Inactive [ADMN] MineBackup v0.4.8.1 - Auto backup worlds ! [1060]

Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by ThisIsAreku, Jun 24, 2011.

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    Full changelog (open)

    Does this backup plugins aswell? ive been looking for a plugin to do that but nobody has made any. I see it says that u can backups plugins in the config but it doenst show up anywhere all I see are my backed up worlds
  2. @sicksurfer123 : it does NOT backup plugin for the moment. have you seen the #unused comment in the config?
  3. the plugin don't backup the plugins !
  4. *cough* Can't you read the post RIGHT BEFORE YOURS! ThisIsAreku stated that i doesn't work atm. That's why he put a comment there (#unused)!!!!!!!

    PS: Sorry if this sounds rude(i do not want to insult you!), but you should at least read the last page(s) before posting on any thread if your problem is already mentioned there! (This applies to every thread tbh)
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  5. @Lathanael
    and why it is in the config file ???

    And how can I disable the broadcast
  6. Hmm let's think about it? Mabye he adds the feature in a future version and already placed a config option for it?
    The broadcasts cant be disabled iirc though i could be wrong there..
  7. But I will disable the Broadcast !

    it upsets
  8. Then visit his site here (That's his ToDo) and add a request for it!
  9. You have been heard:) you can now disable broadcast. (version
    back up plugin function is a WIP, though
  10. thanks you are the best ThisIsAreku
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    where is this file saved? i cant seem to find it in my file manager
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    it causes my server to lag and time out every time it runs a backup Everyone gets
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    oh my bad i didnt read that config just my one when i downloaded sorry about that!
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    Love the addon it works very well, however, after running it for almost a week (it is up 2 date) in the server log I run into one small error, and was curious if you might know why im getting it. Every few backups, this error occurs:
    [SEVERE] [MineBackup] Unparseable date: ""

    The world is small in size, and im running the following addons:
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    -Wireless Redstone
    ---ROOT FOLDER: WorldEdit
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    Is it possible to make the backups to ziped files?
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    Mathew Alden

    Hi... I can't find where the backup'd plugins are stored... Where are they?
  17. If you would have read this last page you would know that backing up plugins is currently not supported but will be in the future:
    See here!
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    Mathew Alden

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    The best Backup Plugin I know ! =)
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    each backup an error on one of the maps from the server.

    Can you fix that as soon as possible?

    Thank you.

  21. Hi, you may have realised already, but 'Get Plugins' at the top now only searches BukkitDev (think so anyway), so you'll want to get on BukkitDev as soon as possible, especially since there are no other proper backup plugins.

    Also, currently, it seems the behaviour of the plugin is, with 'backup when no players' off, to backup at every 1 hour interval (or whatever it's set to), don't backup when no players, and do a delayed backup as soon as someone logs on. However, the normal interval backups completely ignore the time of the delayed backup, so it's possible that the delayed backup happens when someone logs on, and 5 minutes after, the interval backup happens, simply because that is the interval which has been assigned, which is pretty useless as a result (nothing much happens in 5 mins).
    I would like that the interval backup takes into account the time of the delayed backup, so when a delayed backup happens, it would reset the timer so that the normal interval backup happens an hour after the delayed backup, or whatever interval is set in the settings.

    Otherwise, the plugin works for me, thanks!
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    Plugin works great on the following system:
    P4 3.0Ghz HT
    2GB Ram
    CentOS 5.6
    CB 1060
    Java 1.7
    Main world size: 324MB
    Backup Interval: 15 Minutes

    Slight lag, but players enjoy the piece of mind.
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    Backup files are being created with the wrong month in the formatted time stamp.

    The relevant section of the config file:
        dir: _backups
        format: '%M-%D/%W-%Y%M%D-%H%m'
        temp-dir: _temp
    The plug-in is creating the folder name as 07-30 and backups are coming out as '20110730'.

    The expected output is 08-30 with file names having the time stamp '20110830'. The months are being offset by -1.

    Edited for clarification
  24. I can't find any error. it is creating them according to your format specifiaction:
    Folder: Month-Day
    file: Year-Month-Day

    Or are the backups w/o world and timestamp?
  25. In all honesty I'm having the same issue, I just haven't reported it because I've been -- well, lazy I guess. :p And yes, the format is correct, what he's saying is that the month is incorrect. It should be 08-30, instead he's getting 07-30. I can confirm my server has the correct month set via date (linux server).
  26. AHH now i see what you mean. It is taking the wrong date, tbh the post above didn't state that clearly enough for me sorry, just because its posted today doesn't mean it was created today...
    My fault though. Will check if í have the same issue
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    i only want backups every 4 or 6 hours, even when i made it like this in .config

    * mcmyadmin
    * latest version MBackup
    * babuki 1060+
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    The backup files are off by a month. I don't know if you set the code right for the saves. I'll take a look at your code really fast.
  29. Could you please add dates to your changelog? That way I and many other users can easily tell if you recently updated this plugin. :) Thank you!

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