Inactive [ADMN/INFO] Permissions v2.1 - Continuing the legacy.

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    Permissions 2.1 (Handler)
    Download 2.1 (Jar Only)
    Older: 2.0, 1.9, 1.8, 1.7, 1.6, 1.5, 1.4, 1.3, 1.2, 1.1, 1.0

    Permissions... Done right.
    Permissions allows plugin-authors to utalize a permission system that handles group inheritance, globalized permission settings, and more. All the features of a fine-grained permission system in one plugin.​

    1. Groups
    2. Group Inheritance, Allows for groups to gain permissions from other groups.
    3. User Permission System
    4. Fine Grained Permission system.
      1. Allowing for Globalized permissions
    5. Easy to use, setup, and implement.
    6. Two cache layers, first from file to memory, then from memory to cache.
      1. Plugins can control cache since version 2.1
    7. And much more.
    For the users

    Permissions gives server admins great control, mostly in-game reloading. Simply use /pr and the file will be re-cached and never touched again until you need to reload it. This allows you to quickly give your users the commands that they need without having to restart the server.

    Installation for 2.0 down:
    1. Download the archive.
    2. Extract contents to the /plugins folder.
    3. Open up /plugins/Permissions/config.yml
      1. Read / modify.
      2. Save.
    4. Reload Server.

    • 2.1
      • Multiple-World support
      • New cache layer, and cache control support for plugins
      • Editing features for plugins to hook into
      • Exempt nodes
      • World copying
    • 2.0
      • Forgot.
    • 1.9
      • Fully fixes inheritance.
        • Groups now inherit groups of groups that inherit groups of...
      • Cache system implemented.
      • Plugin authors can now delegate a variable system if needed.
      • API Updated with two new functions to get the point of what they do across.
        • Along with the new variable checks.
    • 1.8
      • Fixes the broken globalized node issue.
        • node.* is called a `globalized node`
    Supporting Plugins

    I have hit the character limit for this post.​

    Thanks to:
    • sk89q for hiearchical and node system idea.
    • Creator of GroupUsers for api implementation.
    This author has stopped development of this plugin. It is no longer supported and I wouldn't ask for help here, as you won't get any. New Permissions
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    Whats about mysql?
    The most important update would be a mysql compatible Permissions plugin.
    users table + groups table like in hey0.
    Please if you make mysql, make it with hey0 database compatible ;)

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    could u please read ONE post above u?
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    I am getting this error when calling the function PermissionHandler.reload();.
    It is working though, the yml gets reloaded :)
    But the admin of the server I am making this plugin for won't like a log full of this errors :p

    It's in 2.1 btw, does anyone know why it does this?
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    That plugin (not permissions) is obviously not compatible with new MC1.3

    check with the author's site to see if theres an update for it yet to fix it.
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    It is my plugin.. And its not, not compatible with MC1.3..
    Everything works, it's just calling the reload function that causes error while it does work..
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    2.0 works, 2.1 doesn't work
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    Yeah... for some reason, it doesn't work with Essentials anymore... I'm having issues with Essentials and Permissions running together.
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    i dont know about you guys, but for me /pr command doesnt work anymore.
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    That means there is an error in the config, a typo, missing '' or anything silly.
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    I do hope that someone in this community will be able to continue the legacy, since this plugin has become standard in a vast majority of servers. I would, but lack the skills :(
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    You mean in the Permissions config file? In my: <myworld>.yml?
    I just checked and i cant see any typo and i didnt touch that file, so the file its same as before.
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    not funny
    --- merged: Feb 24, 2011 6:10 PM ---
    hopefully bukkit permissions are coming soon
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    pls someone continue it its best plugin i seen exept for craftbook ofc
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    It seems /pr working in the 2.0, but in the 2.1 it doesnt.
    But with the 2.0 i got constructor error of course :/
    Is it still safe to use the plugin with constructor error?
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    u mean stupdly long constructor error? if so yes its safe
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    Move to Groupmanager (so far flawless in my book)

    for those having problems with permissions running with essentials its because essentials is including groupmanager plugin, so if your simply unzipping the jars into your plugin directory that will go in and screw with permissions.
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    i dont trust groupmanager
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    I don't like Group Manager's developer because of how he talks down to other developers, but Group Manager itself is fine. It's quite a bit heftier than Permissions was, but it works for now. Bukkit will be adding its own built-in permissions eventually, so I just think of GM as a necessary evil until then :)
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    wel i looked e groupmanager but thats a shit load of caommands to add
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    if you've already been using Permissions, GM auto-imports those settings... no setup necessary :)
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    no i mean like will the groupmanager commands also be auto located to the right group
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    Why would you give any group other than Admin groupmanager previlidges? and as such whats so wrong
    with alot of commands ? As Admin or Trusted Mod you have * premissions anyways so no need to list them

    Talking down.... ? big deal least i dont have to get out my game or stop my server to make a damn change and changes are in effect immediately.

    We'll see what Bukkit has in store 'when' it comes, as of right now, wished i never touched permissions, group manager works perfectly fine for me and i dont have to hardcode anything. its the 21st century days of editing files manually should be outlawed.
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    i also didnt have to stop my server with permissions
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    does your /pr work now??
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    None of my essential commands and iChat configurations work with 2.1, I'd suggest downgrading back to 2.0
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    Ichat DOESNT work period, they havent updated it to be compatible with mc1.3 or latest bukkit build.. same goes for Anti-Build and many other plugins.
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    just some of my essentials permissions work with 2.0. Is there something else i need to do?
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    You need to use Permissions 2.0

    If you're using Permissions 2.1 - Rename config.yml to world.yml where world is the name of your world. If you don't do that, iChat and AntiBuild (permissions itself too) won't work.

    However, Essentials really isn't compatible with 2.1 - so I suggest just using 2.0.
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    in 2.1 you say for the upgrade notes that you should create a config file named like your world. What exactely do you mean by that? I ask because my default world is like:

    I copied the 2.0 config.yml to just "myworld.yml" but that didn't help.

    Ok, I symlinked now directly... in the server.properites I have:

    and now I did again a cp -a config.yml myworld.yml --> still no luck


    Got it now... works with direct symlink and beofre I forgot to add the .yml extension
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