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    GuestLock - Make guests read your rules.
    Version: v0.1

    GuestLock lets you set a message to be shown to guests and a command they must use in order to be able to move. This lets you point them to a rules page or such to find the command they need in order to be able to move.

    GuestLock supports language translation: Simply edit the "lang" file to change anything GuestLock says.

    GuestLock has been translated into Polish:

    If you translate this plugin I would be very grateful if you would send me your lang file so that I may share it with others in this post.

    GuestLock uses Bukkit Permissions, so any Bukkit Permissions provider will work with GuestLock.

    • Lock guests in place until they use a command.
    • Configurable command and message
    • Changeable in the config file, will unlock a player when used.
    • Default is: /ilikethisplugin

    By default, GuestLock will create a 'config' file and a 'lang' file on run, the defaults are as such:
    You need to change the find-command line to point users are your website or rules page, and the secret-command to whatever secret word you want them to have to use to unlock themselves.

    Then, for the user, they need only use /<secretword> in-game to unlock themselves.

    Download GuestLock

    • Version 0.1
      • Initial release.
    GuestLock was suggested by @Nipper
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    Brilliant. What's the permissions node though?
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    No node, it simply keeps a tally of anyone who hasn't used the command before, so everyone will have to do it at least once.

    Might throw your users for a spin, but how much harm will making them read the rules again really do?

    Thanks for the comment, also.
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    can u support spaces on the secret command?
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    It already does!
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    Do you hook into Player_Move.....
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    @NuclearW TY Vary much. I will have to get my server updated to 1060 before I can give it a go. Just waiting for a few others to update up to 1060.

    I was testing and I think I found a flaw. Well not so much of a flaw.
    I made a test server just that plugin nothing else. The spawn point was above water. Due to the rubber banding effect it kicked me for flying. So I turned allow fly on. But the rubber band effect is still there. Is there a way you can make it if it rubber bands the person that it would check to make sure there is a block they could stand on first below them. I will try and test it with a setspawn plugin to see if this effect still happens.

    I used commnadbooks ./setspawn command and set it on solid ground to to see if it would have solve the rubber banding issue from dropping just one block over water. It did stop it. So might want put that in the docs to make sure your spawn is not up in the air or over water.
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    Randy Schouten

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    Yes, because that was what was asked for in the request.

    I would rather have not done so, in fact, I'll put it on my list for 0.2: Config option to not hook the move event.
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    Most plugins just schedule an event when an offending player joins that ticks every second and resets their position. No need to check everyone's movement all the time.

    Hooking into Player_Move guarantees you a spot in Hell, just saying.
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    Alright, if people report massive lag issues I'll change it, until that time it works as-is.
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    PLAYER_MOVE isn't so bad to the point that he can't make one simple check for every movement. From what I understand, people have gotten away with a lot worse inside of onPlayerMove
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    I have one line which gets me O(1) time on a check if they should be blocked, I'm not seeing many issues with it.

    I understand PLAYER_MOVE done wrong is bad, but to avoid it at all costs is just silly.
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    Just tested and working on my server in build 1000 so might want to add that to the topic. I have been to lazy to update to 1060 due to plugins being out of date.
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    Why not avoid it when you can in a simple way? It's a good practice imo.
    Whatever, it's your plugin.
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    I have and do for the bigger plugins I make which rely on player location, just not this one.

    Thanks to @TGF for the polish translation.

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    WOW. Just set their rank so "Build" is "false".............
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    i don't have the option to edit the config??
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    Do you have proper access to your server?

    You should talk to your server host if you cannot modify the config file.
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    Hi can you please make a secound plugin, wich is exactly same like that, only users can move and chat. Can you make, that a Guest type in for example /ilikethisplugin and after he isnt in the Guest group (Permissions,Groupmanager). Now he is in the Builder group. Do you know, what i mean ?
    Sorry for my English i'm German :D When you can make this for me, so i hope you contact me under the mail [email protected], thanks
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    My players can't use commands. So whent they type / and the password it says that they don't have rights or something!!!!
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    Could you provide more information? What version of CraftBukkit are you using? What is in your config? What happens when they use a command? Are there any errors that show up in console? If so, what is the error?
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    Could there be a permissions node for bypassing it :D I dont want every player already on server to have to do this. ;(

    @NuclearW thought I had to notify you :D

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    @NuclearW i really need to add a fake player to the list for one of our mods but it wont let me ...if i edit the file it corrupts it . .please add a way for us to add players to it or set players to be bypassed!
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    Well all existing daily returners have lol. but nice plugin :D
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    thnx, though a way to add players to the list manualy would help

    i took my server to online false logged in to create Player on the auth file changed that to Blayer (anything les chars messed up the file) renamed the mod to use the player name Blayer and all is fine (back on online mode)

    can i suggest a simple yml file or text file for the auth as the one at the moment really hates being edited lol

    oh and nice plugin really helps keep griefers away!
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    Right now it's a serialized object but I'll see what I can do about making commands.
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    @NuclearW could you get this to spam less?
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    i have some requests :p

    can you make it so its only enabled in one world (by permission or some kinda config) ?!

    add an command for making a new "secretword" ?!
    add an command for deleting the database so everyone has to retype the "secretword" ?!

    Why i need the first one: all my visitors spawns in a world where they can't build but they can go to our playground where they can build all they want ..... thats where i want this pulgin to "stop" them

    i need the two others because admins update the rules a lot :eek:

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