[ADMN] KiddieCheck v0.1 - Kick underage players [935]

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    KiddieCheck - Kick Underage Players
    Version: v0.1

    Prompt users to input age upon login, if below the age limit or does not respond in time, the plugin will kick them.

    • Kick underage player automaticly
    • Age limit Configuration through properties file. (Default 15)
    • /age <input> - used to input age.
    Source Code(Not yet! Sorry!)

    Version 0.1
    • First Release

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    It'd still be too easy to lie when they see there's an age restriction, just like everything else.

    You should ask them things only old people would know, like "Who was that dorky kid in Family Matters?" or "What's the first boss in Super Mario Bros. 2?"
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    Other way around:
    1. Ask them to apply on some website.
    2. Make them join a teamspeak, ventrilo or skype conversation.
    3. Check if they have helium voices.
    4. Yes=Too Young, No=Okay! Join us! :D
    Just some ideá XD
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    Thanks for the input guys, I will put these ideas into action, dont worry..You'll get credit. Hehe.
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    *sigh* If only there was a way to kick those who talk like this:

    "o high, i wuz just wundering if i can have admin. ur server seems nice and i think u shud promote me" (even though I just joined)

    That alone is enough of an age verification (or intelligence verification) :|
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    perhaps have them enter their birthyear and then their age. If they are lying its more likely that they will mess up the math
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    lol please i am over 18 now and i still enter my birthdate as 1911 lol
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    well that's proly bc you used a time machine to get to this year right?
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    I asked my brother who also plays MC and he didn't know the answers. I don't even know the answer to family matters without looking up. :/ I've watched it, never paid a lot of attention.

    About half the people on my server don't even have mikes, let alone don't want to voice chat. I personally think that having to install something just to do something simple just makes me want to look else where.
    I have my server set that new players can not do anything with an exception of a few minor permissions. Then if they chat immaturely, I wait till they leave and bann them. If they complain, I'll explain why, and if they insist, I ask for proof of age, like facebook.

    I'd go for this idea, as long as they have to do it in a time limit, this is nearly fool proof. Now, if I saw this and I was under 18, I'd still get past it, why? because I already had it beat by knowing by knowing 12-11-1979 is 31, and I was born in 1989, so easy math. :p
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    nah cause its funny to put my verify age to the oldest there is :p
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    I require a small application before adding people to the whitelist.
    If they type like that then they aren't accepted. xD
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    Just don't make it an age test... make it a basic IQ test... isn't that more important?
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    I've always been a believer in not discriminating based on age on the internet. I was "that 13 year old" but people still liked me in other games because I was responsible and more mature than most others of my age. As ekeup said, IQ test is the way to go. /wink
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    Just have them do a math problem requiring algebra.
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    Update the plugin to latest recommended build and change the title accordingly.
    Failure to do so will result in this moving to INACTIVE section.
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    ask them how babies are made, hahahaha, if they answer incorrectly they are underage
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    I go with an IQ test. Some people are 12 and mature (rarely). Questions like: Quick name the capital of the roman empire? are good.
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    factorising is a good one for this
    but if you want 14 and older for example it might be difficult with math

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    Honestly, if I had to answer this on a server, I'd be a smartass about it and answer with something like... Old York City. XD
    Maybe I have a bad memory, but I think it was Constanoble or something.
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    It was Rome, untill the roman empire was split into the eastern and western roman empire. Constantinople was the capital of the eastern empire.
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    A quick google search gets the job done doesn't it :p
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    Now this is just discrimination.
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    Unless many of the players on your server curse frequently and you don't want to feel bad for exposing children to it.
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    you know they can put fake age in and get in you know that right
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    IQ test > all. Maturity is what you want, not age. I've seen some very immature 16 year olds on my server...
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    I would mainly want to restrict my players age so my older/mature players can talk any way they choose and not have to watch their language, not talk about certain subjects etc. I would hate to be a parent and see my >13 yr old child play on a server that is full of swearing and disgusting chat.
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    LOL im 12 and i can code java.(Releasing a plugin toady)
    IQ test all the way.
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    don't you mean:
    "o high, i wuz just wundering if i can has admin. ur server seems nice and i think u shud promote me"
    :p kids are so annoying sometimes...
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    Amen brotha. Amen!
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    well, at least you said "code" ...
    your (6 lines of code) "Plugin" had some stupid mistakes and got fixed by two different users (you could not even use if correctly (and i can't use the english language correctly, i know))
    see http://forums.bukkit.org/threads/plugin-help.35915/
    and http://forums.bukkit.org/threads/my-plugin.35902/
    you have also never released it ... someone else did it: http://forums.bukkit.org/threads/my-plugin.35902/ and it seems like he has used your code (or is this your secnd acc?)

    looks like agelimits are a good idea, hmm?

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