Inactive [ADMN/MECH] SignRank v1.2.2 - Promote people automatically using signs [1.0.0]

Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by coolblinger, Aug 3, 2011.

  1. SignRank - Promote people automatically using signs

    Project moved to BukkitDev
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    surely, it should be "world: world"?

    The world name is world, Noob is the rank.
  3. It should be 'world: Noob'.
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    Well, I regenerated the config, replace it with "worldName: noob"

    Now it's "SignRank has not been set up for this World"

    I believe the issue is that whenever I set "bypassGroupCheck" to true, everyone gets the ability to change rank.

    Should I just accept that God hates me and this plugin isn't for me?
  5. worldName = the name of the world. So you'll just have to replace 'worldName: groupName' with 'world: Noob'...
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    I have done so, but I'm still getting "SignRank has not been set up for this World"...
  7. "worldName: GroupName" has to be replaced with "<the name of your world>: <the group you want to promote people to>".
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    Derp. Didn't set the world :rolleyes:.

    Really sorry, but now, whenever I click it, with any rank, I'll get "you are already in the noob rank", and any Noob will get "you have been promoted to Noob", with a sign set to another rank.

    Line 1: [SignRank]
    Line 2: <rank>

  9. I'll try to explain it one more time. You've set this:
       world: Noob
    That means that if people who are in the default group (which is Noob in your case) click the sign, they will be 'promoted' to Noob. You'll have to change 'Noob' to something different.
       world: Builder
    You don't need to put anything on the second line of the sign, altough you could put a message there.

    I hope this will clarify how it works.
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    Ah, I understand perfectly.

    But is there no ability to set multiple signs for multiple ranks, only usable by the defaul group?

    Thanks for bearing with my idiocity, btw. :)
  11. No, atleast not at the moment.
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    Would this be a possibility?

    (Just noticed half this thread is this discussion with me. My bad!)
  13. I could do that in a few hours (I'm going to sleep now :)).
    I've done it this way to avoid people making mistakes.
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    But I love it and it's never buggy like 3.x :C
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    Do you think it's possible to add a "quest" like feature? User needs to have 10 porks before he gets ranked. Or something like that?
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    Any Progress?
  17. I'm in Switzerland at the moment, and I'm not sure if I'll ever do it. (but feel free to submit a pull request on github)
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    Ah, damn.

    I was hoping this would allow me to add a permission to a single user, in addition to how it functions now. Nice and simple tho. Good work.
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    Could you please make this compatible with groupmanager?
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    Any way you can get this to support Essentials GroupManager? I'll love you long time. Permissions3 is shitty at the least.
  21. Could you make so the signs can be used with redstone?
    That would be awesome.
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    bPermissions support would be a frig'n nice update :D
  23. That would require a bit of work, but I'll see what I can do once I'm back from Italy.
    Version 1.2 will support more permissions plugins. :)
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    yeah i would love Gropmanager support Cant wait :)
  25.'ll have to wait atleast two wreks, unless someone else does it. :p
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    2 weeks is to long :(
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    Can i make a lot of ranks?? I need 6 ranks.. but can make only 1?
  28. Take a look at the config. (but be cautious, clicking a sign with that setting turned on will change your rank, regardless of what rank you currently are)
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    It's OK. I have a RPG server. Thank you very much! Works great.
  30. the function of the sign is ok but everyone with buildingrights can build it without permission.

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