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Discussion in 'WIP and Development Status' started by themanman0, May 13, 2011.

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    This plugin will implement a Karma system to a server. For example, If one player kills another player they will lose an amount of Karma (configured by user) and the victim will gain an amount of Karma (same as the amount lost). There will also be commands for admins so they can manually adjust a player's Karma in the event that they have stole or griefed and the Op has decided not to ban. What KArma does is it provides people with a measurement of how evil they are and it allows other players to also see it. This will encourage players to behave and allows others to disassociate themselves with people with a low Karma standing.

    • set up the structure of the plugin
    • allow users to set how much karma is gained/lost
    • add commands for OPs
    • allow Permissions compatibility
    • make people able to view the Karma of others
    • make compatible with Arena plugins so that people won't lose Karma for fighting tin the arena (configurable)
    • make compatible with region plugins so that people can block players with a Karma below a certain number
    • benefits for those with high Karma (configurable)
    • Make the plugin
    Feel free to leave any suggestions or comments as a reply to this topic.
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    Awesome! Thanks for taking this on!
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    Put the source code up on google code or something, and make [email protected] a contributor. If I have spare time I'll help out a bit.

    Also, you should use Mercurial for version control when you put it up. Just sayin'. Cause I'd rather not mess around with learning/setting up subversion or git.
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