Inactive [ADMN/INFO] Permissions v2.1 - Continuing the legacy.

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    Permissions 2.1 (Handler)
    Download 2.1 (Jar Only)
    Older: 2.0, 1.9, 1.8, 1.7, 1.6, 1.5, 1.4, 1.3, 1.2, 1.1, 1.0

    Permissions... Done right.
    Permissions allows plugin-authors to utalize a permission system that handles group inheritance, globalized permission settings, and more. All the features of a fine-grained permission system in one plugin.​

    1. Groups
    2. Group Inheritance, Allows for groups to gain permissions from other groups.
    3. User Permission System
    4. Fine Grained Permission system.
      1. Allowing for Globalized permissions
    5. Easy to use, setup, and implement.
    6. Two cache layers, first from file to memory, then from memory to cache.
      1. Plugins can control cache since version 2.1
    7. And much more.
    For the users

    Permissions gives server admins great control, mostly in-game reloading. Simply use /pr and the file will be re-cached and never touched again until you need to reload it. This allows you to quickly give your users the commands that they need without having to restart the server.

    Installation for 2.0 down:
    1. Download the archive.
    2. Extract contents to the /plugins folder.
    3. Open up /plugins/Permissions/config.yml
      1. Read / modify.
      2. Save.
    4. Reload Server.

    • 2.1
      • Multiple-World support
      • New cache layer, and cache control support for plugins
      • Editing features for plugins to hook into
      • Exempt nodes
      • World copying
    • 2.0
      • Forgot.
    • 1.9
      • Fully fixes inheritance.
        • Groups now inherit groups of groups that inherit groups of...
      • Cache system implemented.
      • Plugin authors can now delegate a variable system if needed.
      • API Updated with two new functions to get the point of what they do across.
        • Along with the new variable checks.
    • 1.8
      • Fixes the broken globalized node issue.
        • node.* is called a `globalized node`
    Supporting Plugins

    I have hit the character limit for this post.​

    Thanks to:
    • sk89q for hiearchical and node system idea.
    • Creator of GroupUsers for api implementation.
    This author has stopped development of this plugin. It is no longer supported and I wouldn't ask for help here, as you won't get any. New Permissions
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    Guys can i have more than 3 groups ?
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    I'm not sure exactly how this work I get this when I start up the server.

    I have a bukkit server obviously I have Admin Chat, General, MCStats and Unbrakeable Boats in my plugins folder and in my permissions folder I just have the config.yml

    But is there anyway to fix this and I was try to find out how to read/modify or write to it but I'm not sure what I need to add.
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    Dark Nero

    Can anyone help me please?
    I am having the same trouble as most here.

    I am using the up to date iChat and Premissions for Craftbukkit 1.4
    But my problem is my server will not show names correctly anymore.
    It just shows up as

    <Nero> Text Here

    What should I do to revert back to

    [Admin] Nero: My Text Here

    Should I be using another Plugin?

    Text demo

    Might Have Posted This In Wrong Place....
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    Yes, this thread is marked as inactive, because the developer of this plugin has abandoned this project in favor of others. Other people have picked up this plugin, but they are being developed in two separate threads. Look for the one titled Phoenix.
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    Hi, I get as non-admin the whole time the error "You don't have the permission to do that." when rightclicking with seeds on farmland, but the seeds are planted, here the group cfg:
            default: false
                prefix: '&8[Bauer]'
                suffix: ''
                build: true
                - 'lwc.protect'
                - ''
                - 'essentials.rules'
                - 'essentials.helpop'
                - 'essentials.list'
                - 'essentials.motd'
                - 'essentials.spawn'
                - 'essentials.home'
                - 'essentials.sethome'
                - ''
                - ''
    What is wrong?
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    What does this mean?
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    Could you assist me in my problem? I am new to this but I have a basic understanding of it. I am atempting to set up the permissions for Movecraft in a way so that the default class can use airships, cars, and boats. Now on:
    Where is says Configure Group Manager, I have implemented* movecraft.airship.* and movecraft.boat.* into Default and nothing occurs. Also the text* and other added text comes up in red when useing notepad***. I am confused, can you assist me in a possible manner?
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    Plz help me, I've installed permissions properly and it still wont work. I've put the jar and the folder inside the plugins folder and it wont work. All my other plugins that require permissions say that the plugin is disabled because permissions isnt installed, and it IS.

    Any help will be appreciated
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    If you installed this version of permissions, then I would suggest you upgrade to the 2.7 version. You can find it in a thread linked in the first post. It will probably work a lot better than this outdated version.
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    where do i go to download this
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    ok thanks i was freaking out does that work on 1.5_2
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    the link is dead
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    the link is caput
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    What do you need to put in the permissions file to stop commands like /plugins being use? (The console commands)
  19. the dw link is broken-...
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    Dude this plugin has been dead for months. Get GroupManager or the latest Permissions from the threads which aren't dead.
  21. oh yeah i saw it 5 secounds after the post i was in the wrong permisions thread
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    Holy hell people, Scroll up to the link I provided that solved the last handful of the exact same problems.

    Fwiw, Group Manager is also dead. So stick to Yeti's Permissions plugin.
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    Not Found

    The requested URL /mirror/Permissions/2.1/ was not found on this server.
    Apache/2.2.3 (CentOS) Server at Port 80

    new link please :)
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    Hey niji, i know ur busy and everything but could u plz tell me the permissions node for all of the default commands?
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