Inactive [ADMN] MineBackup v0.4.8.1 - Auto backup worlds ! [1060]

Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by ThisIsAreku, Jun 24, 2011.

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    what is the commands?
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  3. currently there is no command, but I've planned to add a "/mbck" command.
    For the moment the process is automatic, at regular time.
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    Your plugin is not threadsafe. You explicitly save worlds in a new thread, something you should NEVER do in minecraft. You also copy worlds, which isn't as bad. All world saving etc. has to be done in the main thread, or you can corrupt worlds.
    To everybody using this, I highly advise not to until the author fixes the aforementioned issues.
  6. @desmin88
    okay, I've made some code correction
    should I use the "scheduleSyncRepeatingTask(Plugin plugin, Runnable task, long delay, long period) " method ?
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    Update the plugin to latest recommended build and change the title accordingly.
    Failure to do so will result in this moving to INACTIVE section.
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    What is a main thread and like side thread and stuff?
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    lloyd menzies

    Anyone confirm this plugin is save to use ?
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    Sir Ducksworth

    How long is a tick?
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    Not sure, but I think it's one second.
    Also, I'm using it at the moment, nothing "bad" happened yet, just backing up my files once an hour, no errors, no lag or anything, I highly recommend it to everyone ^^
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    It works perfectly. Great plugin, best/only working backup tool there is.
  14. yah, a tick is one second
    thanks @niallmcfc and @Duerdum9 :)
    sometimes the most useful plugins are the simplest
    Now i'm working on dropbox integration, to upload your saves to your dropbox
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    good to see that someone made a new backupplugin
    the other backupplugins did too much for their functionality or too less
    simplesave made a autosave that i cound't deactivate and that didn't realy save (lost 2 hours work on my map)
    and the old backupPlugin is inactive and not multiworld compatible
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    why on earth is it displaying in french in mine craft... Minebackup Demaree... terminee... ???

    I checked the source code on GitHub, and I can't see that string anywhere...
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    Hey, great plugin @ThisIsAreku

    I'm searching for an alternative from the backupplugin.
    So could you implement an amount of max Backups? (I only want 24 Backups, every 24th backup, delete the oldest)

    What's about the map like the backupplugin?
    Could you chance the language to english?
    Please add "tick is one second" to topic ;)
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    If you find out how to do it, then reach me, I can translate to Danish ^^
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    Great plugin...thanks alot!
    Is there a permission node to enable\prevent use of the /mbck command?
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    /mbck works, but Autobackup doesn't work for me.

    Standard-config, I only removed one world.
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    same problem for me as well. the command works but the autobackup function does not.
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    Need auto delete feature of old backups. After that keep it simple. Also any update on the Auto update not working?
  23. Yes, I don't know where is the problem.. I'm looking to fix it.

    EDIT: fixed

    @Rockstar for the moment, there is no permissions support, since I haven't time to work on it.

    Only OP's can use the command

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    I wanted to know how to set the delay of the backup. I see by default it's 10, but 10 what?
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    Hey, loving this plugin. Simple, yet has basically all the features needed. I'm sure you'll continue to improve it and it'll be even better.

    One question: does it have to start a backup every time the plugin loads? If I'm doing a lot of reloads because I'm working on my plugins I'll end up with several pointless backups.

    Can't wait for dropbox integration! :)
  26. @Madmusk
    Thank you :)
    for your problem, just set 'delay' equal to 'tick', so the first backup will be delayed.

    I've some problem with the dropbox API, and I'm also working on another plugin, but it will come :D !

    all value is in seconds

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    Wait, so if each tick is a second, and there are 3600 ticks in an interval.. then the inerval is an hour, and if 10 is the delay, it should do it every 10 hours, but it's doing it every 10 minutes

    3600 seconds
    60 minutes
    1 hour

    So why is this happening every 10 minutes?
  28. no, the 'delay' property is for delay the FIRST BACKUP only.
    it's the delay before executing first repeat

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