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    JezusMode 1.5

    With JezusMode, you have a better GodMode, everyone who has the JezusMode permission, can not get any damage, like normal godmode, but it looks like you get damage. Others don't know if you have JezusMode
    Very lightweight!

    More info and Download!


    • - Very easy (no config)
    • - Permissions support
    • - Get no Damage
    • - Let it look like you're getting damaged
    • - command to toggle JezusMode
    • - food regeneration
    • - Automatically checks for updates
    • - /JezusMode --> toggle JezusMode

    • - "JezusMode.true" (everyone who has this permission, can toggle JezusMode)
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    Nice godmode you have here :)
    Does it still do knockbacks when getting hit?
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    This is actually very clever. :D
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    Yes it does :)

    I'm going to add a file where you have you have to put the player in that have the ability, and add commands to remove/add someone to the list in v2.0

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    Lol i like the name :p
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    The name was chosen by HockeyMike24
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    Ad links removed.
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    All ad links are now definitely removed.
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    Please make it regenerate food also.
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    updated to 1.2.5
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    This + Mob Disguise.
    Something tells me you made this for that plugin.
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    Indeed, it's fantastic with mobdisguise, but it's not specially made for md :)

    I will add this feature to v1.4
    Thank you for your suggestion :)

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    YESSSSSS the food regeneration will be awesome.. as none of the old antihunger mods have been update since the official realese... the main reason i stopped playing
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    added food regeneration

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    OMG amazing.
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    Is there anyone who tested the latest version?
    Please tell me if there are any bugs...
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    Make please permission that will provide noquestion-jezusmode (player will not need to enable mode, it'll work permanent for him) :)
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    Ok, I can do this, I will add this to v1.5
    Thank you for your suggestion.

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    Hey guys, this has nothing to do with this plugin, but i was wondering if someone could make me a specific plugin. I'd like the plugin to basically allow me to be constantly be on fire, but take no damage. i would like this because on my server I'm 'Fire King' and i thought it would be a good plugin for me. thanks for reading and if someone makes the plugin please message me on here or even by my email [email protected] ,thanks :)
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    But can it be like it still looks like your getting damaged?
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    I would like it to look like i take no damage so it looks like I'm immune to fire and stuff,you know being a fire king and all, in fact you could add a thing to it that allows me to survive explosions and all types of fire damage, :D you could make it do both if you want more of a challenge.
    and i need to take damage from everything else, just so that I'm not completely indestructible
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    Hmmm... I don't know how to that... Sorry
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    don't matter, i don't mind how you do it if you want to do it that is, i just wanna be on fire all the time without taking damage. :D
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    It's done, I've sent you a pm.
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    download link doesnt work :(
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    Is there anyone else having this problem? Because for me it's working fine...
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    Now it's automatically checking for updates.
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    Could you please add so you can toogle invisible on or off, that would be really cool ;)
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    You mean like, toggling between JezusMode and GodMode?
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