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    Permissions 2.1 (Handler)
    Download 2.1 (Jar Only)
    Older: 2.0, 1.9, 1.8, 1.7, 1.6, 1.5, 1.4, 1.3, 1.2, 1.1, 1.0

    Permissions... Done right.
    Permissions allows plugin-authors to utalize a permission system that handles group inheritance, globalized permission settings, and more. All the features of a fine-grained permission system in one plugin.​

    1. Groups
    2. Group Inheritance, Allows for groups to gain permissions from other groups.
    3. User Permission System
    4. Fine Grained Permission system.
      1. Allowing for Globalized permissions
    5. Easy to use, setup, and implement.
    6. Two cache layers, first from file to memory, then from memory to cache.
      1. Plugins can control cache since version 2.1
    7. And much more.
    For the users

    Permissions gives server admins great control, mostly in-game reloading. Simply use /pr and the file will be re-cached and never touched again until you need to reload it. This allows you to quickly give your users the commands that they need without having to restart the server.

    Installation for 2.0 down:
    1. Download the archive.
    2. Extract contents to the /plugins folder.
    3. Open up /plugins/Permissions/config.yml
      1. Read / modify.
      2. Save.
    4. Reload Server.

    • 2.1
      • Multiple-World support
      • New cache layer, and cache control support for plugins
      • Editing features for plugins to hook into
      • Exempt nodes
      • World copying
    • 2.0
      • Forgot.
    • 1.9
      • Fully fixes inheritance.
        • Groups now inherit groups of groups that inherit groups of...
      • Cache system implemented.
      • Plugin authors can now delegate a variable system if needed.
      • API Updated with two new functions to get the point of what they do across.
        • Along with the new variable checks.
    • 1.8
      • Fixes the broken globalized node issue.
        • node.* is called a `globalized node`
    Supporting Plugins

    I have hit the character limit for this post.​

    Thanks to:
    • sk89q for hiearchical and node system idea.
    • Creator of GroupUsers for api implementation.
    This author has stopped development of this plugin. It is no longer supported and I wouldn't ask for help here, as you won't get any. New Permissions
  2. Might as well go the whole hog and add group prefixes. I fear with GroupUsers being soon dead, this might become the best stop-gap solution. Heck it might even remain as the standard solution.
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    This is amazing!
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    You should add group prefixes then we wouldn't even need to use GroupUsers anymore [​IMG]
  5. I am not near my server, so can't test this out, but seeing as I haven't been able to find any info on this in the thread so far, I might as well ask.

    With the user/group system in hmod you could set them to -1 so they couldn't do anything other than walk around, is this possible in some way with this plugin? since i see no numbers used in the configuration of groups or players for this plugin, maybe it's something i have to write?

    Sorry for not checking the plugin out properly before asking, but I would like to figure this out before i use it on my server :)
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    Ok i have a bunch of ideas my post was a mess so lets list it much better idea

    1.make a few default permission node's that come with permissions such as:

    2. Some more settings like the default: true type settings these could be used for groups or players.

    message-color (different from name color this would make the whole message they show in chat Not white but what is set here multi lines would cause problems i know.)

    3. A way to bypass the plugins permission nodes and add a command on its own directly.

    5. an app for windows pc's that checks for errors in the formatting.
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    I was getting this error for one of my admin and not me. So my username is all lowercase, his is not. I decide to try his username as all lowercase("username" instead of "uSername") in the config file. Now all is fixed, no problems and all of the commands work!

    I'm using Permissions 1.1 with General 1.9 on craftbukkit build 114.
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    thanks for that info chopper i will keep that in mind when i add my players dose any 1 know if it applies to group names as well?
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    Making everything lowercase did fix the issue. I had another issue after that where it would not recognize the commands which also got fixed when I reverted to my original configuration then changed my name back to lowercase.
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    ok ill add that to my list

    i think my list pretty much compiles most of what has been said
    and requested + some of my own WIN i won the game man they said it could not be done but i did it you see you just had to kill the creator.
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    Very nice work Niji. I think I'll work on getting all my plugins set up with this.

    @RustyDagger and people requesting colors/prefixes: I think this should be left up to another plugin to do. The settings could still be put in here, but a 'Permissions' plugin should only do just that, permissions. But thats imo, idk what Niji will decide.
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    Please do. That would be great.
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    Heh, You wanna add another plugin to your growing list? :p Its a matter of opinion i suppose, I wouldn't imagine it'd require a ton of code to do it (I am not a JAVA coder treat me as an idiot).. And it just seems natural to have it rolled in with the permissions plugin since well, it handles the groups...

    EDIT: also the support of your plugins would be awesome, i hope everyone else jumps on the band wagon.. Permissions seems to be the biggest thing lacking atm
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    If this could handle Prefixes and Chat Colours, I'm sold.
    Well, that and if everyone else starts supporting it... which I'm sure they will, in time.
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    uh not sure where to put this but i just set up general and permissions for my loacl server before going to my live server.

    when i set it all up and started it i was able to use /setspawn from general and nothing else nothing no /i no time no nothing just /setspawn weird as fuck right so here is my permissions config file.

    and here is a link to a photo of my server console.

    i am running CB 115 uh i think the server version is from 2 minor non mandatory updates ago. im about to try a new copy of that. i think both General and Permissions were downloaded like 10 min ago
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  18. That would make me a very happy fish Mr Kelly.
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    I am having a really hard time getting my head around the yml stuff.
    Is there an example other than those pastebin's that I can copy?
    Also, is there a reference page for ALL of the commands so I know what to and not to add in?
    Also, does this plugin conflict with the Essentials plugin?
    I tried using this with Essentials, using one of the pastebin setups but with my users names...and nothing worked at all... sorry for being dumb..

    *edit* just saw the post made 2 mins ago with something for me to copy/paste..
    but still the other questions still stand :)

    Also any info on tiny little things that can stuff this up, like the *do not tab* info?
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    It requires that the plugin support this plugin. Which currently only General (Not Essentials) supports that I know of.
    If it doesn't, tell the creator of the plugin to support this permission method!
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    jebus christ dude
    blody fast m8
    ur going to burn out ur keeping me working i barly update my files and theres another release

    so now i dont need to list every group on its own for inheritance only the 1 group before it ?

    or did you just move it from the comma list to under it like that?

    Can you just clear that up.


    group1 stuff
    group2 inherits group1

    default: false
    - group2

    or is it still group1 and group2,,, group 2 should also give group1's commands because it inherits groups1's commands so it builds like a stack or have you not done that so that you can pick and chose more?
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    Thanks for the very quick reply Nijikokun...I could not get General to work...but..I will try again.
    I want to have everything aligned to work smoothly like it was pre-hmod death
    I'm just so used to the old hmod user.txt and groups.txt and only had bukkit installed today so it may take me some time to learn :)
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    A chat plugin could utalize the api in this to create that. I might make iChat work with this to prove this point.
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    Geoff Wilson

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    aw ichat has a whole lot of stuff i dont want but i would use it as long as i can turn stuff off :D
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    Geoff Wilson

    The error in the console is from the groups parsing though, not the user names.
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    Ok so does this one work :D coz Hey0 one was nice and all but it had to load first or no plugins made use of it. Bukkit currently does not offer a way to FORCE plugin priority, at least from what I know
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    What would be great is if Niji could make a general command that adds users into groups in game instead of having to go to the file add the name in the correct format then have the server reload the plugin.

    Furthermore what plugin are you using for plugin management niji?
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    It wouldn't be built into Permissions, it would only utalize it.
    --- merged: Jan 21, 2011 12:13 PM ---
    /rp < reloads permissins in-game.
    --- merged: Jan 21, 2011 12:15 PM ---
    You have a space before Admins in your groups block that makes it an invalid group.

    Paste your stuff into this to make sure it is valid:
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    Would still be great to be able to add people from in game.

    Didn't answer my second question Niji :p
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