[ADMN/MECH] BlockRestrictions v0.8 - Control the use of TNT and bedrock [Permissions] [1.1-R4]

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    [ADMN/MECH] Block Restrictions [Permissions] [1060] - Restrict the use of bedrock and TNT:
    Version: v0.8

    We have now moved to BukkitDev! Vist us on BukkitDev HERE!I will NO LONGER be checking and updating this page! (But please do not delete it)

    Plugin Info (open)

    Latest version: v0.8​

    This plugin allows you to restrict users of placing bedrock and TNT, and blowing up TNT. When this occurs, it will display a message to the console and user, then cancels the
    placement of the item, then sends the user to jail. It also works with permissions!I hope you enjoy it! Please post comments. I am new to java but I will try to satisfy your requests.

    • Cancels bedrock placement
    • Cancels TNT placement and TNT explosions
    • Displays a message to player and console
    • in-game enable/disable without full plugin reload (/bron and /broff)
    • Permissions is OPTIONAL!
    • Unfortunately, we have NO groupmanager support. Don't ask for help with GM. We have tested and results show GM does NOT work with BR.
    • Has an API!
    Permission Nodes:

    'BlockRestrictions.canplace.tnt' - Give to players who CAN place tnt​
    'BlockRestrictions.canplace.bedrock' - Give to players who CAN place bedrock​
    'BlockRestrictions.admin' - Give to players who can use "/bron" and "/broff"​
    'BlockRestrictions.canexplode' - Give to players who can blow up tnt​

    • Link with Permissions (or op override for non-permission server) [v0.3]
    • Fix non-permission server errors
    • Use a config file to custom restrict items
    • Send message to the console
    • Log placements in a file
    • Stop TNT explosions
    • make a config file
    • make an API for turning off and on, and adding exceptions [In progress]
    Download BlockRestrictions
    Source Code
    For Plugin Developers, check out the API!


    Version 0.8
    • Added an API
    • Fixed the plugin saying 0,1,2,3,4 on startup (sorry, forgot to take out debugging)
    • Added an informal Javadoc (check out API and Javadoc HERE)
    • NOTICE: other than RB updates, nothing will be added to this plugin from now on unless you ASK FOR IT. I have no new ideas so if you want something, ask and I can make it for you. Also, i can fix problems and suggestions with the API
    • works with 1060
    Older Versions (open)

    Version 0.7.2
    • Fixed many, MANY errors with the dev v0.7.1 and v0.7
    • Fixed weird symbols in config file
    • fixed Jail errors
    • fixed problem loading file, ERROR ERROR ERROR
    • Added a new API code, not usable yet, a page will be displayed on how to use it soon.
    • Tried to add on Git Hub, but failed. I need help on this
    Version 0.7
    • Added a config file for better control over the plugin
    • Fixed a fatal error on startup caused by 0.6
    • NOTE: In the config file, there might be some wierd things like ".../:/=..." - please ignore
    • The above will be fixed in v0.7.1 coming on 8/1/11
    Version 0.6
    • Added Jail support
    • Added 'BlockRestrictions.canexplode'
    • Fixed glitch with permissions on exploding tnt
    • Fixed glitch with '/broff' NOT controlling tnt explosions, now it does
    Version 0.5
    • Changed BlockRestrictions.override to BlockRestrictions.canplace.tnt and BlockRestrictions.canplace.bedrock
    • Disabled tnt explosions, as well as tnt placing
    • Works with build #1000
    • Fixed "/bron" and "/broff" from the console errors
    Version 0.4.1
    • Added welcome message
    • Fixed "/broff" problems
    • Fixed 'BlockRestrictions.override'
    Version 0.4
    • Fixed errors with non-permission servers
    • (Planned block-tnt-explosions will be in v0.5, along with logging)

    Version 0.3
    • Added permission support (DO NOT update if you do not use permissions)
    • permissions is currently NEEDED, need to fix this to optional (currently fixing this)
    • You can download permissions HERE

    Version 0.2
    • Sends warning message to console
    • Added /bron and /broff for ops. This enables/disables BR
    • Sends message to player and not entire server
    Version 0.1
    • Initial Release

    This is where I am supposed to place a plugin to be submitted and posted on the bukkit plugin list right? Also, could people test this out and give me feedback please?

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    I have tested your problem. If player place a block of tnt next to lit redstone, it will look like it is about to blow up. But, it will not blow up and then every player in a 20 block radius will get the message "You may NOT blow up TNT", ad it will dissapear and not blow up. If this doesn't happen for you, make sure you are using v0.8. v0.8+ if the only version that can block explosions
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    Oi. I am atm. testing with my default-users, using BlockRestrictions 0.8 and CB1000.

    My default has (in the permissions) no rights to tnt anything. He can not place it. But he can mine it. And he can explode it with a redstone-wire and a button. :(
    I used /bron and tried again... nothing changed. But i get the message when i place a tnt and when he destroys it.

    no errors in the console.

    Okay Update:

    with /bron:
    I, as an admin (permissions: '*' = all), can place tnt. I can set it off... it does player-damage but not area-damage.
    Defaults can not place tnt but can set it off.

    When I blow up tnt the default-group-player that stands next to me gets a warning that he may not blow up tnt :D

    when i use /broff:
    everyone can set and launch tnt and it does area-damage.


    Update #2:
    I can set off tnt and it does ground-damage. as long as there is no default-user near me. If there is a default-user near by it gives him a warning and does no area-damage. Player-damage instead is dealt.

    It doesnt matter if he is more away from the tnt as i am. he was around 20 blocks away. When he was at spawn (around 50 - 100 blocks) it did work. :(

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    It will only do health damage if a non-permission player is within 20 blocks, otheriwse, it will do ground damage. Sounds like everything works correclty. Do you have errors or suggestions?
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    I dont know how to install this can someone help me?
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    Drag the jar into /plugins/. DONE!
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    BlockRestrictions.canexplode: true
    Doesn't work for all users.
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    In the config file, BlockTNTExplosions=true means the server will block tnt restricions, if it is false, the server will not block tnt explosions. If BlockTNTExplosions=true, when tnt explodes, it scans a 20 block radius and if anyone doesnt have permission to blow up tnt in the 20 block radius, it doesnt blow up. If nobody but people who have permission are in the 20 block radius, then it blows up. Does that answer your question?

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