Inactive [ADMN/INFO] Permissions v2.1 - Continuing the legacy.

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    Permissions 2.1 (Handler)
    Download 2.1 (Jar Only)
    Older: 2.0, 1.9, 1.8, 1.7, 1.6, 1.5, 1.4, 1.3, 1.2, 1.1, 1.0

    Permissions... Done right.
    Permissions allows plugin-authors to utalize a permission system that handles group inheritance, globalized permission settings, and more. All the features of a fine-grained permission system in one plugin.​

    1. Groups
    2. Group Inheritance, Allows for groups to gain permissions from other groups.
    3. User Permission System
    4. Fine Grained Permission system.
      1. Allowing for Globalized permissions
    5. Easy to use, setup, and implement.
    6. Two cache layers, first from file to memory, then from memory to cache.
      1. Plugins can control cache since version 2.1
    7. And much more.
    For the users

    Permissions gives server admins great control, mostly in-game reloading. Simply use /pr and the file will be re-cached and never touched again until you need to reload it. This allows you to quickly give your users the commands that they need without having to restart the server.

    Installation for 2.0 down:
    1. Download the archive.
    2. Extract contents to the /plugins folder.
    3. Open up /plugins/Permissions/config.yml
      1. Read / modify.
      2. Save.
    4. Reload Server.

    • 2.1
      • Multiple-World support
      • New cache layer, and cache control support for plugins
      • Editing features for plugins to hook into
      • Exempt nodes
      • World copying
    • 2.0
      • Forgot.
    • 1.9
      • Fully fixes inheritance.
        • Groups now inherit groups of groups that inherit groups of...
      • Cache system implemented.
      • Plugin authors can now delegate a variable system if needed.
      • API Updated with two new functions to get the point of what they do across.
        • Along with the new variable checks.
    • 1.8
      • Fixes the broken globalized node issue.
        • node.* is called a `globalized node`
    Supporting Plugins

    I have hit the character limit for this post.​

    Thanks to:
    • sk89q for hiearchical and node system idea.
    • Creator of GroupUsers for api implementation.
    This author has stopped development of this plugin. It is no longer supported and I wouldn't ask for help here, as you won't get any. New Permissions
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    Geoff Wilson

    Thanks, I will try that.

    Why can't Bukkit/CraftBukkit and plugins just use SQL : [ much cleaner.
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    Same thing everyone else does.. Reload server :(
    --- merged: Jan 21, 2011 12:17 PM ---
    I'm thinking about adding SQLite/MySQL Support to Permissions
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    :( For reloading server.
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    .bat/sh file.
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    yes finaly i have commands yes yes yes

    now wheres them plugins that support this huh o wait they not as awsome as niji and have not added support yet lol

    Heres my working config Tell me if you think any thing is redundent and should be changed.
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    What's with an option, that guests (default) can't build/break?

    If your plugin will do that and sk89q's plugin support your permissions, I will ban GroupUsers forever :D
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    Great work and I'm enjoying your work on this and other programs but really, this should do everything groupusers did. The idea is to keep load down and not have to run yet another plugin that only affects groups and users. Please add the color coding and -1 level permissions. These are things that every server can use. I know you can knock that out for version 1.5 or something just little down the road and it would help me migrate my server fully to this and general.

    Also, I don't expect you to even give this part much though, but it would be nice to have a /convert option that pulls in the groups.txt from hey0's and fills in the YAML. That would save some people (like me) with more than 5 groups a lot of time on the move over. Same would be nice for users.txt.
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    now 1 last final point i would like to make.

    My admins can not promote players why is this well because there is no chat command for it for now we have to edit the file for me that would require giveing every admin theire own user and pass to the server Control panel and access to the file manager so i srsly do not think that is a good idea at all so all it needs is a command to ammend the following to the bottom of the config file

    /setusergroup name group
    would be all thats needed a check to see if they have an entry in the files already if so update it if not make a new bit for them at the bottom the commands and access stuff would still have to be done via the file for now but if the groups are made right thats not even really needed.

    Please really consider adding it im not in game 24/7 my admins are.
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    I feel guilty, I have chosen Essentials over this due to my lack of knowledge..
    Niji I loved all your work in hMod...I wish I could continue using your stuff but I cant... :( legit sad.
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    It's not that hard to setup... there is basically an entire configuration that works with it pasted 4 posts above yours.
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    "Could not pass event PLAYER_COMMAND to General"
    Permissions 1.2, General 1.9 and Craftbukkit Build #115
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    Thats a general issue, not Permissions. Pastebin the full error or else I can't help you.
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    Geoff Wilson

    Do users not in the config file automatically get assigned the Default group? I have /spawn as a default permission but users not in the config file can't seem to use it.
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    For anyone with a HUGE users file and that was using MySQL previously, I made a quick PHP script to parse it into the proper format.
    $dbhost = 'localhost';
    $dbuser = 'DB_USER';
    $dbpass = 'DB_PASS';
    $conn = mysql_connect($dbhost, $dbuser, $dbpass) or die                      ('Error connecting to mysql');
    $dbname = 'DB_NAME';
    $q = mysql_query('SELECT * FROM users') or die(mysql_error());
    while($row = mysql_fetch_array($q)) {
            $name = strtolower($row[name]);
            $names .= "    $name:\n        group: $row[groups]\n        permissions:\n";
    echo $names;
    Then from command line, you can do something like php getplayers.php >> plugins/Permissions/config.yml, or just copy/paste them in. Hope this helps someone out there :)

    edit: small change to force all usernames to all lowercase.
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    This (or something like this) needs to be added to official bukkit asap.
    Otherwise we'll face a dependency hell, soon :(
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    Error, General config, Permissions config,
    Permissions 1.2, General 1.9, Craftbukkit Build #115 and nothing else installed on my test server.
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    ------------------------- -

    Removed my rant moving it to a more appropriate therad if you want to see it go find it.

    Keep up the good everyone dont let my ignorence get in the way.
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    This plugin is NOT case sensitive in fact if you use upper case it breaks it with the error above until Niji fixes this use lowercase.
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    1.3.1 released

    Fixes reloading. Just replace jar file.
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    can you add a variable into config.yml so we can add prefixes to groups and/or users?

    BTW awesome plugin
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    So i have 2 Probs so far
    1)Regardless what group i set for a user if hes in the config, then he is owner. Im using the big config from above with noob etc.
    2)Everyone is able to mine
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    permission 1.3.1, craftbukkit#115

    the permissions won't work for me...

    EDIT: i changed all usernames to lowercase and now it works
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    could anyone tell me why I should use this instead of GroupUsers? Only General is compatible with it atm so how to access all the other commands like /flashlight, /clean and all the other commands :S
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    change your usernames to be all lowercase
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    just did it and it worked, thx!
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    I am getting the same problem but even if I don't set the user in the config he can still user all the general commands

    nvm I got it working
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    will you share your solution?
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