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    ooooh i do like the FTP server idea, great idea
    also why is the delay function not working?
    i thought the point of setting one was to delay the backup process
    i want a backup to occur 3 minutes after the first person logs in
    not as soon as you log in
    it delays loading the map and causes unnessessary CPU usage
    the delay is in seconds correct?
    and i change the config.yml file and can be done with Notepad++ then saved, correct?
    so 3 min in seconds is 180
    im assuming that the delay is in seconds
    so whats the deal?
    why is it not delaying till after the whole map is loaded and then the first backup started?

    any ideas?

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    nice plugin, works perfect, thanks! :)
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    anyway to disable the first backup and just have it backup whatever timer i set? Everytime i reload the server it makes a backup which i dont need.
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    set the delay to the same time as your backup interval?
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    the delay feature on mine isnt working
    i want it to wait till the map is loaded for the player
    so lets say 3min
    if you convert that to sec its 180, im assuming that the delay counts seconds
    but everytime anyone logs in it starts the backup
    and not the delay that i want
    any ideas?
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    When the server backs up it hangs and then all users get kicked:
    20:48:57 [INFO] [MineBackup] Backup started
    20:48:57 [INFO] [MineBackup] Backup started
    20:48:57 [INFO] CONSOLE: Disabling level saving..
    20:48:57 [INFO] CONSOLE: Disabling level saving..
    20:48:57 [INFO] CONSOLE: Disabling level saving..
    20:48:57 [INFO] CONSOLE: Forcing save..
    20:48:57 [INFO] CONSOLE: Forcing save..
    20:48:57 [INFO] CONSOLE: Forcing save..
    20:48:57 [INFO] CONSOLE: Forcing save..
    20:48:58 [INFO] CONSOLE: Save complete.
    20:48:58 [INFO] CONSOLE: Save complete.
    20:48:58 [INFO] CONSOLE: Save complete.
    20:48:58 [INFO] CONSOLE: Save complete.
    20:48:58 [INFO] [MineBackup] Starting backup...
    20:48:58 [INFO] [MineBackup]  * world
    20:49:10 [INFO] [MineBackup]    Compressing...
    20:49:10 [INFO] [MineBackup]  * world_nether
    20:49:51 [INFO] [MineBackup]    Compressing...
    20:49:51 [INFO] [MineBackup] Done !
    20:49:51 [INFO] CONSOLE: Enabling level saving..
    20:49:51 [INFO] CONSOLE: Enabling level saving..
    20:49:51 [INFO] CONSOLE: Enabling level saving..
    20:49:51 [INFO] [MineBackup] Backup ended
    20:49:51 [INFO] [MineBackup] Backup ended
    20:49:51 [INFO] [MineBackup] Backup ended
    20:49:52 [WARNUNG] Can't keep up! Did the system time change, or is the server overloaded?
    20:49:52 [INFO] Disconnecting Philifee [/xx.xx.xx.xx:60303]: You are already online!
    20:49:52 [INFO] Disconnecting Earhbound [/xx.xx.xx.xx:50509]: You are already online!
    20:49:52 [INFO] Disconnecting FLATUS74 [/xx.xx.xx.xx:61666]: You are already online!
    20:49:52 [INFO] Disconnecting Yoshixxx [/xx.xx.xx.xx:1729]: You are already online!
    20:49:53 [INFO] Earhbound lost connection: disconnect.endOfStream
    20:49:53 [INFO] FLATUS74 lost connection: disconnect.endOfStream
    20:49:53 [INFO] Yoshixxx lost connection: disconnect.endOfStream
    20:49:53 [INFO] Philifee lost connection: disconnect.endOfStream
    20:49:55 [INFO] FLATUS74 [/xx.xx.xx.xx:61669] logged in with entity id 1486527 at ([world] 135.5625, 64.0, 325.28125)
    20:49:56 [INFO] Philifee [/xx.xx.xx.xx:60307] logged in with entity id 1486694 at ([world] 168.30000001192093, 69.0, 345.30215074642933)
    20:49:58 [WARNUNG] Can't keep up! Did the system time change, or is the server overloaded?
    20:50:02 [INFO] Earhbound [/xx.xx.xx.xx:50519] logged in with entity id 1486709 at ([world] 64.45041336070449, 64.0, 185.16895871326656)
    20:50:26 [INFO] Yoshixxx [/xx.xx.xx.xx.11:1735] logged in with entity id 1490581 at ([world] -877.2956259858229, 71.0, -910.6632836686302)
    Server version is #1091 but it was the same with #1060

    world is big, ~400MB
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    Serious problem here:

    I have my three worlds set to backup every twelve hours, persisting for three days (for a total of six backups at any given time). The configuration file can be found here:

    The problem with this is it only works when it feels like it. Presently, Minebackup has worked flawlessly at DELETING my backups, done a pretty good job of backing up my nether and my sky worlds, but has been absolute shit at backing up my world folder proper. This seems to occur more frequently the longer the server is online, but lately has been happening regardless of any factors I can place.

    Also of note - my Minebackup_Temp directory is FULL of world files. Is there something causing it to back up the world, move it to the temporary directory, and then just give up before compressing?

    My worldfile is by no means large, approximately 500mB and bordered to keep it from getting any larger. I don't know why Minebackup is having so many problems, I have reinstalled it completely multiple times and still have the same issues. If I can't get a solid fix, can you at least point me at a backup utility that works reliably?
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    00:47:58 [INFO] [MineBackup] Starting backup...
    00:47:58 [INFO] [MineBackup]  * world
    00:47:58 [SEVERE] [MineBackup] ---------------------------------------
    00:47:58 [SEVERE] [MineBackup] --- an unexpected error has occured ---
    00:47:58 [SEVERE] [MineBackup] -- please send line below to the dev --
    00:47:58 [SEVERE] [MineBackup] : null
    00:47:58 [SEVERE] [MineBackup]  alexoft.Minebackup.Backups.copyWorld(
    00:47:58 [SEVERE] [MineBackup]  alexoft.Minebackup.Backups.MakeBackup(
    00:47:58 [SEVERE] [MineBackup]  alexoft.Minebackup.Backups.MakeBackup(
    00:47:58 [SEVERE] [MineBackup]  alexoft.Minebackup.Backups.backupRun(
    00:47:58 [SEVERE] [MineBackup]
    00:47:58 [SEVERE] [MineBackup]  org.bukkit.craftbukkit.scheduler.CraftScheduler.mainThreadHeartbeat(
    00:47:58 [SEVERE] [MineBackup]  net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer.h(
    00:47:58 [SEVERE] [MineBackup]
    00:47:58 [SEVERE] [MineBackup]
    00:47:58 [SEVERE] [MineBackup] ---------------------------------------
    Have no idea, why I keep getting this error. 1060 Bukkit, MineBackup
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    Gimlao ...

    Could you please fix that ?

    We're in September, not in August. ^^;

    Zip names are shifted one month back...
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    Thank you so much for adding the ability to create our own save structure. It's more than I requested, and is absolutely brilliant.

    However, the -1 month thing will break my server quite hard with some of my other backup automation, so I will have to wait until it's fixed before being able to implement it.
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    Very nice backup plugin works like a charm and perfect if you want to run a minecraft server on ramdisk backing the server up on another location and if the server reboots and the ramdisk gets emptied out I still have the backup.

    just set the backup to do a backup every hour and keep a copy of all your server files elsewhere if you do get minecraft corruption you can just copy your server back and the world and userfiles are stored in a zip file which you just unzip and you can set the directory to where this backup gets stored

    Just one question the backup under config says backup plugins with option set to true it stil doesn't seem to backup the actual plugins folder it does however appear to backup any spout directories. How can i set this so it makes backup of the actual whole plugins folder a lot of sqlite databases resides there loosing that is almost as hectic as loosing the world map due to corruption

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    change the delay to 30, it helped for me
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    i have my delay set to 180 but it doesnt work all the time
    sometimes it works
    i would like it to start to backup 3 min after anyone logs on
    but its speratic at best
    when a backup starts right after someone logs on they usually get kicked
    any help?
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    Yes I experience the same issue.

    Could it possibly be a lack of memory as the server console shows the Time/Date error? If so then the plugin is hogging memory and the copying algorithm should be improved in the next version.
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    when will plugin backups be working?
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    Any plans on fixing the issues with this plugin?
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    That's a bit of a burn. Anyone willing to take up this plugin, which seems moments away from being the best backup plugin on offer?
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    i dont see any issues
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    This is pretty buggy, and in my opinion, ruin.
    Recently my world got wiped and I went to check my backups folder and all that was in it was a couple of 3MB zip archives, no worlds
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    Hey there, wondering if anyone has any input on a problem I am seeing.

    The MineBackup works fine and creates a backup but I am unable to restore from the backups due to the directory structure of the actual files inside of the zip created.

    Is there any way to change it ?

    Right now inside of the zip file the structure is as follows:
    -all the actual backup files

    Using a restore command with backups created this way results in the error: "No chunks could be loaded. (Bad archive?)"

    If I open up the zip file though and restructure it so it is as follows:
    -all the actual backup files

    Everything works without a problem.
    The zip files are already created inside of a folder named after the world, so I do not need the worldname also present inside of the zip.

    If there is something else I can do on the /restore side of things to make it recognize the worldname/files structure of the zips that would be helpful as well. Anyone have any tips for me to get this working properly ?
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    It would be helpful next time to specify what you're using to do the /restore. In this case, I presume you are referring to WorldEdit. With that, there isn't all that much you can do. It's simply WorldEdit being unable to comprehend anything aside from the absolute basic world data folder structure.

    Did you even configure MineBackup to save your worlds?
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    Yes, what do you think, I left the config blank lol? It says the worlds. Also for some reason it says it cannot find the world name "main_world" then that is the world set in my properties.
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    Ahh yes. I am using WorldEdit as you presumed.

    So the situation I am in essentially is that I cannot customize the zip with MineBackup, and I cannot customize what WorldEdit comprehends ?

    Any recommendations of something else to use?
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    I'm stuck in the same rut as you are really. If I need to make precision roll backs, I use Hawkeye. Mass roll backs, I manually dig through the backups, pull out the region files then use WorldEdit's snapshot restores.

    You'd be surprised how often the simplest solutions prove to be the correct ones. 5 years as first level tech support to paper pushers and highly strung deadline humpers teaches you to work from the absolute rock bottom up.
    Post your config file if you would please, I'd like to replicate your set-up and see what's happening for myself.
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    Mmm, I removed my configs after I removed the plugin as it was also causing Read Timeout errors with java. I will try to redo it all later.
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    How i can turn the first-backup after start function off?

    Yes i mean the delay thing. It's annoying that it's creating every reload after the specific time a backup. We don't want a backup after a reload or a quick restart. We only want every hour 1 backup.

    Any idea?
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    Just type /backup
  28. I might try to get this updated for the latest CB. I'm not promising anything though!
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    If you could that would be very appreciated by many I am sure.
  30. It would also be very appreciated by myself. :p I've been using this plugin for quite a while and its amazing. ^^

    EDIT: I've just recompiled it for the latest version of Bukkit, which is #843. It should be fine for the next CB for 1.8.1. Nothing has changed, but its here.
    @Halaster tagging you so that you would miss my post. :)

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