Inactive [ADMN/INFO] DeathLog 0.1.1 - Show death messages in the server console/log [1.1-R6]

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    This plugin provide to server administrators live information in the server console (also in the logs) about where, when and how players die. Useful to keep track of your players skills. The message shown are the same as Minecraft does in-game.

    This topic is a placeholder according to the actual situation of the plugins submissions process. Please, avoid to submit any reply and follow the link to Bukkit Dev. Thank you for your understanding.
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    Does this work with R4?
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    I haven't tested. But, you should upgrade to 1.1-R7 since this plugin is now compatible with this RB.

    Version 0.1.1 released

    Please see the Bukkit Dev mod page to get more information about this new release.
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    wait...shouldnt the bukkit compatible with 1.2 be called 1.2 R1?

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    Craftbukkit for 1.2(.3) isn't out yet. It still in the development stage. And yes, when 1.2(.3) will be out, this RB will surely be named 1.2.3-R1 or something similar. This is why referencing to only R4 is not accurate, as it don't tell which Minecraft version is related to (since it may have multiple R4 for many Minecraft version).

    EDIT: And, I don't know if you were talking about the plugin version (currently 0.1.1), but if it was the case, the plugin version has nothing to do with the Craftbukkit version (it is NOT related at all).
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    Mods: Mark as inactive?
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    Does this work with R4?[​IMG]

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