up. I hate backing up manually. XD And this is going to be so much better on my eyes than the command prompt. *downloads*

    You say to back up the server log. What do you mean? Copy it to an external device? What am i supposed ot be doing here? It sort of sounds like I should be backing it up with your program... but I can't do that if it wont' run. What seems to happen is that it runs... sometimes... get spammed and then stops running after all the spam is done. I've tried deleteing server.log. I've tried deleting the contents of server.log. I've tried leaving it there. I tried -xmx1024m -xms1024m and -xmx0 -xms1G. I've tried bloody everything I can think of.

    Interesting... what seems to happen is that the server runs for about two seconds when I clear everything out of the server.log and then it just shuts down...

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    Backup the server.log anywhere... or just delete it. The reason for this is to prevent the initial spam in my GUI. As far as it not working right... Can you post a screenshot of you guiconfig.ini? Also, is the GUI just crashing after 2 seconds? Or does the GUI run fine but when you start the server, the server stops automatically?
  21. Very good version, with the return of the manual restart. The addition of automatic restartis a real plus and with warning, royal. Some add that my setup screen you have theinspiration;) I confess myself not really knowing what it is but my server is running much better with.

    The server.proprieties is a nice addition, everything is done to avoid starting the born inthe server folder, you work hard for us to do less XD

    As usual here are the screen if you want me to do otherwise, please tell me.

    Again congratulations for your work.

    I am always sorry for my English bad.

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    isn't this more a tool than a plugin
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    Yeah, I guess... I actually never noticed there was a forum for tools until someone mentioned another GUI in this thread. ;p
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  25. Code:
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    Ok, I will look into this... I'm discovering quite a few bugs as is. Let me know if you find more.
  27. False alarm, after a few test ca no longer does.

    PS : Not actually a bug continuous = (
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    Im using W7 64Bit, And when Ever I try pressing Run Server it runs it for 2 sceonds, and it inputs everything from the server.txt file, and then 2 seconds later, it just stops running, it just says not running(server), and I keep trying to press Start it doesn't work, nothing happens, im confused on what you mean by backup the server log.
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    I actually just discovered what is probably causing this... I noticed that sometimes stuff you type doesn't get sent and I think I discovered that the GUI sometimes loses track of the server... (It is probably still running, but it just lost the process ID... I'm working on a hotfix for this now)
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