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    Plugin Guard
    Guard Your Plugins!​
    Version: 1.2.1​
    About PluginGuard:
    I disliked people just logging onto my server to find out what plugins to use for their needs. Also to prevent glitchers or hackers to know what plugins I used.​
    What does PluginGuard do?
    It prevents people without permissions to type /pl or /plugins, /ver or /version, /?, /about, /icanhasbukkit! Also bukkit has this implemented into their system but this plugin is just a drag and drop process with only 1 permission!

    Change Log:

    Version 1.2.1:
    -Added Direct Download Link (DropBox)

    Version 1.2:
    -Added /about
    -Added /icanhasbukkit

    Version 1.1:
    -Fixed Permissions
    -Added /?

    Version 1.0:
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    Aw f*** yea finally :D
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    What about the "/?" command? It shows plugins by default.
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    I already done this, but I didn't release it to public ;)

    Edit: BTW nice :)
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    Never knew of that command! I will try to add it now.
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    You know there are about 7 plugins that do this already, right?


    This is still pretty good. And the major flaw with some of them is they miss out some of the commands. Most of them don't however :/
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    Yeah For some reason most of them didn't work on my server or they only disabled /pl or had to much disabled that I wanted on my server.
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    Epic, could you put in config to not allow ops, cause some of my operators have their own server and I don't like them to copy the plugins I have :(
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    OPs should know what plugins you have anyway, otherwise how can they manage the server?
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    could you add config to allow ops to see the plugins? or disable it
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    Yes good question, will certain players with perms to be disabled for them say.
    a peasant in MC cannot use /plugins
    but an admin can

    will be testing now
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    Only 7? Seems like there are a lot more than that. In addition to the ones released, most server devs make their own because it is so easy.
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    It has permissions and yeah ops can see the plugins and players can't.
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    Hey, great plugin! Just two things- One, it will only block /Ver SOMETIMES, as I tried all the commands on my server, and when I did /Ver it allowed me to see the version of bukkit, usually it wouldn't allow me to see it, but somtimes it did.
    Two- Would it be possible to add a config file whereas we can customize the deny message?
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    1. Mediafire is discouraged. Please use DropBox.
    2. Source? :)
    3. BukkitDev page please.
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    Thank you! I used another 1 that wanted me to write the plugins i wanted to block...


    You should add a config for the message said to player when trying to see plugin list


    PluginGuard message per command

    /pl - answer = You are not allowed to see the servers plugin list.
    /plugin - answer = Nope.avi

    etc etc..
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    I tried that. That was the reason why I wanted to create this too. But I posted help on these forums and nobody had an answer for it.

    I tried drop box (does not agree with me.) I lost the code cause I updated to windows 7 and my files were erased =(. I am not great with bukkit dev, for me it is more complicated than this. I will try. Source code I cannot setup cause I do not have the file anymore But I can try to recode it again.

    Well there must be a plugin comflicting with it or something. Because it blocks it for me all the time. And already tried to code that in. Did not work out well.

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    Never the less, thanks alot for this plugin!
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    Decompile your plugin to get the source..
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    Figured out dropbox. Just to remind you I am new at this and do not know the full abilities of a plugin.
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    I'll get the source for you so you can start coding again.
    The code might be a bit different because it's decompiled though.

    Seems like my computer hates the decompiler..
    If you run Eclipse, use the Jad plugin.

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    I will try that. Thank you plus I added the dropbox directlink.
  23. I don't really understand this. Isn't it easier to just turn of those commands in the permissions than to have a plugin do it for you?
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    You cannot turn off these commands.
  25. Check

    You can turn off most commands in permissions.

    Works for me atleast.
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    Depends on what you use for permissions. I use PermissionsEX so you are not able to turn these off.
  27. I use PEX to. So it definitly does work with PEX :p

    The thing about turning of permissions in pex is to add a "-" at the beginning of the permission.

    Ex: This allows people to use the plugin.
    - bukkit.command.plugins

    This disable the group to use the permission.
    - -bukkit.command.plugins

    Every permission you want to disable in PEX you write like that (- -permission).
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    Well this option is not available for my server and alot of other servers. I know how to use PEX. I do not know if this effects anything but I Program with Bukkit not CraftBukkit so that could make a difference on the type of server you are running. Plus this is a much faster way.
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    I dont understand why would you make a plugin to block view of a servers plugins? Isnt that being greedy?
  30. Not every player are a nice chap just out to have fun without disturbing anyone else. There are players that only want to grief and by checking every plugin a server runs they might find some plugins that they can exploit. If a server run 50+ plugins it's easy to forget one or two configsettings.

    So, mainly for security.

    Well. I just run a standard server with craftbukkit and to many plugins. :p

    I was just curious on the 'why' and there I got it. I didn't mean that your plugin didn't have a purpose, I'm just a curious chap and always ask when I want to know something.

    Thanks for the answer(s) :)

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