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    BukkitDev (download here)

    As of the fact i recoded the whole datastructure of the plugin, all configfiles before 3.0 are NOT compatible with newer versions!

    A simple plugin to control the weather or time with buttons. Your servervisitors can switch the weather and time for free or for items (Vault economy is supported too). You can use Buttons or Pressure Plates. I´ll include new things too, simple write it in the comments.

    • Control weather or time using buttons
    • Control weather or time can cost something
    • You can use (Stone) Pressure Plates too
    • All messages can be modified
    • Vault economy support
    • MultiWorld
    • BukkitPermissions support
    • Cooldown
    How to set buttons:

    The command depends on wheather Vault is installed or not.
    With Vault (open)

    1.type (buttoncontrol.set Permission needed)
    "/buttoncontrol <sunny/rain/thunder/day/night> <Money> <Receiver>"
    "/bc <sunny/rain/thunder/day/night> <Money> <Receiver>"

    <Receiver> is the person who gets the money whenever some uses the button/pressureplate

    Without Vault (open)

    1.type (buttoncontrol.set Permission needed)
    "/buttoncontrol [sunny/rain/thunder/day/night] <amount> <item>"
    "/bc [sunny/rain/thunder/day/night] <amount> <item>"

    2.You´ll get a message "Press a button!"
    3.Do what the message says.
    Press the button/pressure plate which should become the rain/thunder/stop/day/night button.
    4.If you get an other message, the creation was succesfull

    How to remove buttons:
    Destroy them ingame and they´r gone. (if you have permission to do so)

    How to use buttons:
    1(only without Vault).Take the required items in your inventory.
    2.Click the button./Walk on the pressure plate.
    3.You get a message and your "money" was take away
    4.Look at the sky -> the weather/time changed

    To set Buttons: buttoncontrol.set
    To destroy Buttons : buttoncontrol.destroy
    To use buttons:
    -day: buttoncontrol.time.day
    -night: buttoncontrol.time.night
    -sunny: buttoncontrol.weather.sunny
    -rain: buttoncontrol.weather.rain
    -thunder: buttoncontrol.weather.thunder

    Default conig file:
    Cooldown: 0 //time in sec you have to wait befor an button can be pressed again
    Buttons: []          //DO NOT CHANGE ANYTHING HERE (exept you know what you do)
    Duration:              //how long the changed weather MUST be in secounds(if not changed again)
        thunder: 10
        rain: 10
        sun: 10
    messages:  //a lot of configurable messages

    • Add iConomy support(Vault)
    • Add permissions support
    • Add Essentials support(Vault)
    • Add MultiWorld support
    • Search bugs
    • Fix bugs
    • Add BOSEconomy support(Vault)
    • You can set the money for every button different
    • add an account that earns money when a player pushs an button
    • add an cooldown

    v 3.0:
    • Recoded the inner data structure of the plugin
    • Updated to new Listener API
    • Updated to BukkitPermissions
    • Added Vault support instead of only iConomy
    v 2.3:
    • Added an Cooldown
    • Added an account that earns money if an player pushs an button
    • fixed "No Permissions" message
    Older Changes (open)

    v 2.2:
    • Addded Permissions support (thx to flames)
    • Fixed: If a button is free , now you can hold anything in your hand
    • Fixed: All the time MultiWorld didn´t work
    v 2.1.1:
    • Fixed Bug: iConomy takes one prize even if the buttons have all different
    v 2.1:
    • All buttons can cost different
    v 2.0:
    • Renamed the plugin from "ButtonWeather" to "ButtonControl"
    • Added: control time by buttons/pressure plates
    • fixed one very little bug
    v 1.5.2:
    • fixed bug again: changed messages didn´t load from the config
    v 1.5.1:
    • fixed bug: changed messages didn´t load from the config
    v 1.5:
    • fixed bug: if you hold the exact amount of money it won´t disapear
    • added Pressure Plates support
    • fixed bug: if you break an button and anyone (without he´s OP) place it again, the button works
    v 1.4:
    • all messages can be changed in the config now
    v 1.3:
    • now you haven´t to take the EXACT amount of money in your hand
    v 1.2.3:
    • fixed error if klick in the air
    v 1.2.2:
    • fixed an bug in the savesystem that saved the count of the stop/thunder buttons wrong
    v 1.2.1:
    • fixed an bug on the stormbutton
    • fixed an bug in the savesystem
    v 1.2:
    • added MultiWorld support
    • fix a lot of bugs
    • now unlimited buttons can be set
    • changed weather is now longer (configurable)
    v 1.1:
    • added iConomy support
    v 1.0:
    • Main plugin
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    do you have version 1.2.1? (i think so) if yes: post your config file and delete it.

    exact there was the bug in the savesystem. you´re right.

    I was much faster than i thought.
    Here is the ButtonTime Plugin:

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    oh Johni, you are AWESOME mate. keep up the good work.
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    Yes. I deleted my config when I went to 1.2.1, and several times since then, but it still gives the error.

    The weather seems to be lasting as long as it should now.

    My Config:
    Show Spoiler

    Amount: 2
    Item: 331
    StormAnzahl: 1
    RainAnzahl: 1
    StopAnzahl: 1
    '0': 119
    '0': -81
    '0': Civilization
    '0': -163
    '0': 119
    '0': -81
    '0': Civilization
    '0': -165
    '0': 119
    '0': -81
    '0': Civilization
    '0': -167
    thunder: 60
    rain: 60
    sun: 60
    useiConomy: false
    money: 0
  5. Hm want to test it again but not possible at the moment ... but keep it up i like it and works fine for me last 2 days
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    redownload the plugin. your config file is ok. it´s difficult because i don´t get this error
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    Ah, I think I may know why. I'm only using craftbukkit build 803. This is for 815. Maybe thats why? I'm waiting until there is a recommended version, so Ill have to wait for this as well.
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    i am using 815 and i am also getting the PLAYER_INTERACT errors.

    johni can i get a list of your plugins? you use on your server.

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    i haven´t a real server. i´ve only one to test my plugin. but i had on. i suggest you these plugins:
    Pluginlist (open)

    Permission (but i don´t like the newer version the old was better)
    AuthMe for servers running in offlinemode
    BorderGuard set a border so nobody can walk in one direction for hours and make the map too large
    dynmap Livemap
    OpenInv but only for serveradmins to control people (or to do a joke)
    Warpz0r Warp and Home Plugin

    i thought i tested it on both versions so it should work
    EDIT: found the error (or an similar) and working on fix it

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    Most of it works, its just spamming the console with that error.
  11. ok the fix works BUT the error is still there.
    if you want to change the weather for free
    set into the config the value 0
    and hit the buton with the EMPTY hand
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    before anyone asks me: yes there is a number in the chat if you press the stop button. it was for debugging and i forgot do delete it but it will disapear in the next update
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    Every time i reload the server, the config file gets reset.
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    what says the consol?

    found the error: it occurs if you hit the air
    why the config gets reset: no idea(i didn´t any changes on this part of the plugin). i´m searching

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    Awesome. :D Does this mean you know how to fix it?
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    i can´t fix it becaus i already have: (version 1.2.3 is released):D
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    Johni, i i have a stack of 10 redstone it says i dont have enough money, but i i have a stack of 5 restone it will accept it. can you make it that it does this. 10-5=5
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    i will try my best. it already would be like you wish. but on my first try it dosn´t work -> i´ll try it once more.
    EDIT: I´ve done my work. Version 1.3
  19. hey nice :) my report comes later with more error codes :p hope not :confused:
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    plugin is now bukkit 816 (MC 1.6.5) compatible :D
    EDIT: Now it´s bukkit 818 (MC 1.6.6) compatible :D
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    have you found something? please tell me so i can fix it.:cool:
  22. you want an award now right ?? cant find something :)
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    Github? i wanna take a look at the code. if i can. please
  24. there is the question : Why ???:eek:
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    With all the bugfixes, the plugin works great now!
    But Im using iConomy now, and when you press the button, it doesn't tell you that money was taken from you. It works, but some notification would be nice. Thanks.
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    will include this soon

    I haven´t Github. No idea how it works but i´ll take a look later

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    I already know objective C,but I am learning java at the moment and I Want to see the construction of bukkit plugins so that i can make one later:D
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    with version 1.4 you can configurate all messages (expect of messages on the server)

    doesn´t understand how to use github. but you can download the code here: Code 1.4

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    thank you
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    It says I don't have enough money, when I set the iconomy to true, and price to 10... I even tested holding 10 redstone, nothing
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    the config file sometimes reset. keep that in mind

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